Macron and Le Pen: At Least Know This

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“At Least Know This,” was a concept my father and I hatched together about 20 years ago, but never “developed.”  I would (and still do) often ask my father–who I did not grow up with– sweeping questions, mostly about World War 2, which he began following closely by short wave radio as a boy in North Carolina, too young to serve. As I recall it, as soon as she said it: “At Least Know This,” we both knew it was a way to capture basic knowledge, and we thought to do a book with one page written by an expert on a variety of subjects: “World War 2: At Least Know This.” Or, “The Bolshevik Revolution: At Least Know This.”

I remember we agreed Peter Duesberg could write the chapter on virology. Neither of us can understand why the publishing industry has not beaten a path to our door.

In any case, last few days, I have brushed up my “at least know this” knowledge about the French election, and offer one article and one video, about Le Pen and Macron, respectively. One shocker, I suppose everybody but I already knew:

Did you know that Emmanuel Macron’s wife is 24 years his senior, and fell for him when he was her student, at the age of 15? Because they are globalists bankers, you are to view this as a “unique love story.”

I can hear my father say what he loves most to say about the French, in French:

“Ce n’est pas la fin des haricots”

(It’s not the end of string beans.)

But maybe it is. I may call my father tomorrow and say, “You know how you always say is not the end of string beans? Well, I just read something that might be.”

Meanwhile, I like this little video about Marine Le Pen’s voters, for the simple reason that it interviews actual LePen voters in the French countryside, who are part of the “forgotten France.” It’s basic man on the street journalism, which we see almost never in US media.
I have a feeling Macron will win. But Marine is very charismatic and powerful. She’s a populist, not “far-right,” though her father, who she kicked out of the party was.

12 thoughts on “Macron and Le Pen: At Least Know This”

  1. Populist or fascist it does not matter, this woman is not a good option. Dangerous woman, dangerous movement, we live in a dangerous world.

  2. all of it, the human calamity writ large, is artificial.

    it is conjured by illusions of “nation”, “religion”, national interests”, “competing economies”.

    the illusions are produced by diseased beneficiaries of those illusions, ancient and modern illusionists who sustain the artificial divisions of “nations”, “religions”, “national interests”, and “competing economies”.

    concealed and confined in those illusions, trapped and captured by those illusions, is the bliss of planetary oneness.

    the ruling beneficiaries, the ruling illusionists, are botching everything, perpetuating refugee crises worldwide, and refusing to establish humane economic philosophies and structures which ensure dignified existence for the planet’s human family.

    family. that’s the one constant which is not illusion.

    the illusionists desire us to enlist in a psychological army, on one side of the conjured duality, which both sides’ diseased ruling beneficiaries intend to keep alive while that conjured duality kills the human family trapped, captured, concealed and confined within it.

    none of the trapped, captured, concealed and confined members of the struggling masses in it benefit from it, lastingly, ultimately.

    they don’t even know what they’ve been trapped, captured, concealed and confined by.

    they think it’s “lies versus truth”, or “god’s will”, or the “devil’s”, or “patriotism”, or “anti-patriotism”.

    each illusionary division differs, from nation to nation, region to region, history to history.
    but, the cages which the illusionists put us all in, worldwide, are all the same,
    and the results of each illusion are no diferent from each other, at all.

    the results are:

    the death of one.
    the death of the one family we are.

    onward soldiers, trapped, captured, concealed and confined by illusions, for the benefit of they who sustain all the ancient conjured divides, in the name of the illusionary gods.

    tragedy universal,
    with freedom from it
    for no child born to it.

    the crime of conjuring,
    the engine that moves it.

    1. John,

      There is good and there is bad. There is life and there is mal-code against life. I harmonize with what you write here. I perceive the greatest threat to the life-giving vessel known as family to be what we now call “globalism.” I hope that clarifies my stance.

      1. Celia, yes, I understand the version of globalism you refer to. I agree with your disapprovals of its illusions. I was referring to those illusions, from a holistic historical perspective, in my comment above. Yes, of course there is good and bad, life and mal-code against life; and yes, the modern illusion known as globalism is “the greatest threat to the life-giving vessel known as family”, because it preserves the illusions cited in my little snapshot of the ruling conjurors’ criminal craftsmanship through the ages.

        Your stance is quite clear.
        We stand nearer than we sometimes see or hear.
        The veil of tears, under the brutal illusions,
        remains always sheer,
        and all​ eyes there bear witness
        consciously or not,
        to what is dear.

        1. John,

          I think we hear and understand one another very well. Imagine the destruction wrought by the criminal craftsmen. Nobody can ever understand why.

  3. I don’t know, I think Le Pen might win. Just a funny feeling. We’re all waiting with bated breath to find out, though, I’m sure…because we all know, on a visceral level, that it means Something. Am I right? A signal that we’ve reached some sort of tipping point.

  4. I got up early today to see what numbers Marine got. If she got more than Maccron when more votes had been counted. It is vital that she…
    Your post was in my inbox.
    I was afraid to read it. This is a divider between people these days and that is a grief.
    I have three children. My youngist daughter is a social-justice-warior who has been working close to the swedish government with antidiscrimination.
    My eldest daughter is married to an englishman. They have now sold their house in London – “Brexit is terrible, England will not survive”.
    My son is an economist working with the Red Cross. He thinks UN is fantastic.
    UN that has a speciell project on migration in wich they devide between “forced migration” when you can’t decide for yourself as in war and famine.
    And the other “regular immigration”. They don’t say exactely what that means but they talk about it together with diaspora. And they talk about it with warmth. It is close to their hearts.
    The warmth is not about getting rid of the diaspora as it was said to be in case of the jews, as a terrible cause to get a land of their own, but of the diaspora itself as a good thing.
    David Donoghue talks in the enclosed UN-video about “the happy development of the organization on migration entering the UN-family”.
    I expect it is a fascist thought about “we who are so (morally) superior understand that this is a good thing for the “state”. As a (moral) superiority we take the decision for the people of the “state”.
    If the money does not come to the (morally right) poor, the (morally right) poor must come to the money.
    And thank you for your comment on Maccron’s wife. I had a bad feeling in my stomach about it.
    You cleared the reason for my stomach ace. I was thinking in the pattern we usually do – the man is the acting part. But it was she who acted – incorrectly.
    I have not lost my hope for my children. They have each a good brain and a good heart.
    Let’s hope the cost will not be too high.
    You had a very good video about the gangrapes in Sweden. It was silent with just a lot of information and facts that talked for themselves. I can’t find it now. Could you tell me where to find it och put the link again, please? I want to send it to my youngest daughter who is dead certain the authorities has it got it right.

    1. Dear Barbro,

      I will re-post it. I did take it down, for complicated reasons. It was nothing to do with the integrity of the video though. Barbro, I love your stories and appreciate you very much. I hear you. I am sorry about the troll problem here. “John Barron” proclaimed that I love fascism. The gas lighting is obscene, You hit the nail on the head. We are surrounded by real evil. They think they can just holler “fascism” “racism” to deflect from their fascist/racist, and as you say, morally superior/state obsessed globalism.

      Barbro, help me identify what I (we) mean by “globalism.” I use the word and I can sense and feel what it means but you could enhance my (our) understanding.

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