16 thoughts on “Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning”

  1. Assange is a weak spineless coward. Lets see if he keeps his end of the bargain. Didn’t he once say he would die for his beliefs, he won’t even risk not having cable tv. Lol.

            1. Stephen , explain what ? Pizzagate? How is your internet investigation going? Oh and Assange backed out. Hahahahahaha

            2. Mr. Anonymous, with every word you write you demonstrate that the CIA is scraping the bottom of its cadre of internet trolls.
              Go back under your bridge.

            3. R.A Davis , i just feel bad for you. You pretend to be this in the know conspiracy theory expert and you just someone who believes dumb shit. Really dumb shit.

  2. As he should; though I wonder why not until May 1st? I understand that Chelsea is suffering terribly from the depravations endured in solitary confinement.

  3. Now the spineless coward Assange said he would turn himself in. Lets see if the little creep does. Checkmate , obama , bitches.

    1. “Spineless coward” for understanding that he would be imprisoned and perhaps tortured (solitary confinement) or even murdered for his whistleblowing activities if he came back to America? Crawl back in your hole “Anonymous.” Thank you.

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