Home Alone


Staying overnight at my father’s tonight, I imagined Jack reassuring Lewis, as he is five years older.

Lewis: She’s not home yet.

Jack: She’s fine. She’s probably at Grandpa’s. Remember the snow this morning?

Lewis: I’m scared.

Jack: Oh for Pete’s sake!

Lewis: What is we have no food!?

Jack: Have you looked in the kitchen? We have food for 5 cats!

Lewis: Don’t yell!!

Jack: I’m not yelling!!

Lewis: I’m telling Mom!!

Jack: You’re such a dummy sometimes.

Lewis: You called me dummy when I’m scared? Mom will hear of this.

Jack: Sshhh! I am trying to sleep.

Lewis: How can you sleep at a time like this?!

Jack: Sshh!!! Be quiet!


Lewis: I’m allowed to make any sound I want.


5 thoughts on “Home Alone”

  1. “Cats are good. Half-in, half-out anyway.” – John Constantine

    I envy you. I lost my last one in January ’16; first time i’ve been without a clowder of cats since 1990. Current circumstances prevent my having any at the moment, and i hate it.

  2. I see a precious version of “keep in touch” on display in the photo. The protector appears to be making sure he will know when the protected wanders off. Rear paws connected to the other’s back, serving as alarms. Could it be so, Mama?

  3. Your cats are adorable! My cats used to get very anxious when I was out of the house at work all day long. I would come home and they would be at the door all freaked out. So one day I decided to leave the television set on and tuned to the Soundscape Music Choice channel. When I came home the two of them were hanging out on the couch, giving me the slow blink (cat language for contentment, for those readers who are not cat literate) and saying, “How was your day?” Now I leave the television on Soundscape every time I leave the house. It makes for happy cats!

  4. My boys get very upset when I’m not home for the night, but they get over it! One of the best things to have around, cats.

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