3 thoughts on “Comic Relief With Steven Crowder”

  1. In the name of concern for life, Queen Donny ordered a ban on all funding for family planning agencies outside the U.S. which, as part of their medical services, provide information about, or referrals for the safe termination of pregnancy.

    Study after study has proven, without exception, that banning funding for clinics outside the U.S. which provide underprivileged populations with family planning supplies and, when necessary, with abortion, does not decrease the frequency of abortion, but increases it, and also causes very large increases in the deaths of women who are forced, by either abortion criminalization or lack of access due to funding cessation, into terminating pregnancy without the involvement of physicians.

    So, in the name of concern for life (token, simplistic imagery of concern, actually), little Donny has now ensured that MILLIONS of women and young girls yet to be women, will be killed by his signature on a piece of paper; a piece of paper representing Almighty Male dominion over the lesser and expendable bodies of the “weaker” sex.

    Makes perfect sense, when we remember that one of his most distinguished divine declarations of moral doctrine taught us that properly dealing with women requires that they be treated “like shit”.

    I agree, the video of the women’s protests was very funny. But, its intent was not. There’s no doubt its producer could have found and featured many women who know and care about matters similar to those discussed above. EVEN the machinery of Donald Trump’s Deep State has much tragedy in store for the mothers and daughters who walk the woman’s uniquely vulnerable journey on the roads “Man” owns.

    No “Man’s” Deep State is innocent.

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