What They Said: Julian Assange


Like a move on a chessboard that ends the game, and at the same time encompasses all moves that have been made up to that point, this statement from Julian Assange is everything.

I am heartbroken that so many people here have fallen for the ostensible political positions, or outmoded stigmata like the “alt-right,” when in fact, there is one war: The People Vs. The Deep State. If you have not discovered what lies beneath and around us, if you STILL have not discovered it even over these past 6 months, then I think we are wasting one another’s time. But I am grateful for the time you spent here.

There is not one brain cell of mine that still thinks within the Left/Right binary trap, nor can I write or report from that mind set. NOR can I continue to explain that I don’t think like that.  I think like

THIS: [like an anarchist]

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    1. The entire political process around the world is owned (yes owned) by the international banks and their locally run central banks. Not only are they running an immense ponzi scheme that has everyone’s great grand kids in bankruptcy prior to their births. But, worse yet is the fact that the laws, regardless of what you have been taught, are commercial laws that overrule or circumvent constitutions and common law.

      Those running the deep state have access to unlimited funding, own everything of value and if the truth were told they even own you (and me). The Central Banking Cabals around the earth print money out of thin air and use it to manipulate “everything” to their advantage which includes owning lawmakers.

      To begin we must stop allowing our nation states the ability to make debt slaves of us, their citizens.

  1. I read David’s comments on the posts at the Truth Barrier. You don’t get it, David. You’re still trying to use the wrong map of leftists, rightists, racists, misogynists, still being led by nose by mass-mediated discourses, and still trying to impose those discourses onto people whose message you do not yet perceive clearly. Go back and read the Assange quote again. If you had dug deeper, if you had got closer to the core of what is going on, you wouldn’t still be speaking like this. Dig more.

  2. Julian appears to be messianic, rather delusional.

    “We don’t even have a map of where we are. So our first task is to build up sort of the intellectual heritage that describes where we are”, he writes.

    Uh, excuse me? We don’t have a map?

    In the relatively recent historical period, we’ve had the map of where we are, and what the deep state consists of and is intending, since the ’50s and ’60s.

    As if willfully and gleefully speaking from strapped into a chair which is bolted upside down inside a sensory deprivation tunnel, he writes, “And once we know where we are, then we have a hope of setting course for a new direction.”

    “hope”? “setting course”? “new direction”?

    What the F is he talking about?!! Religion? Sail boating? A pop music boy band?

    Okay, so, uh, platitudes will somehow accomplish the IMMENSELY complex and EXTREMELY difficult and collosal multi-decade project of revolutionizing, rehumanizing, restructuring, redefining, and reconstituting a means of governance to replace the current national and global syndicate of govermental mafiosi which has held human civilization in its iron-fisted, blood-crazed, devoutly dishonest, corrupt, duplicitous, immoral and avaricious grip for millenia, extending back as far as records of history exist, and beyond.

    Wrong, Julian. Wrong.

    What he’s doing is singing about flowers and fairies, no different than singing about santa claus, and peter pan, and jesus, and pilgrims, and christopher columbus, and the haze of spontaneously blossoming new age utopia.

    Its all airhead bullshit.

    Nobody here in this forum, at this platform, is more idealistic than I, but, idealism gets NOTHING done when the task at hand calls for warriors willing to risk life and fortune.

    The dream is over.

    We DO have the map of where we are. We’ve had it so long that it’s become something the masses are numb to.

    There will be no messiah. Not even Julian is what he thinks he is.

    And, there damn sure won’t be an amassing of warriors to clean up the F-ing national and global mess of mafioso “public servant” deep-state machinery.

    The masses are asses: Conditioned to live as cowards and passive paying audiences consisting of willful idiots just waiting to show up for the latest fashion exhibition in some “movement”, either in the realm of entertainment, or the realm of chances to be seen on TV.

    Julian’s got a good heart, I think, but his head is lost in WikiFantasy.

    Anarchy, authentic anarchy, is not a venture which can become successful with platitudes and publishing pranks.

    If success isn’t the objective, and if the requisite sacrifices, by massive mobilization of warriors, are not contemplated, calculated, provisioned and sustained, then the revolution necessary to TRULY stop this civilization’s suicidal train cannot and will not have its day.

    Fantasy is for the desperate, who fear admitting that they will not have, fear the fate of not having, fear that they are not capable of acquiring what they want to have, and yearn to feel that they do have.

    WikiFantasy is nothing more than fantasy.

    “Hope”? “Setting course”? “New direction”? No.

    No. Mafiosi bosses don’t blink at the likes of such fairy tales.

    1. Interesting indeed, John but Assange is in a damned if you do, damned if you don’t predicament wouldn’t you say?
      You speak of platitudes and fantasy and admittedly the language JA employed here is somewhat nebulous and meme-like (maybe I should speculate whether or not he wrote it or if he’s already dead….no, fuck it – let’s assume the words are his) but regardless of pretty prose, what would you have him do to meet your revolutionary expectations?
      Is that his role? Is that what he signed up for?
      I don’t see him as saviour or the global knight errant – rather an arms dealer supplying the would- be revolutionaries with the necessary ordnance to further the fight for emancipation from the “governmental Mafiosi” you describe.
      Isn’t the real fight happening under the radar as the words, the lies, the words of the duplicitous that have been hidden from public scrutiny for so long, locked tight in mainstream media vaults, are slowly but inexorably being revealed through the JA machinery to the degree that trumped up (had to, sorry) charges, death threats and enforced incarceration are being brought to bear because more people are turning in that direction for enlightenment rather than the state-owned newsfakery business?
      Isn’t that kind of being a warrior of sorts? A significant influence on the socio-political flavour of the planet?
      You might not like him or what he’s saying or how he’s saying it but what he’s already done by way of facilitation is surely allowing an opportunity for people everywhere (so inclined) to digest the cold, raw data of the governmental deceit of which you speak. There may be fluff and background soundtracks involving harps and cowbells running through the “piece” above but there ain’t no fluff in the raw sewage he’s revealed to the world that those duplicitous sociopaths running the show would have us not see.
      But here’s the kicker. It’s too late. We’ve seen it.
      The mainstream media is howling grotesquely, skewered on a fake spike of their own making, thrashing uncontrollably, screaming threats and abuse at the world – a world that’s no longer listening. They don’t even feel sorry for the victim in the field – it was a monster – it deserves to die.
      Assange helped fashion that spike.
      He was instrumental in supplying the materials for the self sacrifice the world press arrogantly presumed would never happen. That’s what tends to happen when you tell increasingly bigger lies – you begin to believe in them.
      Assange – call him what you will, and sure he’s got an ego and I don’t care if he’s arrogant or even cowardly, there’s no denying that he’s dealing in factual material raw unadulterated data. His opinion of that factual material may be as subjectively interpretive as the next man’s take but it’s the missing piece that’s hitherto been deliberately obscured.
      Trump and Brexit, as unpalatable as they may arguably be, are the result of inexorable dissatisfaction – not just with status quo but wth the media and the very systems that drive the show.
      Our digestion and conclusions drawn from leaked fact becomes our truth and it just depends upon whom we now choose to take that narrative forward collectively.
      That’s on us, not on Assange. It’s not his place to rally the troops or lead the revolution – it’s just his place to keep the ordnance coming.
      His words don’t matter as much as we may think.
      My take.

    2. ” We DO have the map of where we are.”

      Ok, what’s going on in Syria then? Be specific, or as specific as possible.

      1. Mr. Ericson, I do not take orders from possible interlocutors on the internet. I am not one of your children. If you wish to initiate a conversation with me, please address your inquiries respectfully, affording me the courtesy of being asked a specific question, instead of barking out commands of your insistence that I must, at the snap of your fingers, mentally compile and then present in writing a necessarily lengthy recital of information to characterize causes and conditions, regarding complex geopolitical matters.

        If you have a few specific questions that you’d like to ask me, regarding what’s going on in Syria, please feel free to request my response to those questions.

        That, Mr. Ericson, will give us a conversation, rather than an interrogation or an encounter based on the disciplinary dynamics of parent to child.

        1. If you truly don’t understand the question, I apologize for being perhaps too general. But what exactly is going on with the rebels in Syria? Why was Obama/Hillary so interested in a war there? Who do they want to build a pipeline for, and how are they different from your garden variety neocons at the end of the day?

    1. Is that all you have to contribute Anonymous? I find your comments quite immature and very tiresome. Note that I said your comments, not labelling you but what you say.

      To date, you have added nothing to the conversation other than annoying people. Is that your purpose in life?

            1. Yes, we “conspire” (breath together) in our quest for truth and in our disdain of power elite lies and propaganda. To that extent we may be a “hamlet of conspiracy,” as your ad hominem chirps.

  3. Celia: How well spoken! Both your words, and those of Julian Assange. This is exactly what we are facing, and I must say I find it tremendously liberating to leave behind the fairy tale. Keeping friends close and enemies closer means shining a floodlight into the dark hole of the deep state. Not that they allow this, but they have vulnerabilities. The internet will not be fully censored despite the efforts of deep state tools such as Zuckerberg. I just learned from John Rappaport’s blog about how the “swine flu virus” was invented, which reminded me of your work on HIV/Aids. Also just watched the film “Vaccine Syndrome,” which connected the dots for me to the anthrax letters of 2001, and in a roundabout way to the shipping by the CDC and Commerce Department of live anthrax spores and other bioweapons agents to Saddam Hussein during the 1980’s to assist him in his war against Iran. The deep state has truly created a cesspool. There are things about Trump which are unsettling, but he is our only current hope to shine a bit of light on this, and I think he will. And I love it when he pokes the press in both eyes for their fake news!

  4. I agree with you Celia that it is us vs. the deep state. But it doesn’t help when people on the right and the left fight and stereotype each other. I can work with people on the right. I don’t demonize them. Can you? Do you do the same with people on the left?

    That being said there are a lot of nasty white supremacists out there. But luckily I understand that being on the right doesn’t make you a racist. But someone who truly loves Trump or Breitbart (rather than just seeing them as better than Hillary) has to be a misogynist and racist. I’m not talking about Trump voters. I’m talking about a much smaller group of Trump enthusiasts.

    1. I read David’s comments on the post at the Truth Barrier [I originally posted this comment on Celia’s FB post that linked to this article]. You don’t get it, David. You’re still trying to use the wrong map of leftists, rightists, racists, misogynists, still being led by nose by mass-mediated discourses, and still trying to impose those discourses onto people whose message you do not yet perceive clearly. Go back and read the Assange quote again. If you had dug deeper, if you had got closer to the core of what is going on, you wouldn’t still be speaking like this. Dig more.

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