2 thoughts on “What They Said: Richard Nixon”

  1. If at all possible, prior to or just after watching this, it would also be a good idea to watch the film ‘The Fog of War’.

    A lot of the things Nixon says in this movie are very ugly, but some cross not ‘the’ line, but ‘my line. The one about wanting to decimate the whole country in regards to Vietnam kind of gets stuck in my craw.

    I’m not trying to be a Nixon apologist, I could just as soon apologize for the 20th century. What I am saying is that when these things are going on a fog sets in, and I guess that it’s easy to lose perspective. There must be some sort of change that a person goes through. It’s very sad that that seems to be this built in feature of the human condition.

  2. Well, wow. But…that said. Dang. But past that, regarding the comments @32:34, it is funny that the concept of a ‘slut march’ came hot on the heels of gay marriage being legalized.

    It’s difficult for me to believe that he decided to do this to himself, and I can only imagine the things other presidents have said when they were speaking freely. And after all, speaking freely is what the first amendment is all about.

    But, wow. I mean, gosh.

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