I Don’t Trust Trump, But I Know Who My Friends Were Not [A Facebook Post, To Be Elaborated On]


I don’t trust Donald Trump one iota, but instead of being engineered to “hate” him from the outset, I took my time. During this suspended space, many people I wrongly thought were friends went nuts, became abusive, caustic, morally superior and even abandoned me altogether.
I am NOW opposed to Donald Trump, due the Syria threats AND his vile statement that Bill O’Reilly “did nothing wrong.”
Screw him. AND good riddance to all the people I used to think were friends in the sense they would allow me time to weigh situations and draw my own conclusions.
Thank you Donald Trump, for that, at least. You make it easy to detect fanatics in one’s life.

Anybody who was not your friend when you were undergoing some understandable political disorientation is what is known in clinical terms as a “traumatizing narcissist.” These are people who need you to be just like them.

This whole Trump thing really lit that up and made it easy to answer Pete Townshend’s question, how many friends have I really got?

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Trust Trump, But I Know Who My Friends Were Not [A Facebook Post, To Be Elaborated On]”

  1. I think the man is out of his depth and is taking some very bad advice regarding Syria. As for O’Reilly he is keeping FOX sweet. I too reserved judgement until I saw his stance on Israel and now Syria. Israel stole land in the Golan and now they want to expand using the US as usual to get what they want.

  2. Celia, your traumatizing narcissist so-called “friends” were in fact reflecting Trump’s pathology back to you. Yes, Bill O’Reilly is execrable. And yes, creating ISIS and bombing Syria to benefit US arms manufacturers, mercenaries and war profiteers is execrable. But in the long run one needs to have compassion for these maniacs, because they have absolutely no idea how severely they are devolving their own souls. Life is about soul evolution, and these people are harming themselves the most in the end.

  3. I have not heard of Trumps response yet, or what happened with O’Reilly yet… trying to pry my eyes open with my morning coffee…. one thing though, is that this chemical attack was staged! Soro’s and the white hats are behind it. Gas masks where passed around 3 days before it happened to certain people. Also warnings about it day before it happened. Assad has nothing to benefit from doing such a thing to his people. Trump is brash, and being isolated by the deep state. I assume he knows what is going on, or at least i hope. I still have to look into what happened with yesterdays terrible “false flag”, but I think it would be nice for someone to go into Syria and get the white hats out of there and Soro’s minions, personally.

  4. Russia’s hand has now been forced – how will Putin respond? He cannot afford to lose face. Drastic times call for drastic measures.

  5. Right on. The ability to suspend judgment in the middle of heated politics is a rare one, but demonstrates a mature and civil person.

    I know what you mean about losing “‘friends'” – and the narcissist label really covers that one well.

  6. Love your articles as your very personal opinion since indeed you never encouraged anyone to follow you. That is great because I don’t agree with you every time.
    This Syrian-case – I felt – was planted to turn people against him and the attack originated from the ISIS, still holding all those chemical weapons when they were allowed to relocate their combatant with all their armories. How that makes sense to allowing terrorist groups to safely moving away from one location to another in the same time, when it is a war against them, and who was the military expert offering that movement to preserve the terrorist capability for more attack?
    That happened during the Obama’s time, but still the USA as state participated in that event.
    And now it’s consequences are falling on President Trump and his administration.
    So maybe your opinion will change with the time. And hope, peace will guide the planet….
    Thank you.

  7. Have you seen Scott Adam’s reponse to this: https://t.co/UMlc3TOAvd? Trump is so brash in his negotiation style, that this could be a reasoned response. I keep waiting for a logical reason to oppose Trump, if only for the faux-sanity of being able to agree on something with some people, but I’m not sure this is it. I think we may have to be patient and see

  8. People i’ve known for 40 years stopped speaking to me when i refused to unconditionally support Obama simply because he was the president. The same people no doubt expect absolute allegiance to Trump for the same reason. I don’t wear the flag over my eyes; nobody should.

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