VAULT 7: Wikileaks Publishes The Entire Hacking Capacity Of The CIA



“Still working through the publication, but what @Wikileaks has here is genuinely a big deal. Looks authentic. ”

Edward Snowden, Twitter, 8:53 am, March 7., 2017


I’ve been following the mountainous story since it broke this morning–and I went to sleep last night knowing I would wake up to a changed world. We all went to sleep last night mumbling silently: “Vault 7. I wonder what it is.”

I’d seen shady looking “clue” images on Twitter, suggestive of some ghastly secret society or other. Turned out, it was the CIA, no less:

Gutted like a fish.


Read about it here, if you haven’t:


I don’t know why, but as the day has worn on, 12 hours into this breaking story, I have become too depressed to compose words about it.

I simply feel sick, like a bird alone in a dirty fountain in Caucescu’s Bucharest in 1972.

De-vitalized, I offer but a few links, no significant commentary, no insights.

What did I tell you? Attacking Trump is fine, but it’s kindergarten, politically. Sesame Street.

But I know those of you who linger here looking for dead bones of arguments you have long since lost, will never rest yours.


Vault 7: CIA Can Stage Fake Russian Hacking to Undermine Trump

11 thoughts on “VAULT 7: Wikileaks Publishes The Entire Hacking Capacity Of The CIA”

  1. Last night on the Israeli news (needless to say, it has a hard right slant) I saw a former CIA person saying that unless you’re a terrorist or a criminal the US government isn’t interested in you. Well, the government must consider activists to be terrorists, because my telephone has been tapped since 1981 when I was in between jobs and did some volunteer work for the American Indian Movement. In 1985 I was spied on by two government agents in an illegally parked car with US government plates.

    My point is that the US government has been spying on all of us for years so PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID. Keep yourself informed of everything that’s going on and make other people aware of it. They can’t imprison all the hundreds of millions of principled people on this planet.

    And the pedophiles that control the world’s governments are all going down!!!

  2. Not sure about BF and LG, but I believe WJC would Bill “slick Willie”,”it depends on what your definition of is, is”, “jumping up and down like a schoolgirl a bit too soon on election night” Clingyton.

    CPS I guess is referring to Child Protective Services.

  3. Seems like we knew this all along, that the”Russians hacked the election” story was a CIA psy-op, but it’s good to have it out in the open, with the lamestream media reporting on it. By the way, yesterday I read something on the Lew Rockwell website that turned my stomach. An interview with an anonymous senior FBI analyst about (what he prefers to call) Pedogate. All those arrests you recently posted about are just the small fish, to help gain more information. But they will be working their way up the food chain, all the way to WJC, and congressmen and senators from both parties such as BF and LG. Apparently Mossad, with the cooperation of the CIA, had “Lolita Island” fully surveilled with cameras, and has been blackmailing them. That’s why Congress loves Israel so much. And that’s why they’re going after Sessions, because he’s fully on board with prosecuting these bastards. CPS in California is also implicated. Weiner’s computer is apparently full of evidence. We haven’t heard anything about this because investigations take a long time, but Sessions green-lighted it, and singed off on the recent warrants. It will be ugly when WJC goes down. What will the NYT say? The snowflakes?

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