A Subtly Heartbreaking Headline About The Trump Family


It is a known phenomenon that fathers will choose one daughter for excessive admiration, leaving the other, or others,  to grow up in a cold, cold shadow.

It is one of my pet peeves, fathers who do this. It’s horrid.

Trump has done this, to Ivanka and Tiffany. Both are, in very different ways, victims.

I don’t like him, at all. For my own reasons, developing faster now, day by day.


21 thoughts on “A Subtly Heartbreaking Headline About The Trump Family”

  1. I was never a supporter of Trump or Hillary but I often reluctantly found myself defending Trump because of the execrable behaviour of the press and the rabid and irrational maliciousness of the Hillary camp.
    I expected this kind of overarching scrutiny would eventually succeed in demonizing Trump once and for all and here it is.
    The far left and the established ruling democrats showed no intention of accepting defeat with any measure of the usual decorum afforded to incoming presidents and they had plenty of support on that front.
    In their eyes they had the perfect target to vent their rage and disappointment in defeat and it’s been one relentless witch hunt after another in their quest to demonize and eventually depose the new POTUS.
    They started with Trump himself and then moved on to his wife and children and now of course in this latest attack, his actions in Syria.
    I find this media feeding frenzy to be quite despicable to be honest. More akin to the base gossip and innuendo that you would find in any cheap tabloid rather than inside the pages of the so called “respectable” media sources. I find that very suspect in itself.
    Yes, some of the accusations are true but a large portion of this nonsense is just anti Trump propaganda specifically created to produce doubt and fear.
    It was witnessing this change in reporting by journalists I had previously respected that got me questioning what was going on within the media. I realized that a major shift had occurred while I was away and that it had become something I could no longer support.
    The fact that anyone who has actively supported Trump is surprised or feels betrayed and outraged at this latest attack on his actions puzzles me.
    The Trump train has been systematically attacked from all sides from the very beginning and it will continue. This is a very dirty fight.
    I’m at a place now where I no longer read anything regarding politics without acknowledging that reality first.
    The man was never a saint to begin with anymore than his cronies were past or present.
    Call it a conspiracy theory if you will but I’m truly convinced that any politician in power today is being strictly controlled from within and is hogtied to a very narrow rung on the political ladder.
    I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in Trump and that there are those deeper levels of power silently running the show behind the curtain.The deep state as it is being referred to today.
    It disturbs me that anyone actually believed Trump would be capable of over riding that established cabal. It’s a perfect illustration of just how brainwashed we have become and of the arrogance of the not so “hidden in plain sight” overlords who are in control.
    To be fair, Trumps bad decisions on foreign policy are on par with many of his more seasoned predecessors. He certainly doesn’t make those decisions alone on that front, anyway. He like all those before him had a coterie of advisers talking in his ear and influencing outcomes.
    The difference now to any past Presidents lies squarely is this new media paradigm, bought and owned by a very select few who are dictating how to frame the narratives given out to the hungry public. A media forced into doing the bidding of the people paying them.
    I think it’s safe to say that those chosen few planned well ahead of time to use Trump as a tool and considering I think he’s a tool in the slang sense of the word it’s working out beautifully for them.
    It’s the nature of the beast that when greed and human nature align, travesty and death can follow. It’s the horrible reality that history has taught us over and over again.
    I’m stunned at the levels of corruption and maliciousness that has manifested within America today. I just didn’t think it could reach the levels of hateful destruction it has.
    Since I never bought into Trumps campaign from the outset because of my own skeptical nature and my mistrust of the motives of any politician in this new world order agenda I have no feelings of betrayal or outrage to speak of beyond the general shock of the outcomes of war.
    I’m sorry to see how this has affected you in such a deep way, Celia and I understand how much we can invest in someone we hope will champion our greatest hopes for a better future. I guess my cynical nature has protected me from feeling the way you do.
    It’s all a very sorry state of affairs and it unnerves me knowing that the power is all in the hands of a select group of people. People who only have one end game in mind and that game plan doesn’t involve placing the protection or the welfare of Joe Average as it’s first order on the agenda.
    May the god’s help us all.

  2. While watching the Trump family interact during this long ordeal, it has been blatantly obvious… the favoritism Trump has for Ivanka. It has been very uncomfortable to witness, to say the least. Tiffany seems to accept it and take it better than Melanie. Melanie looks like she tried to hide her hurt in this matter. I really don’t know what goes on in that family, but I think Ivanka is smart enough to know the situation herself. Did being the favorite, bring her into the white house to fight for human rights violations and the trafficking of children? Well, if so, there is good coming out of this. If anyone has a perfect family, I am sure they are rare these days. A great percentage of parents don’t take their responsibility seriously. They are selfish or petty, such as those that wanted a girl and got a boy… and the boy hears that growing up etc. We all have to deal with whatever stuff has been given us, and pull ourselves up the best we can. For whatever this advise is worth. BTW, I don’t even know if anyone reads what i write, or how this blog thing works.

  3. I think Stephen makes a good point but…I’m not too worried. Treatment of daughters is VERY important. Ask “William Shakespeare!”

    1. I mean I am not too worried because I have lost a lot of sensitivity since my heart got so broken in the last few months of losing all to Trump mania. Friends and innocence.

    1. Speaking of North Korea, there is nothing like experiencing the “Forgotten War”, first hand… living in fox holes, fighting the N. Koreans, and Chinese … uphill, hand to hand combat, and bayonettes… watching your childhood buddy die getting his head blown off… “surviving” it all, (with lifelong PTSD and shell shock), and then coming home to the US and having a daughter the next year.. That would be me. I live in the shadow of that war in my relationship to my Dad, every day. I want peace. I could think of all the ways my life could be different with my Dad…. but it is what it is, and we all have something to learn from our experiences, that is for sure.

      1. Linda,

        I am so sorry. I can imagine your father’s PTSD was horrific and of course, in his day, there was no recourse, no remedy, or relief. It’s so rare we heart ANYTHING about that war, as you say, the forgotten war. The war we don’t count, quite. Why is that do you think?

        1. You voted for trump you exiled everyone in your life who was not fully committed to him . He is yours . Enjoy.

          1. John, how is bombing Syria not proof positive that he’s not a Russian tool? You’ve completely lost the narrative. This is what Hillary said she wanted to do.

            1. She is not the president. You need to ease off the past and bear down on the present. The truth , facts . I am out . You can all return to the echo chamber.

          2. John B, Thanks for stopping by with your snide remarks again… btw, speaking of echo chambers, you basically echo the same empty rambling over and over. Thanks for nothing.

  4. 40+ years ago, i met a sweet girl who was a child of privilege, and in the words of a mutual acquaintance: “the only one in that family with the potential to be a human being.” She once told me that her family “[gave her] everything she could want, except love.” I think it taught her something, whether good or bad: to my knowledge, she has never married or had children.

    1. What a chilling line: “…the only one in that family with the potential to be a human being.”

      I.M. (and by the way, I am too)….what is it, do you think, that causes this plague of non love in families?

      1. I don’t know that there’s one all-encompassing cause; i think it’s just another unfortunate aspect of the human condition. We are, after all, animals: apes with a marginally better vocabulary, plowing through this existence without a thought of potential consequences.

  5. Sad, yes. Potentially very tragic for Tiffany.

    Seems the Grabber In Chief doesn’t rate her a ten.
    “Maybe a two or three. Five max. Bad face.”

    I’ve occasionally picked up the vibe that Tiffany is less than fond of his persona; and the vibe that she never developed the somewhat perversely symbiotic, co-dependent, parasitic clinging which Ivanka and he are so deeply immersed in.

    He certainly picked one for developing that “depth”.

    Chilling, really.

  6. I never attacked the relationship with Bush or with Obama to their respective children. I’ll kind of go after Chelsea now depending on her involvement with her parents sordid affairs. I’m disappointed (but not surprised) in Trump right now, but I would hate to have my relationship with my children eclipse my public service, no matter what I was doing one way or the other. It’s not entirely fair, and largely it’s kind of unknowable.

    But I will say this; increased scrutiny of your relationships is what you get for saying sexist things in the first place. What he’s said about Bill O’Reilly doing nothing wrong is sadly typical and pathetic. The odd part about that, to me, is that Bill wasn’t even that good to Trump during the run up to the election. He seemed dismissive and…like himself to be frank about it.

    1. Largely, it sure is “kind of” knowable, and is “entirely fair” to assess, what insights can be derived from a man’s decisions regarding his daughters.

      “I would hate to have my relationship with my children eclipse my public service, no matter what I was doing one way or the other.”

      No matter what one was doing with one’s children, or with one’s relationship with one’s children, or…?

      That line is unclear.

      1. Kids can be complicated. Reagan didn’t have the best relationship with his kids. There could be behind the scenes things, not sinister, but unknowable to us. There are better things to go after at this point, like folding to the neoconservatives for example.

    2. Well, you know me Stephen, I have no idea what is off limits and what is not. His treatment of his daughters happens to enrage me so I addressed it. At least I’m finding my own little anti-Trump post to bang on. And yeah, O’Reilly lacks all inspiring human qualities. He’s a masterpiece of spite.

      Some talent, not much.

      1. O’Reilly and his (even more) evil twin, Hannity, make me ashamed to admit having Irish blood; not that aren’t plenty of other reasons…

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