Letter From Sweden This Morning: Was This The First Terrorist Event?



“Yes, the gang rapes are terrorist acts and they let them happen for years. The street attacks are completely predictable, it is like putting lives on a sadistic lottery. The government doesn’t act preventatively nor act at all. But who will ever hold them responsible for such a hideous form of treason exposing people’s lives to violence?”



7 thoughts on “Letter From Sweden This Morning: Was This The First Terrorist Event?”

  1. Hey there, Señora Mama Celia.

    Seems to me, your headline for this post is subtly asserting that “The First Terrorist Event” was rape itself.

    If that in fact was your intention, I must congratulate you for a fine achievement at creating a splendid brain-testing exercise in deciphering a provocatively-mysterious understatement.

    It made me ask myself whether or not rape was indeed the human animal’s first terrorist event.

    The answer to that question might actually be that there was a terrorist event which preceded, and prepared the psychological recipe for the first rape.

    That preparatory terrorist event preceding the first rape, might well have been the rapist’s childhood subjection to the parental model of establishing power, and enforcing control, by brutally dehumanizing and demonizing the child, destroying the child’s sense of having any value or virtue, thereby conditioning the child to conclude that the apparent successfulness and usefulness of that parental model ought to be his own route to gratifying the urges of sexual attraction; urges which he had been thoroughly​ conditioned to see as being part of the valueless and virtueless nature that his parental assailant(s) convinced him he is doomed to embody and manifest.

    So, rape might well have been the second terrorist event. That same original cause-and-effect equation stayed with the human animal population, just as it has stayed with thousands of other species in which the parental model consists of establishing power, and enforcing control, by use of methods generally equivalent to those described above.

    Anyway, Señora Mama Celia, please do add an itty-bitty note below, saying whether or not your headline here was intended to be a creatively subtle evoking of the notion that rape itself was the first terrorist event.

    Muchas gracias. Buendía. Adios.
    (that’s about as far as my bilingual show goes). 🙂

    1. John,

      I need to go very slowly here. I am not good with definitive theories of everything but I will say that we share a resonance on this. Rape has been a subject that “bored” me, because I CHOSE that emotion when, for 30 years, give or take, I refused to think about my first experience with it. Not my last but my first–the most “dramatic.” I chose to proceed as if it had to happened in the way things only stay with me if they are “interesting.” I had only one thought that I was able to produce: “That was not very interesting.” Disassociation anyone? Sarcasm as armor? In any case, I decided “instead” to become a….journalist. I thought that in this way, I could be spared being a female. “Woman” is bit charged. A word I find almost impossible to use.

      Ok ok! I’ll write about it. I have nothing left to lose.

      1. I’m struggling to find adjectives. Compelling. Captivating. Enthralling. Riveting. Heart-melting.

        None of those do I find to be even sufficient for, much less equal to characterizing the seriously ultimate importance of your communication of your uniquely sacred path toward inner management of mental, emotional and physical recovery from rape’s traumas.

        Learning the macro and micro particulars of such paths, forged by others, toward that inner post-trauma management, has been the saving grace, at numerous times in my life of all too many incidents of being alone and helpless following traumas of violation similar to rape, but surely not as traumatic as rape.

        The very small sample of your narrative, in your excerpt above, had me reading with reverent thirst for the strength of that light of your solitary dignity, determination, courage, endurance, resilience, and ruggedly inventive resourcefulness, radiating from your sprinkling literary rains of majisterial microscopic insights to the female experience.

        That’s holy ground, across all the various personal planets I make my home on, throughout the universe I’ve created inside my cranium.

        Yes. Yes! Write about it. You do have something to gain from whatever you have left to lose in the metamorphosis of that writing.

        Something you’ve not gained yet.

        Something you’ll not gain any other way.

        Something that will be more than anything you’ve gained before.

        Something you know, but something that doesn’t know you, yet.

        There will be discoveries.

        There will be innumerable new meetings of the two: her and you.

        Then, at last, there will be One…

        …no longer resorting to being spared from being

        …no longer resorting to being bored with being


        whom she does NOT have to be.

        At last, Identity freed.

        At last. At last, relief.

  2. People are predictable in clusters. We of the west have been through a lot over the centuries and sadly part of the cellective conscious is to put our heads down and work within the parameters of whatever hell is around us. The middle east is almost untenable for the Saudi kingdom and what better way to hedge the odds, than seed the ruling class in Europe with cash and the streets with ready to order culture. This way the elite have an escape route and political pull in the region. It’s a long play and it’s working.

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