Swedish Singing Duo With Aspergers, ADHD, Threatened by State For Filming Riot: Told To Call Themselves Mentally Impaired, As Instruments Seized And They Face Firing


[BREAKING DEVELOPMENT: 10:22 AM: THEY HAVE NOW BEEN FIRED.They will not get their equipment back.]


A Swedish singing duo– Claes Mård and Nayana Gulstad–filmed a battle between drug gangs [of unknown origin] on March 3, 2017, in the Swedish town of Hallsberg. The gangs were throwing rocks, brandishing weapons, and attacking police cars. Mård’s 17 year old son was barricaded inside his high school at the time, along with other students,  and the two musicians were circling in a car to see if they could evacuate him. They live-streamed the film on Facebook to warn others who may be in the area. Because they said a few mildly negative words about the criminals, their lives have been turned upside down.

They were called up, and told they could expect to be fired from their job, singing favorite tunes at retirement homes in central Sweden. Their instruments and PA were seized, and they were told to write a letter of denial/denunciation, apologizing for shooting this film, and using the negative words. [I have watched the film, speak Swedish, and heard only mildly critical language. see transcript.]

They were–most shockingly–told to recuse themselves on grounds of being “mentally incapacitated,” because one of them, Mård, has ADHD and mild autism, and the other, Gulstad, has has Aspergers. Swedish authorities demanded they put in writing that their mental “handicaps” caused them to not know what was happening, and to act badly, and allow themselves to be manipulated by “far right” media. They have refused to do so. Truth Barrier editor Celia Farber interviewed the besieged duo on March 21, by phone, from the US.

On March 22, (today) they will be called to a meeting and told to sign a new letter, and possibly lose their jobs. The Truth Barrier will follow up with them to find out what happened at the meeting.

Here is a translated transcript of the interview.

CM stands for Claes Mård, NG stands for Nayana Gulstad, and CF for Celia Farber.



CF: Tell me about yourselves.

NG: We work at a [state affiliated organization] called ABF where we go out and play music, favorite songs, which older people want to hear. We play music from the 11th century to the present. Every week we go around to different retirement homes in Örebro lan. [Note: By sheer coincidence, this is where CF grew up. It is also where whistleblower cop Peter Springare is from.]

CF: What is ABF?

NG: ABF is “arbetarna’s bildings forbund” [“Workers Educational Association”] an old…organization with access to education, teaching people their union rights, that kind of thing.

CF: Is this run by the Social Democrats?

NG: According to some bosses there, you can’t be part of it unless you are a social democrat, but last Monday the top boss said they are politically neutral.

CF: What is the name of your musical duo?

NG: We are called “Sound of Scandinavia.” We play music that our elderly and frail, or people with health struggles, appreciate.

CF: When did your troubles begin?

NG: March 3, a few weeks ago, we happened to record an event where  criminal individuals threw rocks and caused a riot at our local high school here in Hallsberg. We filmed this event. I filmed and Claes drove the car. We were talking while we were filming and we wound up saying things that were a slight bit…well put downs, but we didn’t mean it that way. Both of us stand by the film 100% and we are truly sorry if we have hurt anybody’s feelings…anybody of foreign origins. We didn’t mean to do that.

CM: It’s like this. I have lived in the Dominican Republic for almost 20 years. There it’s like, of you say something like “Blatte” to somebody, it’s not degrading. I have a child from the Dominical Republic and my wife is Arabic. So I have been a “Blatte pappa” and still am.

CF: I don’t know the word “Blatte…”

NG: It’s a word…you have some words you may use…words like…well it’s a downer word

Claes: But it’s not a strong word.

CF: B l a f f e? [Did not hear due to poor connection.]

NG: No, B L AT T E. We all say it, like we’re joking around. But publically and official media you haver to sayare not to use this word in Sweden.  You can’t say “foreigner” in Sweden you can only say “immigrant.”

CF: This is a law?

NG: It’s not a law but you’re supposed to be socially aware enough to not say that. For example you say “chocolate ball,” not “negro ball.” [This is a reference to an iconic Swedish confection that was disastrously named in the 60s and re-named in the 90s.]

CF:  Can we talk about the event you filmed? Are you able to discuss it?

NG: Yes, we can.

NG: We filmed this event and put it put on Facetime. It was live so people reacted very powerfully. In Sweden it’s not the immigrants per se but integration problems that we have in Sweden. It’s easy to blame the immigrants but it’s not their fault. It’s pur politicans who don’t take responsibility.

CF: What kind of event was it you filmed? [Film clip below.]

NG: It was riots with big rocks, weapons. It’s like the kind of stuff you see in the movies. You hear like…about Stockholm, Goteborg, Malmo, this was totally surreal, that it would happen in our little town, in Hallsberg.


CM: They were throwing rocks at the police and they even hit one of the police cars with something. The police managed to get hold of them after a while. My son was locked in at the school because they locked the doors. We were circling the school to evacuate him.

NG:  Then we went round and filmed what happened.


CG: And this went out on FB live stream?

NG: Yes.

CF: How many people saw that?

NG: About half a million. It went out on Peter Springare’s FB page and other social media.

CF: Had you been alerted to come to the school?

NG: No, we just happened to be driving past…

CF: How did you know there was trouble?

NG: We simply drove past and saw as it was happening.

CF: How old is your son?

CM: He’s 17.

CF: Were you worried for his safety?

CM: I was accustomed to riots from the years we lived in Santo Domingo, there were often riots. I did think something could happen…

NG: With a mass school shootoing or something…

CF: What happened next?

NG: People had a huge reaction, became “skogs tokiga” (forest crazy)  and then they called from ABF and said this film could cost us our jobs.

CF: This was on the phone?

NG: Yes, they said politicans had contacted ABF and asked how we could be working for  them.

CM: 99% of those who have contacted us have been supportive of us. This has become like an opening shot in Sweden, the start of something…Now people are finally daring to speak the truth about what is happening here. The lid has been pressed down tight previously. We have used our names openly and we have therefore been threatened and my car has been totally smashed up,

CF: Your car has been vandalized?

CM: Yes.

NG: They told us we had to write our own denunciation, a letter denouncing ourselves. We were told we had to apologize for this bad behavior, which we had already done long ago, for this film, and we also had to come out in public and declare our political “colors.” And we were also to state that we were mentally handicapped and that we don’t understand things very well. That we had been tricked by mass media.

CF: What do you mean, mentally handicapped?

NG: I have Asbergers and Claes have ADHD and [inaudible] autism.

NG: We have never had a complaint about our work,. Everybody says we are the best they have ever had. It’s just the police who think this film is so….they don’t like the film but there have never been complaints about our work.

CF: How long was it between the time you filmed the incident and you got this phone call?

NG: About two hours.

CM: The news spread fast all over Sweden.

CF: This is so shocking. It sounds like GDR.

NG: Tomorrow we have meeting number two.

CF: I hope you will record it.

NG: They have already recorded us but they didn’t tell us.

CF: Insist on recording it. Seriously.

NG: They don’t want us to, they have already told us what to write in the letter and tomorrow they will demand it, they will be very strict.

CF: But you are free people in a democracy.

NG: We aren’t, in Sweden, not really.

CM: Not in Sweden. I can say this, I lived 20 years in the Dominican Republic, in Miami, in Colombia, I have worked professionally with music and so has Nayana. We’re not idiots. We have degrees, we have all kinds of things. But they want us to come out and say we are mentally handicapped and because of that we have been bad, shot this film…

NG: I am actually the first female winner of “Big Brother,” in the whole world.

CF: This is very shocking to me as an American, that they have the nerve to say you are mentally handicapped…

NG: I have Asbergers but I am not ashamed of it. We felt very degraded. You know what they did last week? We have worked extra gigs to raise money for our musical equipment. Last week  they came to get our gear so we can’t work. We had other equipment so we used that instead..

CF: So they have stolen your instruments.

NG: Yes.

CF: Do you have a lawyer?

NG: To be honest, we can’t afford that right now.

CF: You need a lawyer. They have confiscated your gear and they’re trying to eliminate your livelihood. I speak as somebody who that happened to. Don’t let that happen. This is a modern version of  communist tyranny.

CM: That’s exactly what it is. I might be exaggerating here but I think we are now getting to the point where some Swedes will have to leave this country. The same way Swedes emigrated to the US to get away from the Church’s persecutions.


NG: Now it’s the politicians who are persecuting us. And we are culture workers, we are not supposed to be quiet. We are supposed to critique society. We are supposed to be a bridge between normal people and those who make the decisions. If culture workers can’t express themselves here…then what happens?

CF: Has Nerikes Allehanda [regional newspaper] written about this?

NG: The only thing they wrote about was about protests against us in the Church, they’re very angry, they wouldn’t look at us in Church, I sat up front…it was so degrading, they wouldn’t even look at me. It felt like a witch burning, like they were going to set fire to me.  I believe in God. I want to say though, that our local police did a fantastic job. They locked the schools, they protected the children.

CF: This outbreak of violence was it to do with drug dealers and rival gangs, selling drugs?

NG: Yes. Narcotics, weapons, different gang affiliations.

CF: Why do you two think it is SO important for the Swedish state and media to repress this story? What is this really all about?

CM: I think it’s like this: In Sweden, our main industry is weapons which we sell to other countries. When people who are fleeing somewhere come here, we earn money. Not we ordinary Swedes, but our politicians.

CF: How do they earn money on the migrants, if that is the right word? Immigrants. How does Sweden earn money on them?

CM: Sweden gets money from EU and other countries to receive refugees. I call this the “humans trade.” You earn money, but in a very short sighted way.

CF: EU want the refugees to come to Sweden. But why does EU want them to come to Sweden?

NG:  At the bottom of it all, these people really do need help. When the war broke out in Syria…there are so many people in crisis who want to come to Sweden. We are a good country. We are also a social experiment, since the 1970s. We want to be able to say that we are better than others, that we have high morals and we help people.  But we don’t have the possibility to do that, really.

CF: Lets’ go back to the incident. Tell me more about what happened.

NG: They threw rocks at the police, these youth, they had weapons, it was a real panic, chaos.

CF: Nayana when you say weapons what do you mean?

NG: They had steel pipes, they had [inaudible.] We didn’t film anybody’s faces. We were careful not to film their faces.

CF: What was the worst thing you said? This word “Blatte?” That word you are not supposed to say…

NG: In Sweden we say “fy fy fy,” (shame, shame, shame) to those words. If you are a good Swede you don’t use words like that.

CM: But it’s not a very harsh word. It really isn’t.

NG: It’s a word you don’t say. Not publicly. You can say it in your kitchen, but you don’t say it in public.

CF: They have not told you to take the film down?

NG: It has been clicked on so many times it’s too late.

NG:We have a perfectly ghastly media here in Sweden. Demanding that every last person think a certain way…They are awful. Just awful.

The media here are constantly attacking Trump. Constantly. I don’t know. I think he seems like he is pretty tough and plain spoken. Media in Sweden is like the Church was in the 1600s.

CF: Fascinating. And I noticed when I lived there recently, briefly, that you hardly have any alternative media. Except News Voice and a few others. I would suggest you read Torbjorn Sassersson’s Newsvoice, if you don’t already.

OK so, about this meeting…you wrote a letter, tell me about that.

NG:  I wrote a denial/ denunciation letter but they did not accept it. I wrote that I apologized for speaking in a derogatory way, that we do not believe that the problems we have here in Sweden are the immigrants’ fault, that it is a problem of integration, a political problem. I explained that we are socially liberal. That we believe in democracy, equality…that absolutely nobody should ever be put down but that you must say something when something is wrong.

CF: Could I possibly get a copy of that letter?

NG: Yes, you can. I’ll send it to you.

CF: Thank you. Why didn’t they accept that letter?

NG: They want us to be more exacting what we mean by socially liberal, what that is. I believe in freedom, I believe everybody should be free to be who they are. But that was not enough for them. And then like I said they want us to invoke our mental functioning, apologize, say that we did not understand what we were doing, and that we were exploited by right wing extremist media, who were using the situation politically. We are having an election soon in Sweden.

I am a liberal. By that I mean I believe in laying out the facts and the truth about things.

CF: Claes, did you also have to write a letter or was it one letter for the two of you?

NG: I wrote it for both of us.

CM: My position is, we shot some video, because we happened to be there at the time these events were happening. We have not mismanaged our jobs, at all. We don’t really have anything to apologize for, in fact. Apart from my use of this word. “Immigrants.”

NG: You’re not allowed to say that in Sweden, you have to say “immigrants.”


CF: You can say “immigrants,” but not “foreigners?” To my Swedish-American ear, I don’t hear a big difference, but OK…Did you write a second letter when they rejected the first one?


NG: No, we have this meeting instead, tomorrow at 2 pm. They are formulating a letter that they will demand we sign but we don’t plan to approve it.


CF: The event was the third of March? When did they take your gear?

NG: This past Thursday, at 9 am. They took all our instruments.


CM: Our boss has a whole garage at home with a PA system…but he came and collected ours.


CF: Incredible. Do you feel fear over the possibility of not being able to support yourselves?


CM: There is a great risk that we will be fired tomorrow.

NG: Yes.

CF: Please record it. Please.

NG: I plan to use the fact that as they have said we have mental incapacity. So we need to know what we have said.

CF: This is important. Otherwise they will do what they will, with your reputations, livelihoods, they can turn it into anything they want. You can even record them saying you can’t record it. In such case, it’s an outright fascist society.

CM: That’s true. I have lived in South America. In countries with fascism. This is worse.

CF: In what way is it worse, in your estimate? I agree.

CM: When I lived in The Dominican Republic, for instance, I was never checked by the authorities. My opinions…nobody was checking that kind of thing. Here they demand to know everything!

CF: Have you been in contact with Peter Springare?

NG: He has contacted us and said he thinks this is ghastly. He has information about these criminals.

CF: It seems to me the missing piece is drugs, gangs. Rival gangs. A friend told me this when I was home in Orebro. She said it kind of quietly. “It’s all about drugs. That’s why they riot and set fires and all the rest. So the cops don’t come in and interrupt their drug trade.”

CM: That’s true. It’s worse than anything I saw in the Carribean.


CF: I noticed when I lived in Sweden recently that people have truly changed. Nobody can talk, nobody wants you to bring anything up, it’s very strange. My friends have been attacking me on FB like I am a criminal for bringing these things up. I am an American. At the end of the day, I don’t care, I can leave. But it must feel very crushing to Swedes to be betrayed like this, that Swedes’ feelings mean nothing, immigrants feelings mean everything.

NG: We are a social experiment. We are to be brought up, shaped, engineered, it’s in our whole education, media.


CM: We don’t need so many jails and things like that because here you can control people anyway [inaudible.] Like me, they can fire me, tomorrow. They can eliminate some social allowance or other. The whole society is built on this system that those citizens who don’t do what the politicians want, they will be punished in some way.

CF: What has the response been among your friends?

NG: Many think it’s a good thing but they would never dare say it themselves. They think we’re brave. They call us whistleblowers. Like Peter Springare. We’re really just simple culture workers, going around trying to play good music for our elderly. We are not trying to be political.


CF: Be prepared that your story can become big internationally. Sweden does not get how bad this publicity is for Sweden, it’s like black PR. In the international community. People are appalled. “What is going ON over there?”


NG: I love my country. I do. But we have to change things. The educational system, the health care system.




In Turkey, all their surveillance is bought from Sweden.

CF: You are spied on, then, just like us?

NG: Yes we are. Same as in America, NSA and everything.

CF: Right. Do they check you on FB and everything.


NG: Every Swede on Facebook knows they are being surveilled by Swedish Secret Service. I have nothing to hide. I hope they go after these terror groups…


CF: But they are wasting a lot of time and resources on hunting down Swedes who say the wrong words. When they have grave problems to deal with. It’s like a psychosis.


NG: I think it’s like this—we are close to an election, and Swedish politicians are worried because SD [“Far right” party, pushing immigration reform] has 20% now. And they are entering an alliance with the Moderate party. Next year we don’t know what Sweden will look like.


CF: What is the truth about women, girls, sexual molestation, rape…? How bad is it?


NG:  We have always had public bathhouses in Sweden. Now they want to segregate women and men, so these men can’t make sexual attacks on women.


CM: What they have done here in Sweden is, they have caved in to these extremist groups who want to change society.


NG: The worst part is…for 100 years women have fought for equal rights here.  Same salary, same everything, It’s all wiped out, not important anymore.


CF: Nobody cares about women’s rights…?

NG: When a Swedish man commits a sexual crime against a woman the newspapers say: “Swedish man” did this or that. When it is an immigrant they just say, “ a man…”


CM: The statistics on rape have gone sky high. Women don’t dare go out alone.


NG: We can’t even let our girls go to concerts anymore, they get raped and molested. Guys come in packs and molest and rape the girls.


CF: Continue as you are doing, don’t cave in to the shame. You have the world behind you, the civilized world.


CM: Maybe we can play for Donald Trump some day, you never know.


CF: You never know.


Are you aware Sweden is deporting 80,000 people in the next 3 years?


CM: I don’t think they will get hold of them.


CF: Why isn’t that racist?


NG: It’s authorities who aren’t synchronized. They have no integration politics. Sweden needs families with children. I don’t understand why we have to receive  all these men. We should go to the war zones like we did in WW2 with the “pink buses” from the Red Cross and pick up women and children. Why all these men? During WW2 the king went to collect Jewish children, why can’t they go to Syria and collect these poor children, and their mothers. Why can’t they do that?


CF: We are missing a piece. Something we don’t know. They’re up to something, the globalists.


Last question, for now: I was wondering, how does it feel? How did this attack make you feel inside? Claes, I’ll start with you.


CM: I’m devastated over these developments. My son is born in the Dominican Republic and he went there to visit family over Christmas. He came home and he was shocked. He said, “Dad, we had it better in The Dominican Republic.” This country has gone backwards. I’m deeply worried about the future here. We have to have the freedom to say what we think. You don’t have to agree with everybody. But we have to allow each person the right to express themselves.


CF: Sweden is almost no longer a democracy at all. It’s like a soft totalitarian system.


CM: I might be unemployed tomorrow, because I shot video of this event. I have not even expressed a political position, I just happened to be there when this riot happened.


CF: Classic totalitarian. Punish all witnesses.


CF: How about you Nayana?

NG: I love Sweden, period. We have to develop our democracy BY inviting everybody into the conversation. It’s when you silence people that things become dangerous.


CF: They count on shame—that you will be ashamed, be emotionally brainwashed.

NG: We won’t be.


CF: Everything they are doing is backfiring.


CM: My thinking is this: If I lose my job tomorrow due to this, I want the whole world to know.


CF: We will see to it. You have allies. You’re dissidents now. Like in any totalitarian regime—you are dissidents.


NG: I may be brave but I am also worried. That doesn’t mean I will stop.  They can kill me if they want. I believe every person’s voice should be heard.


CF: Keep people who don’t get what you are about at a distance. I say this from experience. And keep a record of everything. Everything.


CM: We will.


The End


















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  1. This is the very thing Trump referenced. Worse than what he said is that Sweden is clearly a totalitarian dictatorship.

  2. OMG, what is it with you leftists and rightists Celia? Do the likes of Martin Walker, Clark Baker and now you “defriend” people because you can only stand to hear the sound of your own voice? In response to a gently mocking comparison twixt the fracas in Hallsberg and the full-fledged riots I experienced in Brixton, England almost 40 years ago you have a meltdown! I made no comment about the circumstance your interviewees find themselves in. Don’t know enough about it. But is the defense of middle-class angst faced with unfamiliar change the new political correctness? If so what becomes of challenging the real elephant in the room, as we fight amongst ourselves, the private money interest of Zombie capitalism that now has a lock on the creation and control of credit? Have you completely given up on trying to bring Rico’s story to the light and thereby bring to account true brutes like W. Charles Hoskins, a real sycophant of Neo-liberalism if ever there was one? I’m not the enemy Celia, I’m a true friend who hasn’t quite lost his sense of humour. I hope that one day you will be able to find yours again.

  3. I do not agree with how they have been treated by their employer but I do not agree with what they did.

    One thing is to film this events and publish it, no problem.
    But when you start using words like terrorist and blatter (close to saying nigger) you must expect some reactions.

    1. According to Webster’s dictionary terrorist would fit the description of the rioters:
      Legal Definition of terrorism
      : the unlawful use or threat of violence especially against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion
      : violent and intimidating gang activity •street terrorism

      Regarding blatter, I do not know, does that mean a black or brown person in Swedish?

      1. Blatter is a condescending and racist word used about immigrants.
        During the entire film you can hear how he is condescending in his remarks.
        I have talked to people who knows Claes and his son and have heard how they talk about immigrants. They are often referred to as opportunists and false refugees. There is a racist tone in how they talk.
        This could obviously be a response to a tiring situation where our government have prioritized immigrants over our elderly, but it’s still racist.

        I have no problems with criticism regarding the immigration policy in this country. I agree that criminal immigrants should lose their right to apply for asylum. I’m also in favor of laws that locks up criminals who repeatedly commits crimes, no matter what race they are.

  4. Although I could never endorse extremist Islamic violence, I do note that families and communities throughout “the West” (Europe, America and their allies) have, in recent decades, been experiencing a taste of the terror which “the West” inflicted mercilessly, much more persistently, and far more overwhelmingly (genocidally) upon the native families and communities of Africa and the Americas, during a perpetual holocaust which began during ancient empires, and continued straightway to the extermination of 200-million right here in the U.S.A., where “God shed His grace on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea.”

    “My God.”
    “Your God.”
    “Whose God?”

    Karma is
    a witch.
    History is
    her broomstick.
    So it seems
    when sides
    one does not pick.

    1. Indeed mr powell, an eloquent expression echoing my query “What has a god ever done for you?” that met only your scorn, rebuke and name-calling.
      Perhaps if i had been a bit more verbose detailing atrocities committed in the name of supreme deities.

      Or are you the only non-theist allowed to express their lack of a god on this site?

      1. Don’t you all just love it when a commentator CONSTANTLY claims he is censored, in each um…PUBLISHED COMMENT, like the ever psychologically fascinating Brother Strawberry/The Reluctant Messiah? He’s also reluctant about fairness and facts, this angry atheist leftist Farber hater and Truth Barrier hater. And he VEY reluctant EVER to see ANY role his own exhausting, spoiled, immature and resentful conduct has played in the shifts in my tolerance. (STILL, my tolerance is very strong, because of all the shit I’ve taken from unfair people all my life. Readers have asked me to shut down hecklers at this site but I have refused. I am waiting for those who hate me and hate everything I publish to willingly go find another blog to offer their esteemed presence at. I bet even if they leave willingly it will be said I “ex-communicated” them.

        You can’t win with people who have no self awareness,

        1. “He’s also reluctant about fairness and facts, this angry atheist leftist Farber hater and Truth Barrier hater. And he VEY reluctant EVER to see ANY role his own exhausting, spoiled, immature and resentful conduct has played in the shifts in my tolerance. ”

          I have repeatedly requested proof or even evidence supporting the allegations you have attacked me with. You have offered none.
          I have repeatedly requested that you present demonstrate ANY validity to your accusations of my barraging you with personal correspondence of hate via email and twitter. You have presented none.
          At this point I might even accept an interview with a hooded Swedish psychologist filmed from behind, pixelated and talking in a Donald Duck voice because he supposedly fears for his live as evidence!

          “Leftist”, “Marxist”, “socialist”, “rapist”, “misogynist”, “Farber hater”, “Truth Barrier hater”,…
          I reject every name you have called me except Atheist.
          Do you have any idea who I voted for in this election or if I even voted?

          I again request that you provide ANY evidence to support your allegations and slanderous claims against me of abuse and harassment.

          ” I bet even if they leave willingly it will be said I “ex-communicated” them.”

          Would not this email received 1-22-17 with no explanation after having exchanged no communication since 11-3-16 (when celia asked me to tell her about Kurt) be considered an “ex-communication”?

          “Please stay away from The Truth Barrier and please stay away from me. Your views are repulsive and delivered abusively.
          I have lost all respect for both of you. You have not once even TRIED to hear me or place my searchings in any kind of CONTEXT.
          You’re just rapists.

          Perhaps I am not the one who needs to “grow up” and “face facts”!
          Would you like me to post a copy of the email you srnt me encouraging me to write my AZT story as testimonial to Bob Guccione Jr for the Spin 30th anniversary issue?
          As proof of my claim?
          Or the email assuring I have “cart-Blanche” for expressing opposing views on TTB?
          I still have them.
          Do you have proof of your claims?

          Celia. I have NEVER attacked or berated you. I have never expressed hatred or scorn for you in ANY way. What “hostile comments” have I posted? While I do indeed mock ericson it is nowhere near the hostility, derision, name calling and profanity suffered by myself and others from his words. Yet you defend him. Shall I post the 5-28-2016 email you sent me excusing his behavior?

          “Soon as I come back from my sons graduation I will address. Sunday. I was not aware. I am sorry. He is in pain. A lot. I will address it. Love, C”

          If you will provide ANY evidence or proof of your claims against me I will offer apology.
          Please demonstrate what I have done to deserve your wrath or your loss of respect.

        2. “Don’t you all just love it when a commentator CONSTANTLY claims he is censored”

          Then do you deny that the first comment submitted to your announcement of speaking at the showing of Positive Hell in New York was from me congratulating YOU for recognition of the Truths you revealed in your “thirty years ahead of its time research reporting” and wishing you all the praise, recognition and reward deserved?
          It posted for a few minutes but was suddenly deleted.

      2. Reluctant Messiah, I don’t know who you really are, or why you desire to be identified as a messiah, but I do know that I am not “the only non-theist allowed to express their lack of a god on this site.”

        I want to know the details about the “scorn, rebuke and name-calling” which you allege that I inflicted against you in some past discussion. Please give me the date of that discussion. Please give me quotes of my comments from that discussion. I can then compare those quotes with my archive of screen-shots which I make of all comments I write.

        I urge you to be aware of the fact that I greet each day as a new gift, a new opportunity for me to strive to be a better man, in every way, than I was the day before. I don’t live in my past. I don’t want or expect Ms. Farber to live in her past, and I don’t want or expect you to live in yours.

        My wish for each and every person I know, and for those I don’t know and will never know, is that they will all greet each day as a new gift, a new opportunity to be better, in every way, than they were the day before.

        I am living in the present. I am living in the now.

        I am glad to take responsibility for my mistakes, failings, and uncorrected flaws. But, please don’t drag me into your disputes and conflicts with Ms. Farber or anyone else. Those are your responsibility, not mine.

        1. I think this might be a good time for me to say: Brother Strawberry, in his right mind, when not under the illusion that somebody is attacking him, is an INCREDIBLY kind, brilliant soul and was this person, toward me, for years.

          I have been in extreme pain over his political and religion-based demonizing of me.

          But I can not get through to him, it seems.

          1. Tragic, how all we humans put our fingers on the scales, to favor our finite creeds and insecurities, and in the dispatching of such fleeting flaws for angered weighing, so eagerly lose infinite love.

            1. Oh is that what I did? I thought I was just ducking for cover. Protecting myself in a typhoon.

            2. Celia, I don’t understand your interpretation. I didn’t conceive that short contemplation as something directed at you.

              It was a meditation on a single trait of the tragic depths found within the big picture of humanity en masse, including myself (most knowingly, myself), most certainly myself.

              Please reconsider. I am sorry for causing your discomforts of suspicion. So many sounds, chords and melodies get missed by the hearer, when one says too little to convey too much. I did that. I said too little, to convey too much.

              Please allow me not to occupy a space, in your mind, which puts you in pain, ducking for cover, in a typhoon.

              I don’t want that space. I didn’t seek that space. I truly didn’t.

              May you have all the relief you need, ever and ever.

          2. Would you please provide even one example of the “political and religion-based demonizing” of you that I am accused of?
            If you can i will offer full apology.

        2. Your comment to the first post from The Reluctant Messiah
          john powell says:
          January 17, 2017 at 2:38 pm

          To the guttersnipe “Reluctant Messiah” who commented below, I say, from one atheist to another, childishly rude intrusion gets you nowhere, and achieves less than zero for the noble adult project of freeing people from the pathological fears, fantasies and injuries to intellect which god mythologies generate.”

          a person belonging to or characteristic of the lowest social group in a city.
          a street urchin.

          For asking “What has a god ever done for you?”, a fair question to ask of one espousing such faith, you attack and berate my social standing?
          Nobody who wishes another well would resort to such derision in response to a question. My suggesting ericson is a parody was far less aggressive and demeaning yet met scorn and was “flagged as insulting” by Celia.
          Guttersnipe indeed.

        3. The Reluctant Messiah
          is a work in progress.
          certainly not autobiographical.
          Ironically originally inspired by the work of Celia Farber
          researching and reporting dissent
          to the widely accepted
          despite horribly flawed
          and failed HIV theory
          demonstrated by the work
          of Dr. Duesberg, Kary Mullis, Root Bernstein et al.
          Messiahs, each of them
          Celia as well
          Crucified one way or another
          for their truths.
          This work culminates
          with recognition of self
          as messiah…the truth…the savior.
          As well as the satan.
          A sort of self-awareness, if you will.

          Nearing completion
          at least of a draft
          thought might send to Celia
          for input and review.
          After all, she once said
          To brotherstrawberry@
          Tuesday, August 11, 2015 4:08 PM
          Oh my God.

          what about your book brother?

          What about it?

          You're such an empathic, fascinating writer. It blows my mind. "

          Alas seems needs revision
          Fallen angels and such
          Have changed The Revelation.

          this work is subtitled …What if upon return the Christ had second thoughts?

          Your comment to the first post from The Reluctant Messiah
          john powell says:
          January 17, 2017 at 2:38 pm

          To the guttersnipe “Reluctant Messiah” who commented below, I say, from one atheist to another, childishly rude intrusion gets you nowhere, and achieves less than zero for the noble adult project of freeing people from the pathological fears, fantasies and injuries to intellect which god mythologies generate."

          a person belonging to or characteristic of the lowest social group in a city.
          a street urchin.

          For asking "What has a god ever done for you?", a fair question to ask of one espousing such faith, you attack and berate my social standing?
          Nobody who wishes another well would resort to such derision in response to a question. My suggesting ericson is a parody was far less aggressive and demeaning yet met scorn and was "flagged as insulting" by Celia.
          Guttersnipe indeed.
          What even you, oh mercilessly intelligent one, sadly fail to recognize is that despite repeated requests, Celia has failed to present any evidence of harassment, badgering, abuse or intellectual tyranny that she accuses me of!
          I have posted-she deleted- our last email communications. They were about Kurt and initiated by her. My twitter feed is open for any and all to see. @brothrstrawbrry
          Nowhere will be found evidence of harassment or abuse.

          I am simply defending my name.

          Please review you screen grabs of debate between you and ericson that prompted Celia to shut down the truth barrier once before. Even I was occasionally startled by the passion and fervor you went at him with. And at the time you were on my side even defending me against his name calling and attacks. Much of it was under the Modernity, political correctness and satan in our midst article.
          I capture screen grabs as well.

          1. Brother Strawberry,

            It’s difficult for me to keep up and understand the progression of what you consider all my transgressions. Could you tell me what I could do to transform your anger into neutrality, at least? Be very specific. I won’t ever become an atheist or a communist sympathizer. It is likely I will slowly, on my own time, develop my OWN criticisms of Trump and his cabinet. Do you understand that I felt pushed around, transgressed, disrespected for being shamed by you because my positions, on God, Satanism, rock and roll, etc etc, did not match yours, and you held yours up and good and right. I am not the one who traumatized you over “God” but rather, I ask that you let me have MY God, since I keep telling you, this helps me get by.

            1. This message is intended for Annie
              Please do not apologize for any feared intrusion.
              Your input is indeed greatly appreciated (at least by me) and full of information and responsible reporting of a perspective I have not found elsewhere.
              I Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

          2. Howdy “Strawb”! Happy Tuesday to ya!

            And to Your Ladyship, Celia, jolly green giant greets I bellow northward, from way down here in Mar-a-Lago Land, where Donny Rump and I both share the risky pleasure of precariously perching ourselves upon the skinny sliver of ever-eroding sand, the barrier island, which now just barely rises above the surface of the Atlantic (less than three feet over sea level at my location) off of Florida’s east coast.

            Cheers to one and all assembled guests.

            Toasts, bows and fanfares to Her Highness, our venerable host!

            1.) Celia, I’ve made the assumption that you won’t object to me using your term of familiarity, “Strawb”. If it is determined by M’lady that it’s improper of me to so assume, then please delay not thine issuance of the scolding I’m due, by decreeing your disapproval forthwith, oh thou venerable Sovereign One.

            2.) Mr. Strawberry, I am not unmerciful. Never have been. I’ve probably got, if Luck continues to be in my favor, approximately thirty years remaining in my life. With immutable certitude, I can say that I shall never become unmerciful, NEVER, during however many of earth’s orbits around the nearest star I shall have the privilege of being its passenger.

            Please grant me relief from the lashes which unjustly lacerate my sense of identity every time you mischaracterize me as merciless.

            Thank you.

            3.) Mr. Strawberry, as I’m sure you know, there are thousands of words which possess multiple definitions. Sometimes those definitions of the same word differ so much that they bear no readily-discernable relationship to each other, or they even contradict each other. Thankfully, we have access to an academic discipline known as etymology, the study of the origins of words.

            Guttersnipe is a word which possesses multiple definitions. The definition which you entered into the record here is not the definition intended by yours truly, when I addressed that word to “Reluctant Messiah”.

            I suggest that you avail yourself of the variants for defining the word guttersnipe, and that you avail yourself of its etymology, and that you then counsel and instruct yourself regarding what was an entirely appropriate use of that word within a response to a “childishly rude intrusion” by one who uttered (hurtfully hurled) a grossly insensitive, taunting, condescending, malicious personalized ridicule at the evolving religion of a woman he claims as his friend.

            4.) Mr. Strawberry, before reading your comments above, I didn’t know that you and “Reluctant Messiah” were identities portrayed by the same being. If you ever thought that I knew I was communicating to you when I wrote responses to “Reluctant Messiah”, you were mistaken.

            5.) Mr. Strawberry, have you ever come across the term, “whataboutism”? It refers to use of the pleading, “What about what [he/she] did […] which was the same or worse than what I did? How come [he/she] didn’t get punished like me?”

            The exchanges between myself and Mr. Ericson have no relevance to exchanges between you and the host/owner/editor of this media venue. Your exchanges with Ms. Farber stand or fall on their own.

            Neither do the exchanges between myself and Mr. Ericson have any relevance to the way Ms. Farber chooses to respond to your exchanges with her. It appears that your exchanges with her involve some number of aggravating private correspondences between the two of you. That element of disturbance is not present in my exchanges with either Mr. Ericson or Ms. Farber. That element is potentially a MASSIVE factor influencing the nature of Ms. Farber’s responses to the whole of your interactions with her. That element is entirely lacking in the interactions between Ms. Farber and myself.

            Your treatment of Ms. Farber’s religion and her personal spirituality WAS as I’ve described it in #3 above.

            See that, dude! Stop trying to evade it with “whataboutisms”.

            Soften your awarenesses, with MERCY!

            Prioritize compassion, when you are engaged in exchanges relating to the MOST PERSONAL of human experiences.

            The experiencing of “God” IS THE MOST PERSONAL of human experiences. Have reverence for that element of existence in the life of someone you claim as a friend.

            Get that imperative, that common sense, absorbed throughout your tragically self-righteous consciousness!

            Dude, some of my closest and most-beloved lifelong comrades are devout Jews and Christians. We’re loyal to each other. We have never betrayed each other’s emotional trust, and never will. We never assault each other with grossly insensitive, taunting, condescending, malicious personalized ridiculing such as, “What has a god ever done for you?”

            Guttersnipe really is an apt word to use for describing someone who would consider himself licensed to inflict upon a “friend” such abusive hostility, humiliation, dehumanization and delegitimization; and would consider himself licensed to impose such degrading conversational dominance.

            That shit REALLY IS emotionally, psychologically and physically traumatizing, dude. Wake up and smell the odor.

            And yes, guttersnipe IS a word that would be used by someone who wishes someone else well, if the behavior which is being referenced matches one of the variants of the definition of guttersnipe. I DO wish you well, Mr. whatever your name is.

            I encourage you to embark on the quest for understanding THE FACT that peaceful, calm, well-reasoned philosophical dialectic between two or more people who have differing beliefs and perspectives IS NOT the same as throwing grossly-insensitive, taunting, condescending, malicious hand grenades of personalized ridicule and mockery.

            6.) Your persistent and unsuccessful prodding of Ms. Farber, with sometimes snide and snotty pomposity, to get her to publish here the contents of private correspondence, brings to mind something she stated during one of her recent more-than-gracious attempts at accommodating what characterize as a case for receiving justice.

            During that recent attempt at accommodation, she stated as her sworn and sacred duty to her conscience, that she would never violate her personal standard of maintaining the confidentiality of her private correspondence.

            You continue prodding her, with sometimes snide and snotty pomposity, to compel and/or coerce her into submitting to something to which she has clearly answered “No”.

            I encourage you to embark on the quest for understanding THE FACT that “No” means “No”.

            7.) You speak of the “fallen angels” who disappoint you, and the “revelation” which elevates you over the worth of wretched mortals such as I, oh thou “Reluctant Messiah”.

            I invite you to come back down to earth, where you will be within range of hearing the human inside you, inside me, inside Celia, inside the blood of all hearts, the bondage of all bodies, and the fears behind all eyes.

            Adieu, brother.

            1. “t appears that your exchanges with her involve some number of aggravating private correspondences between the two of you.”

              Personal correspondences she accuses me of barraging her with but that I deny exist. In other words false and slanderous allegations. Are you truly incapable of realizing the absurdity of claiming to possess proof of bullying and harassment via personal correspondence while claiming the sanctity of that exchange prohibits you from revealing such proof despite the accused requesting release of the supposed writings? That is like claiming to have video and confession of a rape/murder but insisting that the jury not see it and only take your word for it.
              No jury would accept such preposterous claim. Well, no jury other than the one gathered here.

            2. “John Powell says:
              May 11, 2016 at 3:13 pm
              “I have a very strong feeling that not too far in the future my convictions in that regard will be put to the test.”
              What sort of being, whether non-human or human, would want to subject its children to such a sadistic test as the one described in “The Revelation”: a homicidal AND genocidal “test”, slated for being inflicted against christians, in accordance with the “will of god” and his preordained plan established at the time of creation? What sort of being devises such sadistic, homicidal, genocidal “tests”?
              According to the doctrine of christian salvation, that test is entirely unnecessary because salvation is already obtained when one “accepts jesus as lord and savior”.
              Even if the god-being did determine to add on a sadistic test, as an afterthought (post-crucifixion and post-resurrection), what virtue is there in submitting to a test which requires one to volunteer for suicidal refusal to simply adopt a particular method of monetary exchange in modern commerce?”

  5. “We are missing a piece. Something we don’t know. They’re up to something, the globalists.”
    I don’t think the globalists even know the real reasons they’re doing this. Whatever their agenda, it doesn’t matter.
    IMO the world is being seeded for max violence for when the Great Tribulation breaks out…which is in the offing. The world has been warned of this for over 100 years as Jehovah’s Witnesses have served notice.
    The Good News is a double edged sword. God’s Kingdom will bring unending blessings to the earth and mankind BUT it will violently remove the present governments. Before that (Armageddon) happens, this Great Tribulation will make life rough on every single person. Seek an education from JW’s while time permits.

    1. It is no secret that many in the pentagon are Satanists; or else they never would have allowed satanic chapels within the military. What better way to control the world population than enforcing extremist Islamic laws.

      Also I thought posts would not be accepted without the person giving a real name?

      1. 1. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof,…

        Why is worship of one phantom acceptable but another not?

        And who is “enforcing extremist Islamic laws” on the world population?

          1. I see the refugee crisis in places like Greece and Sweden as being manufactured. Islamic leaders have been heard on You Tube stating by our sheer numbers we shall overcome.
            Also the T shirts that read Islamic Sweden by 2020.

            1. ” Islamic leaders have been heard on You Tube stating by our sheer numbers we shall overcome”

              And those who blaspheme the name of Christ by declaring and proclaiming their sovereignty in his name have been doing what?
              Oh, but that is in the name of Christ so it is righteous and just, right?

      2. My name is John McMillan. Re the rapture, i’m afraid that’s not what the common view perceives. There will be no easy escape for “christians”. Everyone will have to endure it. Religion will effectively be destroyed. Religion is the first aspect of Satan’s world to have judgement executed upon it. The governments themselves will perform this act.
        True Christians will almost be thrown out with the bath water…almost. Christendom will be forever destroyed though, along with every other world religion. The atheists will seem to have won the day.

  6. It’s good to give voice to all those who are being persecuted in Sweden. Thank you for doing so. I’m afraid there are sooooooo many more to write about.

  7. Thanks for all your support dear friends !
    We are surprised that you support us in this situation we will inform you about everest step in this process . Next week we will contact a Lawers to help us . We are thankfully and God bless you all.
    Best regards Claes and Nayana.

    1. I want only support you, hoping you will not need help. In the case, let me know your complete bank transfer number to allow my personal support.
      Or please provide addresses where to join other supporters.
      I’m writing as a private italian citizen.
      Antonino Fratta, Ph.D., Full Professor in Electrical Engineering

  8. Any way to contribute to help these two people?
    I’ve read about a paypal, is it for donation to Claes and Nayana? Can you post complete instruction about how help them now that their goverment has taken them their work off?
    Maybe you already did elsewhere but I arrived to this story from a foreigner blog and it is the only post I read.
    Thanks for your work

  9. Vilken dynga!
    Det är flera felaktiga uppgifter i artikeln, varför sprida denna typ av skit?
    Du som har ansvar för denna sida och påstår dej vara journalist, du borde ha koll på
    tex ABF? Varför sprider du lögner?
    Och det är verkligen inte så at vi säger “blatte” i Sverige, ingen som inte är rasist iallafall.
    Finns ingen anledning att uttrycka sej på det viset.

    1. Translation of Liv’s letter for other TTB readers:

      “What horse manure There are several bits of misleading information in the article, why spread this kind of crap? You who are responsible for this page and claim to be a journalist, you should be on top of what ABF is for example. Why do you spread lies? And it’s really not the case that we say “latte” in Sweden, at least not anybody who is not a racist. There’s no reason to express yourself like that.”

      Truth Barrier readers., meet your first utterly brainwashed Swede! Who believes American journalists owe it to Sweden to know every last formation of any government organ or sub-organ, like “ABF.” Swedes are amazing at launching comical guilt trips at people who aren’t Swedish. It’s an INTERVIEW sweetie. It can’t be “crap,” or “erroneous.”

      Wow are you lost. And thanks for the lecture about real journalism. You seem to really be “on top of it.”

      ONLY SWEDES could defend this disgusting assault on two human beings. The whole world sees it Liv. Sweden is a madhouse. Oh and Liv–it’s not “immigrant,” it’s Swedes, causing the problem. Do you get it yet?

  10. “Someone must have slandered Josef K, for one morning, without having done anything truly wrong, he was arrested.”
    -Kafka. The Trial.

  11. Incredible reporting. Thank you Celia! People, listen: In the whole video there is not ONE insulting or even insensitive comment! Can’t believe they lost their jobs and had all their gear confiscated over this. It’s staggering. Great work Celia. We’re counting on you!

      1. Thank you Scott! Donations urgently needed and helpful right now. Sorry the PayPal button gave you trouble, I will investigate.

  12. Celia, this interview is shocking — and a triumph of reporting. Keep up the good work, and please don’t accept any abuse on this comments page. I am with you on telling the truth. Facts get reported, and chips fall where they may. We are the light in the darkness.

    I am reminded of the confession at the end of “1984.” Chilling.

  13. Keep it coming Celia.
    Would there were more journalists out there who have the bravery and integrity to stand up to the thought police state.
    These people are true heroes in this troubling time.

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