4 thoughts on ““What If Our America Is Not Dead, But A Country Waiting To Be Born?””

  1. Americans never experience totalitarianism, therefore, find Trump behavior exiting, like watching a movie, where the bad guy penetrate the impermeable system, that’s seem intriguing. But for those of us who came form authoritarian, dictatorship government, we can the sign, are very frighten of the prospect.

  2. I bless her heart, reverently.

    But, sadly, her presentation’s content is clearly typical of the straining rhetorical and metaphorical optimism which inhabits the most philosophical of partisan responses each time one or the other of the two major political/social ideologies finds itself on the losing side of a presidential election.

    Those very typical and predictable philosophical responses can be likened to a roller coaster.

    Every four years, after a presidential election, the partisans on one side of the political/social paradigm divide will be left feeling as though the roller coaster ride, for them, is most accurately represented and experienced as the downward position on the roller coaster’s proverbial rising-and-descending course.

    That metaphorically gloomy, downtrodden, depressed position will compel the most philosophical amongst the defeated partisans to envision grand and revelatory renewal and revival, expressed in poetic oratorical imagery such as Ms. Kaur’s rousing suggestion that she and her downtrodden comrades in the dark defeat are not now in the cold darkness of their dream paradigm’s tomb, but are instead now in the warm dark of their eventual victory’s womb.

    Up and down the roller coaster goes, every four years.

    Every four years, the defeated need to create for themselves ever-more-gloriously metaphorical imagery of their side’s eventual destiny as the pioneers and priests of Shangri-la.

    Meanwhile, back on earth, below the daytime clouds topped with millions of well-intentioned yet ill-fated paradigm-possessed poet bobble-heads, the human animal, en masse, as one, wakes and prowls the night, continuing its instinctive nightmarish manifestation of the evolutionary competition between the hunter and the hunted, the haves and the have nots, the perpetual half of humanity against the other half, decreed by something that is so dark it dare not be faced; something so dark that it dare not be known, lest the illusion of hope be lost; something so dark that it is forever out of the hands of all the partisans.

    1. You make a great argument, but this isn’t as cliche as you demonstrate it to be. This time we elected a leader who encourages the divide, make due of his promise to get rid of specific targeted group amongst us. He demonstrates contempt for our democracy and celebrating and adapting Putin’s governing style, a tyrant who dismisses all media and the voices of opposition, unless you agree with that kind leadership, one that threatens the very democracy we thrive for, to be scared and want to stand against that kind of threat, especially those who knows farewell what it’s like to be in dictatorship. We rise in-spite of partisanship, to claim our democracy for everyone.

  3. Celia, the USA is definitely being reborn. Last Saturday there were 400,000 people marching against the Trumpet in New York City. Tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of those people — of all different ages — had never demonstrated before.

    This is HUGE!

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