Is Trump a Sadist? Were The Foamers Correct?


I called my father,* moments ago, (30 minutes before he goes on air with his nightly radio show) and said: “I need your take on Trump firing Comey,” he said, “My head is still spinning, I’m glad you called it gives me a chance to organize my thoughts. ”
(I opened laptop…)
He continued:
“He had the choice to do it brutally or elegantly. He chose brutally.”
“This really does not make Trump look good. It’s redolent of Nixon. He didn’t even have a chance to gather his workers and let them know first. This is sadistic.”
“Yeah. Good word. I keep thinking about sadism.”
“Nobody is “good” on this subject– there is no good opinion. They’re blaming it on his handling of Hillary’s emails, Trump is firing Coney for the crime of making Hillary lose the election? What? Why didn’t he do this right after the inauguration? It would have been a hiccup and not a headline. ”
“Well,” I said, ‘I think it’s time to admit that even though they have desecrated so many values we hold dear, Trump foamers may have been right about this. Maybe he’s nuts.”
“Darling, I said that to Sara**five minutes ago.”
Then he told me an agnostic, insomniac, dyslectic joke. It goes like this:

“Insomniac, agnostic, dyslectic lies awake at night wondering if there is a dog.”

* Barry Farber. Originally Southern Democrat, Civil Rights Activist/….Voted Republican first time for Nixon. Voted for Trump but when I asked, referred to him as a “Horse’s ass.”

** My father’s wife of 9 years,. and broadcast host, pioneer of local NYC TV reportage, Sara Pentz.

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