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  1. The past is gone. Of course, things in the past have affected your present, but those things NO LONGER have to affect your present, as of THIS MOMENT, right now!

    This method, that method. This routine, that routine. This repetitive, hypnotic mouthing of the “respect” that you “deserve”. That repetitive, hypnotic mouthing of the “love” that you “deserve”.

    Blah, blah, blah, and the hours of the day tick by, while you waste that day, and the next day, and the next, and the next, obsessing, stressing, wallowing in the fogs of “playing” hypnotic methods and routines which LOCK YOU INTO moping, mourning, reenacting, remembering, reimagining, reliving, revisiting, re-thising, re-thating, re-, re-, re-, re-, re-sinking down to the self-pitying, self-alienating, self-ego-infantizing, self-desperation-accentuating, whimpering, whining, pleading bottom of a lonely hole in your lonely sense of place in this cruel world which your past has left you in.

    To Hell With All That!!!!!!!!!!

    The solution is a million times simpler, a million times kinder, a million times more energizing, a million times more powerful, a million times more effective, a million times more satisfying, a million times more liberating, a million times more victorious over ALL past traumas, a million times more self-respecting, a million times more self-loving, a million times more self-invigorating, a million times more creative, a million times more productive, a million times more strengthening to body and mind, a million times more pleasurable, a million times more successful at eliminating depression and other mood disorders, a million times more successful at sustaining vitality, resilience and ABSOLUTE ABSENCE of ALL wallowing in the fogs of “playing” hypnotic methods and routines obsessed with mouthing how much respect and love you “deserve”.

    The solution?

    When you wake up, simply decide how you WANT TO FEEL TODAY.


    Then, determine what your options are, TODAY, for making yourself feel the way you’ve decided you want to feel.

    Then choose which of those options you will intently, aggressively, assertively, single-mindedly, unwaveringly charge forward with, having NO doubts, having NO surrender to ANY hypnotic/repetitive methods of obsessing about the respect and love you “deserve”.

    Forget about moping, sulking, brooding and mourning the past. Kick that out. Evict that from your consciousness. Evict that from your mind and your mouth.

    Stop whimpering and whining about what you haven’t had.

    Start deciding and determining what you will have, at this moment, on this day, throughout this day. MAKE IT HAPPEN, by yourself, by yourself, BY YOURSELF!

    Take the NOW into YOUR OWN hands, into YOUR OWN head, into YOUR OWN power of will, into YOUR OWN eyes, ears, mouth, feet, arms, shoulders, neck, spine, knees, toes, belly, butt, chest, chin, nose, toes, nostrils, lungs, blood, piss, shit, ribs, heart, and into every electrified wire running from your brain to all of the above, and to all else that Nature has given you for connecting with and being gratified by THIS WORLD…

    …THIS WORLD, which has far more than enough FOR YOU to keep yourself stimulated about BEING ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    Get on with it!!!!!!!!!!

    Just DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

    To hell with the repetitive/hypnotic methods which keep you confined in dwelling on your alienation by past catastrophes, disappointments, disillusions, losses, mistakes, betrayals, abuses, assaults and miseries.

    To hell with ANYTHING which keeps you sinking into self-pitying frailty, sinking into the lonely confinement of isolated pleading for the respect and love you “deserve”.

    MAKE respect and love happen!!!!!!!!!!!! …by simply waking up in the morning (whatever time that is for you), and DECIDING what you want to feel today. DECIDE!

    DECIDE, then simply consider what your options are for creating that feeling you want to feel.

    Then simply choose which of those options you will select for intently, assertively, unwaveringly TREATING YOURSELF TO the feeling you’ve decided on, for today. FOR TODAY!

    Day by day, SIMPLY DECIDE, and CHOOSE, and then DO!!!!!!!!!!



    Every day, a new day.

    Every day, a new life, a new you, a new birth, another magnificent opportunity to FORGET and to LET GO of the whole ugly fucking past!!!!!!!!!!

    Give it up! Give it back! Throw it back! Kick it back! KICK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Enough of being dragged back into it!

    REFUSE to be dragged back into it!

    REFUSE to be pulled back into the beating that it wants to inflict on you!


    Be done with it!

    No more addiction to it!

    No more of its habitual parasitic sucking of your mind and emotions into its sneaky hypnotic/repetitive self-pitying methods of confinement and pleading for WHAT YOU’VE GOT TO MAKE HAPPEN BY YOURSELF!

    That making it happen is simple, WHEN you STOP “playing” along with ANY and ALL methods and routines which drag you back and back into mouthing what you “deserve”; and WHEN you instead START EACH DAY with THE UNBINDING of your wings, releasing yourself from all confinement in hypnotic repetitions, and opening those dungeons doors of the past, to give yourself the WIDE OPEN SKIES which EVERY DAY has waiting for you in JUST A SIMPLE DECISION about how you want to feel, followed by a few simple choices about the options you’ll select to get you to that feeling.

    YOU are your Master. YOU are your Creator.


    Create your days and nights, simply by deciding and choosing, and doing, simply for achieving THE FEELING you want to feel.

    It’s all really as simple as that.

    After all is said and done, the silence of the self in the here-and-now of every morning, free from all dependence on hypnotic influence, compulsion, and parasitic “guidance” by others’ faces, mouths and cultic messianic methods, really is the rainbow’s pot of gold.

    Eventually, inevitably, you’ll see that all these pied-pipers, with their dark cultic bags of foggy parasitic gimmicks, are quite happily (quite perversely and pathetically) leading the blind to only banging against walls that have no end, walls that provide no door to the light of the new day’s beginning.

    Be the Master. Be the Creator.
    Open Each Day’s Sky. Decide. Choose. Do.
    Simplify. Identify Desired Feeling.
    Then Intently Proceed To Fly
    With ONLY YOU Deciding Where To.
    Only You, Not Dragged Back By
    Re-Tracking Or Re-Tapping What
    The Past Has Left In You.


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