5 thoughts on “Fear In The Age of Trump: Undoing Hypnotic Media-Induced Hysteria, With Byron Katie”

  1. Hej Celia!
    Jag såg dig på Alex Jones som jag har lyssnat på i snart 10 års tid.

    De enda som verkar fatta hur sinnessjukt orwellisk demokraturen Sverige numera blivit och 100 % är och den dagliga hjärntvätten i MSM. SR. SVT är de som är utlandssvenskar eller några tusentals Svenskar som likasom mig – hämtar sin information på några bloggar i Sverige samt 80% från USA patriotfrihetliga Internet sidor.

    Tack för att du informerar och du når ända till västra värmland via internet!

  2. Boy, what a catharsis. Now I just want to go out and hug every bloated, orange-haired billionaire.
    Hey, guys, I really, really love you:)

  3. Hello Celia!

    I saw You on Alex Jones today (on YouTube) and thought You are VERY impressive & informative!

    I’m a bit familiar with Byron Katie’s “The Work” and have done her process a few times. This little seminar was — Still Is — Brilliant & Beautiful.

    … And it had a Happy Ending, too!!! … Thank You for posting it!

    Hopefully, this little piece with Byron Katie will form the basis for at least a few of my upcoming podcasts or articles, depending on how I run with it.

    (BTW, my upcoming “American Yogi” website and work is about merging Physical, Mental & Relational Yoga — a non-Hindu, Western/Scientific Thought-based, pro-American, almost an “Ayn Rand meets Yoga” version of yoga — and self-awareness/mindfulness with a FAR deeper understanding of the roots of Western Civilization and the American Revolution that most people do NOT seem to have. …

    (I have NO idea how well it will be received, as the “yogi’s” and the “pro-American” people do not SEEM to ever talk or relate too each other much at all. But who knows? Maybe there’s a closet group out there? Hopefully it’s a BIG closet!)

    May I suggest that since you have his ear (and probably his eye, too!) you suggest to Alex Jones to have Byron on his show? And if YOU are very into her work, maybe both of you? Alex is VERY much into Deeper Consciousness stuff, and though maybe a little bit off his “normal” path, this might well fit in with his program. It’s certainly relevant to what he’s trying to do to “Wake Up America.”

    OR, maybe he should do a separate Live Facebook show with You & Byron and do a Boost Post there to whole other groups of people who might have never been to Infowars? The consciousness and yoga and other similar groups are on Facebook in very large numbers. …

    It might actually be one of his best, most meaning, and profoundly impactful shows, if he can Flow with it and not interrupt too darn much! (HA!) … (Thankfully his interruptions are usually relevant, but sometimes he gets a bit tedious.)

    And regarding your show with Alex, I DO think Europe, especially since Bernie made the Norwegian countries into allegedly “model states,” should be seen a bell weathers of (potential) inevitability here in the States … IF “we” do not get a better handle on Reality.

    I will Share this post on Facebook (and your show with Alex too), to about 1,100 “Friends” there, and on my American Yogi and Yoga Therapy (almost another thousand) Facebook business pages. But I must admit, ever since I started sharing pro-Trump news & comments, almost NOBODY shows their face there much anymore. Or at least they show no signs of visiting or admitting it!

    Thank You for the Great Work You’re Doing, Celia!
    Take Care,

    1. Thank you David. And forgive the slow reply. My life in Sweden is a white knuckle ride through infinite weirdness. I wish I could describe it. Yes, Trump loathing is tedious. I’m beginning not to miss those former friends who apparently required my loathing as a toll to stay on their highway. I hope you stay with us here at the Up and Down Truth Barrier. You are warmly appreciated.

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