18 thoughts on “Breaking Project Veritas Expose: Radical Groups Plotting To Release Butyric Acid Into Ventilation System At Trump Inaugural Ball”

          1. Questions that should have been asked:
            (1) Stinkbombs? Really? Setting off fire alarms?
            (2) Why did the disrupters want to meet at Comet Pizza? What kind of a message were they sending?
            (3) Why would they insist on discussing their plans in a public venue?

            1. Thank You David Crowe for once again being that increasingly all-too-rare voice of logic, sanity and reason. Thank You for demonstrating the importance and value of true responsible research journalism compared with blindly accepting what is posted online.

              god bless You Mr Crowe. You ought to be president of the United States.
              Pearls before swine.

            2. Are you for real? Let me see if I got this straight: David Crowe and Brother Strawberry, you do believe “true responsible research” shows that DisruptJ20 was conning Project Veritas, i.e. these plans were not real?

              Please answer clearly. It’s clear question. Is that what you believe? Second, are you prepared to get to the bottom of it, or only, like you seem to both prefer, the middle?

            3. Honestly Celia, getting to the middle of a story, it’s heart, the core that connects and leads to the root of the story as David Crowe has done is far preferable than getting to the alt-right.

  1. Dont you think your better then this crap? Is comet pizza involved? How stupid do you have to be to belive this? That steven guy will eat this up. Lol

    1. you are like sooooo crushing on steven huh… the tension of political differences must be killing you mister trollstrom.

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