Cease Fire


I have never endorsed, whitewashed, nor even addressed what I think of Donald Trump as a human being, given the evidence presented. A common mistake people make is to fill in your blanks when you are still thinking about a thing. I think for a long time and when I have something authentic and original to say, I say it.

I have concerned myself primarily with the “systems” of totalitarian government/media/corporate powers–not the cults of the individual. I have not openly condemned Mr. Trump, or, for that matter, any of major Democrats. One of the reasons I couldn’t get to it was that I was consistently being bludgeoned on site and off by a few tenacious critics, for denouncing Marxism, which apparently came as a great shock and betrayal.

My own thoughts about “Pussy gate” were opaque until they found their way to a colony of thoughts that had been lying in wait for about 15 years, that seemed not to be connected–until I realized they were.

So I ask for a cessation of quarreling about my failure to address Trump and Pussygate, with the assurance that I am working on it now. I needed time to think it through.

It’s not what you’re expecting.


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  1. “We are at war.”
    Celia Farber

    As i recognize and empathize all too well with the apprehensive distrust, the post-traumatic terror that often overwhelms interaction with those who have yet to earn your trust, i Hope You will recognize the heart-crushing dismay wrought by your words.
    “Rapist”, “globalist”, “socialist”, “populist”, “anarchist”…i reject any such accusation other than Atheist. You accuse me of hating god. One can not hate what one doesn’t believe exists. While i do hate the damage caused and suffered by upbringing and belief in such warped theology, all i have ever preached is recognition of self as the god and the devil we might worship and fear. As John Powell states so eloquently ” the noble adult project of freeing people from the pathological fears, fantasies and injuries to intellect which god mythologies generate.”

    Celia. You accuse me of ceaseless harassment via email and twitter. While i did tweet challenge to what I feared was your condemnation of David Bowie -an artist who has been extremely influential in my life- for his dalliance with the dark arts, my apology if mistaken was included.
    Due supposedly to tighter restriction following a “security breach” but more likely just my email provider driving traffic to their own app, for at least the past two months i am able to receive and read emails but not send them from my phone. That phone is my only regular access to the Internet. When you asked me to tell you about my friendship with Kurt i needed to visit the local library to send you my writings that were composed on a now dead lap-top and saved to a thumb drive. Would you please present any example of harassing email you claim i have sent.
    I have saved and treasured every word of correspondence exchanged between us since I first contacted you with thanks for saving my life by your 1987 reporting of dissent to the HIV theory. The last emails exchanged between us were on November 3rd when you wrote asking me to tell you about my friendship with Kurt. Went to the library later that day to send my writings. That library is in the junior-high school, only open monday through thursday from 3-7 and is basically little more than a place for kids to play internet war-games. Except for the twitter exchange regarding David Bowie i have not heard from you since.
    i have NEVER disparaged but have only praised and defended your work for three decades now. Recently in fact found words wrote defending your AIDS work against the berating mockery of r. a. davis who so supported you through the pizza-gate debate. My only comment during that episode was a tweet that you liked. Did my praise for the research of David Crowe who revealed the root of the DisruptJ20 stink bomb plot to be a ruse ridiculing and exposing project veritas for what they are offend you?

    Yes i did defend Orwell’s 1984 against what i felt was a misrepresentation on your part but did so in a civil and respectful manner. Please advise what “repulsive views” i have “delivered abusively.” Kindly provide examples of the “communications”, the “ill will and rancor” you claim i have directed at you over the past 4-6 weeks since i have in your view “turned against” you. You have never before asked me HERE or via personal email to leave the truth barrier site. NEVER! Your claim “I asked you to leave HERE, first. Then I emailed you privately.” is entirely untrue.
    I have been incredibly open, honest and revealing with you, sharing stories from “the suicide of my childhood” to life and death with my 105 year old friend, from my rescue of a lost dog who was bleeding from the empty socket where his right eye should be to “the occasion of my death trapped in the twisted metal of a 3am january car crash struggling to keep from drowning in the icy stream where my overturned vehicle finally came to rest.” So open, honest and revealing that I would expect you to realize how serious and offensive is your accusation of my being a “rapist.” You are not the only one living post-trauma.
    As you request I will “stay away” from the truth barrier and from you. When I am gone, you are hereby challenged to find and present ANY writings from me that support your claims and allegations against me. How have I tried to crush your spirit or make you feel like shit?
    If you find them-and you won’t-I will offer full apology. When you don’t find them and perhaps realize I am due an apology, you know how to find me.
    I have done nothing but praise and defend your work for thirty years now.
    It is finished.

    1. There’s a lot here. I can’t answer it all at once. First of all, yes, it’s infected. I did NOT start this, you did. You got angrier and angrier starting with my “Ahriman” writings and you began to go after me on more and more points, any time you sensed a vulnerability, or, amazingly, that I was writing from MY mind. When did I try to change your mind?

      The very wounded angry email I sent, and regret, was to you and Mark. “Repulsive” referred to Mark’s continued glorification of Marxism, as I understood it. “Rapists” was a metaphor, kid of like Madonna’s “I’ve often thought about blowing up the White House.” It was 100% wrong and uncalled for and I am truly remorseful. Mark simply hates me. And I am getting tired on the ropes. I just had to move out from my former home, and relocate, to an unknown town in Sweden. You, Mark, David Crowe, Anonymous–you have been very persistent in your objections to both what I opine and what I document. It may be time to shutter The Truth Barrier, because it has become, like the world around us, nothing but a house of bitching and bickering.

      My feeling is you slowly picked a fight with me months ago, then another, then another. You pushed me over the edge. Your energy has been hostile and belligerent. Everything I think pisses you off!

      Ok fine, all of you, stay!

      I’ll leave.

    2. And one more thing I forgot to say. I think this has been very sad and painful and unnecessary. I wish it had occurred to you to back off and stop picking on me.

      “It is finished.”

      Alright then, I guess it is. And I guess it was all, 100% my fault. Just like with Mark!

  2. Don’t be tempted into anything quite so rash as a close examination of Donald Trump’s track record.
    After all, some smug, pretentious, solipsistic, raging pseudo-intellectual might castigate and excommunicate you for having jumped aboard the anti-Trump bandwagon (how gauche! how plebian!).
    And then where would that leave you?

      1. You only have the facts from your own point of view, Ms. Celia. Jasper is spot on — you are a wonderful person. And an exceptional woman. A difference maker in many ways.

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