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My good friend Paul Murray, Scottish, South African, cat-whisperer, humanist, vegan, now based in Australia, with his wife Karen and 7 cats, has a way with words, uniquely his.  My own writing often resembles meandering schools of fish by comparison. I’m always negotiating. Whereas Paul can just slam a thing into the wall, when needed. I love that. The fleeting sense of freedom I get vicariously when somebody ceases to sound like an upholstered chair at The United Nations–when the dirt, horror, absurdity, and sublime humor enters the parlor. This is when I personally feel able to breathe. All my life as a writer I have kept my thoughts in chains–carefully tended. So terrified of overstatement. And yet still, of late, I m scolded and flogged (off site, mostly) for my “intemperate” and treasonous posts. I have been mistaken for somebody who “likes Trump.” It will take about 3,000 lightyears to clean this up, and at the moment, I’d too tired. And pissed off.  So you see my friends, you can’t win. [I want that on my tombstone: “You Can’t Win.”]

On a FB thread I will post below, about the 4,000 US troops Obama has moved through Germany into Poland to the Russian border, Paul slammed it thusly:



“John Pilger’s been talking about Obama’s bellicose behaviour for his entire tenure especially in the South China Sea.
This dude has spent more on weaponising America than any other president in history and between him and Killary Clinton who has helped teeter the world on the brink of nuclear war, he’ll be handing over this shitshow to Trump who’s achieved pariah status before even taking office.
If Trump turns any of this around (assuming he’s safe from attempts on his life, which wouldn’t surprise me) he’ll be dealing in minor miracles and then when he and RFK Jr take on the infanticide brigade with their toxic vaccines at the CDC, the world will be a much better place even with a boorish, loudmouthed orange sexist at the helm.
Bring it on, I say.”

Here’s the thread. I marveled, by the way, at every person who commented, (Stephen Ericson teaches me something every time he comments) and how lucky I am to know people who are  awake and lucid, not overtaken by the new big trendy bubble machine that blows only one bubble of revulsion, over and over and over, the bubble being the weaponized word, one word, “TRUMP.”

And what he said about wimmmmmin. 


[Apologies for unclean text but that’s what happens when you import FB.]
Celia Ingrid Farber
14 hrs ·
The BBC website
Why aren’t we talking about this? I’m not in the US–did Obama explain this to the American people? “I’m sending tanks and troops through Germany into Poland.” Anybody hear him say that?

US tanks and troops in Poland a threat, Russia says – BBC News
Thousands of troops, and hundreds of armoured vehicles, are being sent to Poland.
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11 Michael Elliott, Elizabeth Ely and 9 others
Brian Bowman
Brian Bowman Hm, Reading the article now.
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Bob Snee
Bob Snee not being covered by the corporate media propagandists
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Lisa Andersson
Lisa Andersson http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/…/the-establishment-is…/

The Establishment Is Trying To Steal The Presidency From Trump — Paul Craig…
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Stephen Ericson
Stephen Ericson You don’t just invade Russia, you invade the Russian winter. It’s amazing to me that Russia had such a hard time fighting Finland prior to barbarossa. Fighting a war in a deadly winter just has to suck.
So that said, why are we moving ANY troops toward…See More
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Lisa Andersson
Lisa Andersson Could be to destroy Polands relations to Russia even more.
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Celia Ingrid Farber
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Rachel Chevallier
Rachel Chevallier https://youtu.be/1CI8pIkq2rw

Exclusive: Inside The Plan To Stop Trump Inauguration
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Jan Stark
Jan Stark Nope. Zip. Nada.
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Jan Stark
Jan Stark http://www.ronpaullibertyreport.com/…/american-force-of…

American Force of 4,000 Arrives in Poland at Taxpayer Expense
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Deborah Bos
Deborah Bos Alicja Tandecka do you know about this?
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Alicja Tandecka
Alicja Tandecka · Friends with Deborah Bos
Someone mentioned it to me the other day. But nothing in media as far as I recall…
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Celia Ingrid Farber
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Theresa Chieng
Theresa Chieng · 2 mutual friends
Not a peep. I tried to pointed out to some people, they don’t believe me because it’s not on CNN
I didn’t know why NOBODY address this.
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Theresa Chieng
Theresa Chieng · 2 mutual friends
In the meantime, football season is in playoff and it’s the main thing you see on TV this weekend
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Paul Murray
Paul Murray John Pilger’s been talking about Obama’s bellicose behaviour for his entire tenure especially in the South China Sea.
This dude has spent more on weaponising America than any other president in history and between him and Killary Clinton who has helpe…See More
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Alexandra Gatsis
Alexandra Gatsis Slam dunk.
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Celia Ingrid Farber
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Stephen Ericson
Stephen Ericson So now, Obama, the Nobel Peace prize winner, is suddenly a saber rattling war monger. And…the MSM in the United States is absolutely uninterested. This is the same guy who mocked Mitt Romney for being out of touch and stuck in the cold war, and who denied defensive missiles to Poland that they were promised.
I’m starting to think that they had this up their sleeve all along. At the very least this troop build up should be seen as at least a tacit admission of failure in regards to Democratic foreign policy.
Of course you’d probably be branded a racist for seeing it that way by at least half the country, but whatever.

Edit (from the BBC article that started this thread) “The US Armoured Brigade will also carry out military exercises in the Baltics, all part of President Obama’s response to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine and to reassure nervous Nato allies.”

Really? Now he wants to comfort them. How nice of him.

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Stephen Ericson
Stephen Ericson To be fair, this story is on CNN right now, but it’s buried under a lot of other complete crap.
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Marilyn Mandy Cooke
Marilyn Mandy Cooke · Friends with Lisa Andersson
USA is so bloody dominant/ provocative. Some one some day is going to give them a spoon of their own medicin….how many other countrys are they going to be allowed to distroy before the world wakes up?
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Curtis Cost
Curtis Cost I fear that Obama may be planning something that could halt Trump taking office. This is unprecedented for an outgoing President.
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  1. Paul Murray’s comment on this thread was great, as were the others, but his really caught my attention. Thanks for having such good friends who say what they think, try to stick as much as possible to the reality of what’s happening and are so articulate, as much as you. So as far as I’m concerned, you are winning.

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