What do I mean By “Pod?”


The term which came via Charles Ortleb, into my consciousness, some time in the late 1990s, refers to a politically armored person who wears political correctness as a kind of sheath. In this way, they protect themselves from injury, and yet they can injure others, whose “pod-d0m” is less intact or well constructed. Pods are “right on,” in every way, but there are questions about their level of humanity. They tend to judge others from a place of moral superiority, and believe that some people have dirty beliefs that needs to be sanitized. By them.

Mainstream media is the game reserve for pods, where they primarily live and breed. Universities. Student organizations, political organizations–basically anywhere there is a dearth of creativity, there will be high levels of “pod-think.”

When you feel in the presence of an aggressive political person who wants to cut you, and all of humanity, down to size, and basically frighten you all the time about who you “are,” then you know you are in a pod zone.

Always get out as fast as you can, scope the exits, never share any of your true feelings, always tell them what they want to hear. They’re quite dangerous.

“Snowflake,” is a very poor substitute for “pod,” and I regret that the term “snowflake” entered the lexicon where Ortleb’s word “pod” would have served so much better. A “snowflake” is a UNIQUE thing that never recurs in nature, is ephemeral, beautiful, delicate and of course harmless. “Social justice warriors” don’t seek social justice but social terror leading to a certain kind of conformity. Pods have an insatiable need for all human minds to conform to a mean, sanitized, hostile, xenophobic and racist world view. Only then are they happy. But the thing about pods is, actually, they are never happy, so don’t waste time trying. Just tell them you’re awful and you know you’re awful, and can’t be fixed. At least this is my new strategy, to cease fighting for the approval of pods anywhere.

They are ‘traumatizing narcissists,’ on a mass scale. They don’t care about beauty or truth, and in fact, truth does not strike them as beautiful.

They are avenging something.




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    “Political correctness is soft fascism.”
    That gem appears in the novel “Vulture Peak” by British expatriate
    novelist John Burdett.
    I ran his quote by some people I’m close to, with advanced degrees from
    liberal institutions. The results were tragic:
    “The only people bothered by PC are white males.”
    “This sounds like something from (Trump).”
    It became clear that these people did not wish to address the
    implications of Burdett’s comment. Because they were themselves too
    politically correct to process it.
    I am now convinced the depth of a person’s political correctness is in
    inverse proportion to that person’s ability to contain a rational thought.
    So, the simplest way to deal with Pod people is to nod your head & walk away.
    If they continue to pester you, give them a copy of Huxley or Orwell, and vanish.
    And it’s worth noting that this sort of hive–or “Pod” mentality is a
    vital asset to those shadowy powerbrokers rushing to establish a global
    New World Order. What a coincidence!

    R. A. Davis

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