3 thoughts on “Herzog: “Let Them Fact Check To Their Death””

  1. Elite journalists … “August” Journalists … Posing as Anguished or Impassioned Aristocrats … Deeply Involved in Human Suffering Worldwide … PHONY as can be … because they all know that mainstream newspapers for example … are facilitated by PUBLIC RELATIONS FIRM COPY WRITERS, i.e., writers for giant corporations in interlocking global corporations … which is why no one can get ONE PRACTICAL PIECE of information from the New York Times for instance on ways and means of surviving a terminal illness for example ( Michelle Malkin was recently heard being KIND to NY Times – describing it as “The Fish Wrapper of Record” ). Journalist VIPs in Their Own Minds – Oh So Stuffy … Despise Everyday People …
    Someone Should Do a TV Show About the Inner Workings of PR Firms in New York City … to
    Show Viewers the REAL WAY in Which So-Called News is MANUFACTURED by Vast Armies of
    PUBLICISTS who Create in Out of Whole Cloth for $10K Monthly Retainer Fees.

    1. Brilliantly summed up Trish. YOU should do sats TV show, Or write about it. Or else…we walk away from it all and stop experiencing the pain all the lies and postures. I think about it all the time. So glad you are here.

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