14 thoughts on “RT–Strike On Syria: Did Trump Drink Kool-Aid? Does It Makes Sense?”

  1. This is staged between trump and russia. All for show and to cover whats really up. You want a conspiracy theory, have at it. Put down your pizzagate and climb in. History will show.

    1. Ok, so you’re saying that…let me get this straight…Trump and Putin are starting a war between Russia and the United States…so that what? What exactly are you saying? History will show what?

      1. Nope. Its staged , set up , thats why no runways got hit only empty bunkers and some old planes , that got moved there hours earlyer . It supposed to stop the world from believing that trump and russia are working together. Trump moved 500 troops in a day before , its a play . Wag the dog

        1. I’m on board John. I’m not saying that I think what you think exactly, in fact I disagree. But I respect how you got to where you are thought wise. I understand as well.

          I just don’t see how Hillary would have landed in the conflict any differently, so therefore, how is Trump a tool for Russia? He may be a tool for the neocons, or for lack of a better term the NWO, but …I can’t buy that the Russian’s prefer Trump to Hillary, when you’re also asserting that WAR is what they’re after. If Russia wants war, they clearly wanted Hillary.

          Regardless, I’m mildly disappointed in Donald Trump. Not surprised, but mildly disappointed.

          It’s funny that Hillary, after all she’s been through, only recently threw Obama’s foreign policy under the buss. She hadn’t done that for so long when she could have. She picks, I think it was either today or yesterday to say it. It’s like the whole thing suddenly shifted. First the false flag attack, sorry but I don’t buy that bullshit for a nano second…and then the bombs start flying, on TV.

          Obama bombed Syria plenty. Nobody gave a crap on TV though. So yes, I’m with you. It’s clearly orchestrated.

  2. I just saw Trump’s announcement. Assad is not a dictator; he was elected at least twice with outside observers in the last election. When will people stop listening to the Zio presstitutes.

  3. Exactly as I predicted, in an analysis posted on facebook a few weeks ago.

    It’s exactly what Putin and the Chinese leadership wanted, for initiating the consummation of their collaborative project of achieving global dominance by baiting “the West” into World War III (a war which, as all reputable military analysts concur, will be easily won by “the East”).

    Russia is the only military force on the planet, which has manuveur​able orbiting weapons in space, closely trailing America’s satellites which are vital for U.S. offensive targeting and for defensive detection of incoming weaponry.

    Those Russian orbiting drones are ready at any moment, to fire satellite-killing shots at those space-based U.S. assets, thereby rendering American defensive targeting and mission-critical communications completely useless.

    The American military itself has admitted its helplessness in the face of that vulnerability.

    The convergence of “Eastern” interests and “Eastern” imperial imperatives has arrived at its apex of existential imminence. Its post-Nixon/post-Yeltsin strategy of seduction has successfully provided it with the time to prepare for the grand betrayal of the trust granted to it by those in “the West” who were seduced.

    Trump is the man whom that “Eastern” convergence wanted in charge of the attempt to “deal” with its trap.

    Exactly as that convergence planned, Trump has grabbed the bait.

    If not now, that trap will eventually be SUCCESSFULLY sprung, because “the East” IS superior in weaponry, superior in the will to deceive, and superior in sophistication of the will to conquer human destiny’s bumbling, arrogant, vainglorious western overlords of Eden.

    “What a piece of work is Man.” Bullshit. To hell with them all.

    I pledge allegiance only to the children, and to the republic for which they stand.

    1. To Mr. Powell,
      In Russia, the Orthodox Church and Nationalism = Discipline.
      In North Korea, Fanaticism and Cultism = Discipline.
      In Iran, Islam = Discipline and Honour.
      In China, Communism and National Pride = Discipline.
      This four-point nexus of discipline working in unison to undermine and undervalue the West will be the principal threat the West will combat in the future. The ”East” would rather perish than be lorded over by the West. The West has become soft in its opulence, whereas, the ”East” have become hardened in their suffering.
      Discipline by these Countries has resulted in:
      1) Russia’s presence in Crimea and Syria.
      2) North Korea’s nuclear intentions and its highly sophisticated State sponsored hacking abilities.
      3) Iran’s nuclear intentions and sway in the Middle East.
      4) China’s build-up in the South China Sea and the world’s largest army.
      The West sure does have a fight on its hands if it wants to continue being the dominant force in the world. I suspect the balance of power is shifting – if it has not already.

  4. This video certainly ties it together… It seems obvious that we can rule out Assad and Russia in this. Who stands to benefit?

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