TIME magazine asks on its cover: Is Truth Dead?

I wonder: Is Mercy Dead?

A small white plastic bag is stuck on a tree branch outside my window, near the projects. Every day I think it will have blown away but it never has. Will somebody climb up there and remove it eventually?

The trouble is: Everything turns out to be false, including the way we promised we felt about each other.

I keep thinking I need to tell the world that the media is made up of ghastly megalomaniacs but nobody would believe me.

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  1. Celia, excellent work on Sweden. Are you available to give me current advice on a certain matter on which we worked in the 1990s? See my previous request sent via your site email. Please email me.


  2. CNN once had a regular 10,000,000 a night viewing. Hot news night with Larry King? 15,000,000. Now? Under 250,000 on some nights. The Home & Garden channel has more viewers. Washington Post, NYT, MSNBC… all running the stories, slants and headlines that meet their agenda. Waiting on the phone call from Tel Aviv for permission to take their morning “chits.” And someone has the unmitigated gall to tell you to “get a life?” High fives sister. You’re dead nuts on target. Keep it up.

    1. Glennard! I love numbers, details, thank you–where do you get those numbers? People are ALWAYS telling me to get a life, hahaha! Don’t worry. I am starting to get the joke, that this IS my life. In any case, I truly appreciate every person who comes here and talks to me. Of course I love being told I am dead nuts on target because if EVEN THIS blog is off base then..I’ll really need your prayers. I am only really trying not to be wrong, or way wrong. Also, not to be “right,” either. But to reveal my real thoughts as best I can and meet people who are (sorry to use new age term) “an energetic match.” How did you find The Truth Barrier?

    2. Thank you Glennard! It is so nice to hear someone with a positive perspective, and you are so right, things are happening at breakneck speed, and soon everyone is going to know

  3. In all seriousness. Get a job . Volunteer anyplace. Talk to people face to face. Get out of your own head. If you only listen to the same 3 people who seem to live the same way , nothing changes. You have ONE life. ONE. Dont spend it in a cage
    This has been a public message.
    I am now going to meet someone i do not know and buy the breakfast.

    1. I have tried many many times to get a job, and I actually do volunteer, and I also take care of my father and his wife on a regular basis, shopping and cooking. The things that are at play, none of them are ever even hinted at here, the reasons for the depressive episodes.

      John–this website is not therapy. I also am never seeking advice. I’m making choices about what I communicate, and many are bound to misfire, but it’s not a cry for help, ever.

      I do see people face to face more and more now, and that’s a point well taken.

      1. Whatever. Good luck with that , hows that worked for you so far? Its not a cry for help its a bloody scream , kick , pound on the wall gulping for salvation for help. But what do i know ?

            1. Victim of what? I’ve known Celia and her family since Sweden. My sentiments are heart felt concern.
              I am a victim of nothing.

  4. Celia, There are many of us who believe you. The world is like a stage show… and constantly changing. There are no real definitives. I watch the news from all the angles, and see the stone throwing and the agendas. I am given hope by those who want to know the truth. Those that don’t just believe whatever they are told, but do the research, tirelessly, investigating, learning more. The more we learn the truth, the more we understand what we are dealing with… and it’s mind numbing scope. We challenge those that attempt to hide crimes and injustices. We attempt to bring the facts to the light of day. Most importantly, love and care for yourself. I have been blessed by the fact that most of my home country, the US, is in this haze of liberal leftism or whatever it is, where it may not be “racism”, but it sure feels like it, when you can’t talk openly about ideas and current events without feeling like a freak, “fake news”, “conspiracy theorist” etc etc, and, I am also blessed by living in Sweden.. ha, where, it is even more constricting, more “brainwashed” and the media is in a frenzy of attacking. Blessed to have a husband who, is part of this new “standard”. So, I refuse to discuss this with anyone who doesn’t understand. That simple. I was very stressed and felt so isolated for a while, but then, I have learned to feel liberated from it all. It is not my job to waste my energy. I continue to support those in the fight, but I focus on my health, and choose to see the world as becoming more of the way I wish i would be, whatever that is worth.

    1. Linda, I think yes, as you say, it is more and more important to stay close to people who are spiritually compatible. I think “spiritually” is the word, not “politically.” I know you know exactly what I mean.

      I’m so curious where you live but you don’t have to share that if you don’t wish to. I too am “given hope by those who want to know the truth.” And yes indeed, “frenzy of attacking…” media in Sweden, beyond belief really. Here too. But Swedish media even more controlling and intimate in its lashing and shaming. So Lutheran. I can’t fathom the way the crime reporting laws got developed to supposedly eliminate racism. I would expect it to only have negative effects when you start photo-shopping the news–people just think: “What am I not allowed to know, and why?”

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