Pharmaceutical Culture Bullies Ban and Harass Film About HIV Positive Healthy 30 Years No Treatment


This is the short history of what happened to the film “Positive Hell” which Truth Barrier readers will have heard about before, in 2016. The film was successfully screened in Queens last weekend and will be screened again today in Harlem, where I will join film maker Joan Shenton in a Q&A afterwards.

Free speech has at last triumphed.


16 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical Culture Bullies Ban and Harass Film About HIV Positive Healthy 30 Years No Treatment”

  1. Why did Celia choose not to post the praise and congratulations i offered for this recognition of her life-saving research journalism that was thirty years ahead of its time?
    Interestingly she maintains her unfounded allegations of my supposed harassment, abuse and “misogyny” while failing to provide ANY evidence to support her slanderous assault of my name and character while she deletes and censors my praise for her work.
    Why would she do that?

    Because there is no proof of her accusations against me.

  2. It’s sad to me that even screening this is seen as some sort of triumph, clearly it is, but why should that be the norm?

    It just shouldn’t. Their story deserves it time in the medical journals as well as the nightly news.

  3. Thanks for sharing this Celia! I hope to get the opportunity to come to a screening somewhere in Europe soon – this is an important and beautiful documentary!

  4. Dr Wilner publshed his book in 92…He even injected himself with the virus and did not become positive..I think they gave him a heart attack??DEADLY DECEPTION!! That was the book,,

  5. To this day the average person still believes that HIV causes AIDS. Is AZT still prescribed? The criminality of these drug companies and those that receive their blood money makes me so angry.

    I was given an anti-viral drug back in the 90’s for shingles. The doctor who was temping for my GP told me that it was used in AIDS patients as well. Looking back I wonder if that is why my health failed since the early 2000’s.

  6. Good to see the lifesavingTruth your work exposed to me thirty years ago finally being recognized! Looking forward to your opportunity of saying “I told you so!”
    Looking forward to the republishing of your Words From The Front articles.
    Wishing you all the reward and recognition your decades ahead of it’s time reporting deserves!

  7. I had not heard of this film until just seeing the clip today. It is truly MAGNIFICENT work … CONGRATS to all associated with this project … what a PHENOMENAL approach to that which … we in the Natural Health Sector value most : the PATIENT TESTIMONIAL … classic information that NEVER GOES OUT of STYLE … all throughout human history. HOORAY for Joan and her co-producer and Celia and all others connected here !!

  8. And this is how we shall define Truth in this fragmented age; Truth is what , after its deniers have thrown all their weapons at it, still stands.

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