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    1. North Korea hasn’t applied pesticides to our food crops for decades, as we ourselves have. This is precisely what Rachel Carson was warning us about 60 years ago. One class of pesticides–one of the most heavily used–are the organophosphate compounds such as chlorpyrifos. These kill insects the same way they kill humans: by poisoning nerve transmission. So perhaps it is no wonder these very compounds are used as nerve warfare agents such as VX and Sarin.

      Cases of autism have skyrocketed—from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 70 in just a few decades–in tandem with pesticide exposure and over-vaccination. (Genetics cannot by itself account for such a rise in so short a time). But autism, as horrible as it is, is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of damage being done to body and brain. Dozens of pesticides can be found in children. I strongly encourage anyone interested in this topic to go to vimeo.com and watch the documentary produced by a French group, titled “Toxic Chemicals: Children at Risk”, a film by Martin Boudot. The full-length 55 minute version appears not to be currently available for free viewing anywhere on the net. It costs $2.99 at vimeo for a one-time viewing and $8.99 to download it or stream it anytime. If you pay the $8.99 then you can share your vimeo login and password with others so they can watch it and/or you can download it so you can share it that way.

      Also essential viewing is the recent documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” available for download on the net if you know where to look for it. Equally revealing is Vaccines Revealed”, which is to date 9 episodes.

      Both Vaxxed, Vaccines Revealed and Toxic Chemicals focus on autism. But autism is only the tip of the iceberg. Submerged under the tip are countless more cases, not of autism, but of subtle and not-so-subtle neuro-developmental disorders, learning disorders, mood disorders, cognitive impairment, mental illness, infertility, immune impairment, etc.

      North Korea is troubling, of course. Any rogue nation with nukes need to be addressed.

      But nothing compares with the toxic chemical ‘bombs’ we’ve been dropping on ourselves, and eating in our foods, drinking in our water, breathing in our air, and injecting into our bodies ever since food and chemical and pharmaceutical companies learned they could make billions of dollars by convincing us to pay them to consume these known poisons.

      Incidentally, so much of the focus in both Vaxxed and Vaccines Revealed is on the super-toxic mercury and aluminum added to vaccines. What these documentaries fail to understand is that even if we remove all the mercury and aluminum the vaccines will nevertheless continue to cause all the above-mentioned problems. This is because of how the immune system gets perpetually ‘revved up- and ‘over-excited’ through the unnatural process of injecting immune-stimulants (with or without any mercury or aluminum) directly into the body without any chance to go through the intestines. The intestines are where 300 square meters–75% of the immune tissue of the body–is located. Yes, the vaccines are much, much worse with mercury and aluminum. But especially to developing fetuses, infants and children–whose brains and immune systems are more fragile than adults–vaccinations free of mercury and aluminum will still continue to cause great harm.

    1. We cannot know directions from which enemies emerge, without posting sentries.

      The most pressing, most vital, most consequential question is, how are we to decide what, and therefore who, the enemies are?

      1. I’ve found the enemy: we are it! Nuclear power plants leaking their radio active poison unabated like Fukushima which continues to be covered up and is increasing illnesses in Japan and on our west coast moving east with the rain. Toxic pesticides and glyphosphates, toxic vaccines, overuse of antibiotics in our local bedrock and for our children weakening them in the long run. This is the way the world ends; not with a bang but with a whimper .

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