6:19 am. Lying awake I began hallucinating something about wolves and tried to remember, so I could describe it. My mind has spun out of orbit from trying to hold out hope.

Media is a disease and it can’t be cured. If men go in there as men, they become monsters. If women go in there, they live to regret it.

Unless you are Rachel Maddow–don’t go in there and try to turn the big wheel of rage and conviction. Not as a woman.

Knowing I can’t know anything, or generate knowledge, I listen to the Oracles, the men in media, explaining to the other men in media, what is going on now in terms of catastrophe and perpetual emergency.

Who mints the Oracles? Who designates their power over our perspectives? There are some women on TV but they are without sleeves, always. I wonder if they aren’t cold, and why they have to show their arms. It keeps bothering me. Like it’s some kind of skin-tax, before they are allowed to talk.

15 thoughts on “Fragments”

  1. I too have always been bothered by the sleeve less dresses. The men are sitting there in shirts, ties, and suit jackets… and the women… sleeve less! So, exactly what is the temperature in the studio? I suspect that it started somewhere, then somehow became the norm….. just like the bare legs, high heals, makeup, poofed hair, whatever. Once the women can no longer keep up with it, she’s ousted.

  2. Wonderfully said, thank you. I also stopped switching the telly on many, many years ago. I’d rather have my perspectives shaped by the unicorns and cherry blossoms than by the media monsters. Life is too precious.

  3. SO GREAT to hear loud and clear from women here, whose voices I follow and would follow anywhere. Trust. To encounter you guys (haha “you guys?”) as the light seeps in after a night of no sleep and to see that YES it’s real, I’m not “crazy–” Oh thank you.

    1. Sleep deprivation induces hallucination, as you and we all know. It also multiplies, amplifies and magnifies brain chemistry disruptions which induce depression. Fix that deprived vital luxury, please. šŸ™‚


      You might like to try a total ceasing of shaving legs and underarms, as a tool for self-centering, self-loving, self-acceptance, eliminating the stress and self-criticism/self-condemnation/self-loathing which gets generated by the sense of not complying with “Man’s” demands for your constant daily bodily submission to the bodily standards that conform to his fantasies.

      Wishing you all strength, relief, and VITALLY luxurious rest.

      1. Another Afterword:

        Celia, thou who art temporarily fragmented:

        That supplement company is a good one (Swanson Vitamins). I buy from it regularly. The problem now is that it doesn’t offer electronic gift cards (gift cards which the recipient can access via an emailed link, which then allows the recipient to use that link for placing her/his own online order).

        The company only offers gift certificates which must be snail-mailed to the recipient.

        Therefore, here’s the schedule:

        You go to that company’s website, and select fifty bucks worth of goodies which will contribute to your acquisition of improvement in obtaining healthy amounts of vitally luxurious sleep.

        You write down the product numbers of those goodies, and send those to me in an email, with the address you want them delivered to.

        Then I will order those goodies, and instruct the company to send them to the address you specify in your email to me.

        That company includes in its online ordering process, the option of sending the products to an address other than the address of the customer (me), and so, this will be an easy way to accomplish the same thing that an electronic gift card would.

        Does the temporarily fragmented one approve this schedule? šŸ™‚

    2. I take 20mg of melatonin nightly, works like a charm and has anti cancer properties. One needs the high potency not the 3 mg variety.

  4. Call me naive, but I wouldn’t give up hope. There is no way this ridiculous scam can continue too much longer. Try as they may, the people will turn away from the deceitful circus show. Draining the swamp will be no easy or quick task, I am sure. The tentacles of the elite and their satanic lifestyles will be brought to light sooner or later. I am sure, since they are basically, power hungry, egotistical, diabolical, and depraved, that , they cannot continue admit a stronger light force. These times are like a giant boil that has come to a head. The slaves and the slave owners, blind obedience and weakened in so many ways… The reasonable, rational, intelligent, look around them and wonder what has happened, where are they? It’s always going to be something. Feeling misunderstood and ostracized is not something new. Contemplate these corporate media whores…. how can they feel any integrity… they must secretly loathe themselves for what they are participating in. This looks like a dark hour, with all censorship, as they desperately attempt to fight back, but the side of love and truth must find ways around their tactics.

  5. The arms! Yes, every time I see one I think the same thing. It is winter in New York and she is baring her arms, why? Skin tax is a very apt description Celia.
    We no longer have a television in our house for the very reasons you have so eloquently written.

  6. After the first minute and fifteen seconds of this video Greenwald will come on and call the establishment media “slimy beasts” – of course that doesn’t go far enough — and I fear like you say he is on his way to ending up a monster as well eventually – how to stop that? Always be an outsider? Idk

      1. It’s true – they are all explaining how it is – you are very right – like how do they know? I think maybe the lack of humility partly comes from fear. (That’s why you are braver for addressing subjects they won’t touch) Because they don’t want to be smeared as crazy or wrong – so they act overly confident and definite… and skeptical and stay in bounds. All intelligent people know that any subject can be rendered meaningless by oversimplification- so it seems humility would be more respected and utilized overall …but I guess people want simple? Or they think people do?

  7. Celia,

    It’s good to know I am not the only one who is bothered by television women wearing sleeveless dresses. It especially bothers me when they do it in the wintertime, because they are a terrible model to young women who see inappropriately dressed women on television and think they should emulate that.

    I think the real reason they don’t wear sleeves is coded pedophilia. These women shave their underarms and their legs to make themselves into pedophilic sex objects. Body hair on women is as biologically normal for women as it is for men, yet women in this culture are expected to remove their body hair to look more like children. Body hair is a sign of sexual maturity. “Hey men of the world! That little female with no hair under her arms is not appropriate to have sex with. That woman with hair under her arms is appropriate to have sex with.”

    My last boyfriend wanted me to shave my body hair so I didn’t “look like a man.” He just couldn’t get it that I am biologically normal and it is our entire society that is sick.

    1. Agreed, the bottom line is that our entire society is sick, each generation more so it seems. We now have young people harming themselves, making cuts on their bodies. They say it makes them feel better.
      How horrid can that pain of not fitting the model be to look to slashing yourself for relief?

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