Heart of Darkness: Fox News Accused Of Malevolent Spying and Harassment On Andrea Tantaros


I can’t cover but a fraction of what passes across my screen or consciousness at The Truth Barrier, but I want to publicly support the women who are exposing the dark underbelly of Fox News. Is it “biased” to state that you “believe every word of it?” No. I don’t think so. I’m well seasoned in lawsuits. Nobody, but nobody, in addition to “nobody’s” very costly attorneys, would make false allegations against a killing machine like Fox. Nobody in their right mind, and nobody in their wrong mind.

Here’s the latest in the war between Fox News and Women. 

I find it astounding that “people” are out there saying none of this is true, none of it happened, this is a “well orchestrated” leftist hit job against Bill O’Reilly, and so forth.

I don’t think that kind of rubbish deserves any closer attention that Holocaust denial. That’s a sign of mental fatigue, I guess,  such an invocation–but I simply can’t fathom what universe you live in if you think O’Reilly walked the Fox plank for no good reason other than martyrdom.
If you live in New York, like I do, you know people who know people.

O’Reilly is very lucky this is all that is presently in the news about him.

I never “hated” FOX news, and still don’t, per se. But its harshest critics are in fact enjoying vindication right now.

Many people’s stories have been told. It looks to be women’s turn.

4 thoughts on “Heart of Darkness: Fox News Accused Of Malevolent Spying and Harassment On Andrea Tantaros”

  1. Yes, you are right, Celia, “what a mess.”

    None of our modern politicians and scant few of our media personalities have a conscience. This woman is going to fight a lonely battle against special interests and unlimited ideological ammunition.

    The sad part is that most of that ammunition will come from us. The manipulated general public who rely on the mass media circus to play out their personal, deep, unresolved psychological issues.

    (Looks like you’re already getting some of that here.)

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