Glenn Greenwald V BBC on Trump Memo, CIA, Russia and Wikileaks

What They Said

“You know of course, don’t you, that the Iraq war was started because that agency said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was in alliance with Al Qaeda, something that turned out to be tragically untrue, so of course people would treat those claims skeptically.”


“The problem that people have is that  they [CIA] caused the publication of this material by calling the source credible and then somebody went to CNN in a very coordinated way, multiple officials, to tell CNN that this was briefed to the President and the President elect, knowing that they would report it, and that the document would then surface.”


Glenn Greenwald



8 thoughts on “Glenn Greenwald V BBC on Trump Memo, CIA, Russia and Wikileaks”

  1. You do realize the Russian government (the side you lean towards) kills journalists. Right? If you think trumps not heading that way , youve a screw loose.

    1. Who’s leaning toward Russia? What the f does that even mean? Why is the left so hell bent on injecting Russia into the conversation?

    2. Not that you are worth replying to, “Anonymous,” but in interests of completeness it is important to note that American journalists have been killed by their own government as well. Google it.

    1. Yes, it’s fun to watch a true expert (Greenwald) who is wise to their tricks continue to evade their traps and manage to get his message out.
      Her attempts to portray the CIA as a monolithic paragon of truth are especially risible. CIA has always been a tool of corporate America, and has been engaged in the wholesale narcotics trade since at least the Vietnam war.
      Bin Laden died ofnatural causes in December, 2001, so they knew he wasn’t in Afghanistan. Saddam kept Iraq free of al Qaida–which they also knew. But the former grows lots of poppies, and the latter is rich in oil. Follow the money.

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