American Ugly


The thing Churchill said to that woman about how he would not be drunk in the morning but she would still be ugly.
Trump detesters will still have contributed to American Ugly, when this is all over, and Trump, the detested object, will be removed…they will say ‘WE didn’t destroy the country. HE did.”
I want nothing to do with those who partook and became part of this ugliness, in the future, if there is one. Moreover, they want nothing to do with me. But even if they did I would not want anything to do with them. Except for that….I wish they would own their ugly nature and address it. And I am prepared foe the life of total isolation. I will not back down on this. I feel as strongly about this as I do about Americans who partook in any lynching esprit.

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  1. Hi Celia,
    I hear ya loud and clear on both the betrayal and the ugly. I’m just having trouble figuring out which betrayal and which ugly. Plenty to go around is an understatement. A good place to start would be election night as the Midwest States began to turn Red and the dismay on the face of Wolf Blitzer. Granted that was cause in and of itself cause for high fives and beer bottles clacking.

    Then the hedge fund billionaires went to work. The funding of every kind of anarchism. The staffing of the Administration was and is an ongoing disaster and in the hands of the “never Trumpers.” The State Department 7th floor should have been cleared out at the point of bayonets. They’ve never been more secure.

    As for the “ethical code.” Celia.. Stop aging yourself. You can’t be old enough to remember a time when this country had any form of ethics in the Pentagon, State Dept., Foreign policy, Trade policy, Gov spending, creation of legislation. Nope. That’s long gone and the entire lot of um going back to the 60’s are nothing but self serving… jackals.

  2. Dear Celia,
    With all due respect… No one knew Trump would bring in billionaires and Goldman Sacs bankers to run the economy. A controlled crash? And certainly nowhere did Trump announce the militarization or further militarization of everywhere from E. Europe to Syria to Korea to South China Sea. Indeed it was the opposite. Trump wanted us out of these wars and closing hundreds of US bases. Granted he had a hand in the election due to the repugnant nature of his opposition. There were a lot of folks on the “Trump train” that now feel tossed off at the station.

    While events of recent have been looking up as long as Jerry.. “Don’t call me Jerry..” Kuchner is doing the bidding of the Israeli Mossad Trump is not the man we thought he was. Will it come to impeachment? Let this guy keep up certain policies and significant elements of the Alt-right… won’t lift a finger to assist in the defense of this administration. The Bible Thumpers might but the Alt-Right is a whole different group. Pity the Trump adm lumps us all together. They didn’t care when Google and Youtube demonetized any Alt-Right site that didn’t “toe the line” and we might just not care when the impeachment proceedings begin. The Trump administration has brought so much of this on themselves. Sorry.

    1. Glenn,

      Slow down a second. I AGREE with most of what you write. I believe we are both right, and that these are distinct phenomena. Tell me if you see what I mean. The “ugly” came before the Betrayal. The reveal.

      I can turn right over to Trump dismay…but others have it well covered. And so I am writing (here in this post) about how ugly people got and how there is no excuse for that, in terms of…ethical code.

      I think Trump MAY BE the “anti-Christ” I once said I rejected, if for no other reason than that he spreads so much dark (anti-light) in, among, and between us all.

      Thank you for contributing your thoughts!

      1. Donald Trump is, yes, ugly. An egocentric narcissist who was born to privilege and considers his beautiful wives as accoutrements to his persona.

        May I quite rationally suggest that this makes him the most honest presidential candidate in recent history, and maybe going all the way back to George Washington & his wooden teeth.

        Because all his obvious flaws are out there for all to see; he is saying to us, “This is what I am, folks>”
        G.W. bush bore the mantle of Christian Conservative, but spawned more global death than any recent US leader, all under the pretext of a War On Terror. Obama was a CIA trained snake oil salesman with ties to radical Islam. Candidate Romney was and is a drug money launderer.
        Sanders is an ideologue who cannot answer the basic challenge to socialism: who pays for all this?

        Now this uncouth booming orangeheaded TV star is our president, like it or not. He wears his bullshit on his sleeve. I suspect most of this is by design. It distracts his enemies’ who poke at his flaws. He’s fine with that. It draws attention away from his shrewd brilliant mind,and the sincerity of his mission. Draining the Swamp isn’t a matter of installing enough sump pumps; it’s a matter of disarming those who wallow in it, until it’s too late.

        1. I’ve been reading a few of these blogs related to Trump, Ugly America, and several other delusional comments. I live in the United States. I voted for Trump, but I’m not a Trumper Thumper. I’m not religious. What I saw in his comments during the election was honesty of what many were thinking. Sure, all the things can’t be done. Sure, his son in law might have a hidden agenda. Sure, the CIA has been a tool for the Globalists,. Sure the elite liberal wealthy (George Soros) want to continue a global agenda that destroys Western Culture and democracy. There is evil and ugly everywhere. Let’s call it out honestly. Let’s just simply be honest about it. The liberal global elitists on all sides of the political spectrum have been dishonest with the common citizen. This is what he was saying and why he got elected. To state the obvious and simply point out an observation does not make someone ugly or a racist. Is he the best person in the world..nope. But, Obama was nothing. He is now far richer after leaving the White House then when he entered it. He is now a multi-millionaire. Bernie Sanders is also now rich and buying homes everywhere. The Clintons sold out the United States by destroying the Health Insurance industry when Bill was in office. They are all evil and ugly and democracy is a joke. We have been fooled. We are slaves to the government. Democracy is an illusion. The rich and the corporations control democracy. Stop believing that a single person holds a monopoly on the concept of Ugly.

          1. Charles, thank you for your comment. I didn’t say Trump is ugly, I said Trump loathing brought out new levels of “American Ugly.’ And R.A. Davis took it one step further, gave his account of the meaning of “ugly” in American Presidents. We’re not part of the blood-hunt on Trump, here.

            1. Thanks for your reply. I did not understand the original comments. For me the daily hate speech for Trump and supporters reminds me of the book 1984 and the Ministry of Thought and the Thought Police. If you are not repeating the daily brainwashed mantra then you are arrested or lose one’s position. This is connecting the SJW, Safe Space, and Political Correct Masses. They are too ignorant and brainwashed to see that the Elitist Globalists are controlling us to increase their wealth. Goldman Sacs just invested in Venezuela. What does this tell you?

        2. They are all the same. We only have an illusion of a democracy. This is why both sides hate Trump. He won with half the normal money spent and a skeleton crew of advisers.

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