5 thoughts on “Trump Is Hitler Meme Replaced By Trump Is Incompetent Meme?”

  1. Paul Ryan had that bill loaded with more “chit” than a Christmas turkey. All for the insurance firms and the medical industry. Once again leaving us.. in the middle of the storm with no umbrella. I quote medical work. A heart angioplasty in the US can go $40,000. The local hospital here charges $900 for an E.R. sign in fee. While speaking with a lady I let her know what my hospital charges in Bangkok. Angioplasty is a little under $800. Entire procedure. “I could have had the entire procedure done with you for less than the E.R. sign in fee?” … “Yea.”

    The problem with US health care is greed. The greed of the hospital administrators and owners. They set the prices. Not the doctors.

    I could write this up two ways. 1. Medicare for all.. single payer. Government. With genuine price controls. 2. Patient pays all. Zero health insurance collaborating with the Feds. Just hard competition between hospitals and clinics. Watch the prices drop then. Either way. Get rid of all health insurance. Either go total private with genuine competition or single payer with the Feds weeding out the overpricing. Anything is better than what we got. Health insurance collaborating with legislatures and then the hospitals have sent US prices astronomical and we are now at what? 35th in quality of health care?

    Do not blame this on Trump…
    THANKS… Paul Ryan.

  2. Gary, please show us the evidence for how having measles provides protection against heart disease and cancer?
    You wouldn’t say that if it were not true, would ypu?

  3. Scott Adams is always good. What I find hilarious is the term “health care” in regard to our disease-creation and -management system. Health care is how we live our lives, those of us fortunate to have been born in developed countries; good health is mainly educated lifestyle choices. But our disease-care system is lucrative. Impossible for Congress to change it for the better, but easy for them to make it worse. So the snowflakes aren’t having fits any longer? That would be a good thing. Let them get back to whatever college students do today.

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