Who Is “He?”


Misery has gotten into everything, like a dust bowl.

My neighbor Jim gets into the elevator and says, with a stricken face:

“Did you hear what he tweeted this morning?”

I said I didn’t.

[Except I did.]

I smile a little, trying to deflect.

I should have asked who he was talking about.

I don’t think he would have laughed.



13 thoughts on “Who Is “He?””

  1. I most certainly would have laughed.

    However…in this time of a variations on a theme entitled “The Complete Surviving Works Of Hieronymus Bosch” to be so ill-disposed toward laughing at this particular “triptych”.

    Recommended reading/re-reading “Heart Of Darkness” by Jos. Conrad…Followed on by “Juan Peron: A Biography” By Jos. Page, and, finally, “Big Men & Cargo Cults” by Glynn Cochrane. You get the idea.

    “Mistah Kurtz…he dead…”

    1. Greg! I wonder if I summoned you by thinking of you, as I was, yesterday and today, thinking I should drop you a line…welcome to The Truth Barrier. We are all kinds of people here, and I am your depressed hostess. 🙂

      Let’s don’t fight about Trump or Socialism, agreed? Happy you’re here.

      I am re-reading St. Mawr by D.H. Lawrence. I read very odd though, since PTSD, I start in the middle of the page and read one way, then the other way. I can’t keep my eyes focused for long.

      1. At this point, it is best to set aside smaller positions, as we are living in a time of…From what I have read on the topic, this time seems to resemble the run up to World War I—nationalism in all forms including the oldest form of nationalism, ethno-nationalism— arms races, expansionist policies (Hello China and Russia) and an incompetent US president all do recall that time of a century ago.

        In a very horrific sense, there are so many “flashpoints” for the outbreak of unthinkable war, or wars, that a debate about whether or not Social Democracy would be a valuable change-up for the US to pursue must be placed on the proverbial “back burner”.

        The world got an Archduke Franz Ferdinand killing at Sarajevo analogue on 8 November 2016.

        Remember that V. Putin has said that the Russian military could “be in Lithuania in less than 36 hours”. Then there is the nuclear armed matter of India, Pakistan and the Kashmir. The Korean Peninsula is another “flashpoint”….

        …so debating matters such as Social Democracy in the USA takes a subordinated position to war may have to wait, as has always been the case. War comes first in times such as these.

  2. The really big question is, did you hear about what I tweeted about what she tweeted about what she heard that they tweeted about what somebody heard that he seems to have tweeted at sometime approximately two to ten months ago?

    I ask that without misery, but, minus any drought-induced dust problems, it is a magnificently breezy subtropical day, here in the audience of elegant aerial performances by pelicans in the sky above my Florida seashore abode.

    I hereby notify the author/editor/publisher, that a correction is called for. Her words for designating the quantity of things misery has gotten into, ought to be “many things”, rather than “everything”.

    I have evidence to back that with.


    1. Trump is definitely a train wreck for the deeep state/New World Order/collectivism. Yes indeed!
      Better stand back.

    2. I know, the way he’s placed us in a bad spot with our allies and the way that our foes don’t respect us anymore.

      Oh, what. That was Obama.

      1. Pizzagate ! Long time ! Still time to place that bet ! I must confess i peaked at your facebook . No mentions of the beliefs you have!!?? Are you embarrassed to show the world?

        1. Embarrassed, no. If you dig in deep enough, not that I suggest you do, but I have posted about these things and have alienated the friends I’ve alienated in doing so. There are enough groups devoted to the subject, that I can keep up with recent developments without having to become yet another outlet for it and little else.

          How’s that ‘Russia hacked the election’ thing going? Find any evidence at all yet? No? Keep looking, I’m sure something will come up.

            1. I never didn’t. I’ve always had exactly the same ideas about P.G. Do I have to explain it again?

              The only difference between ‘Russia did it’ and ‘Pizza Gate’ is that the former is completely absurd and the MSM is all over it, and the later is nebulous but plausible, and the MSM wouldn’t touch it with a barge poll.

            2. You know, I never did post anything. I’ve commented, I’ve agreed, I’ve liked, but I’ve never posted anything. I’ll rectify that now, thanks for pointing that out John.

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