RFK Jr. Appointed by Trump To Chair Commission On Vaccine Safety


“Shit, meet fan. Best day for autism activists, perhaps ever.”

JB Handley

“He’s full of surprises, Donald, isn’t he?”

Andrew Wakefield

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17 thoughts on “RFK Jr. Appointed by Trump To Chair Commission On Vaccine Safety”

  1. One strange thing. When I first went to the Washington Post article on this, it mentioned thimerosal, said it was a mercury containing preservative with a ‘tiny’ amount of mercury. I did the math on this simple molecule and it’s actually 50% mercury by weight (which is really the only way to measure it). I went back to the article the next day and there was no mention of thimerosal at all, just a vague reference to preservatives. Unethically, there was no notice of the change to the article, they just made it quietly. If anybody has a copy of the original article, I’d love to have it. (Note to self: Next time you read something interesting, PDF it right away)!

    1. You can also use the wayback machine to look at earlier versions of the story to see how its evolved over time. Good catch.

  2. I couldn’t bear to read the Washington Post article past the first 2 paragraphs. How can they be so confident of vac safety when there is so little literature to back it up. Reading the inserts would tell any sentient being there is danger and risk to these vaccines.

  3. R.F.k jr is i borish ex-junkie who drove is wife tou suicide. I wonder if he cared about what the coke he was snorting was cut with.

        1. He was busted for herion possession. His affairs are legendary. Put on all the rose colored glasses you want. Facts are facts.

          1. I looked it up and yes 34 years ago he was busted with a small amount of heroin on an airplane and nearly died. He then went into rehab for 6 months, subsequently obtaining his law degree.

            So, why would this past preclude him from any contribution to a committee on vaccine safety and more importantly SCIENTIFIC INTEGRITY. I think this is where Trump really wants to look into even more. The corruption at CDC.

  4. Yes, I read an article about this in The NY Times today. Havent heard so much whining (in print no less, from supposed “objective”adults) since my kids were about two.

  5. I could hardly believe this was true. But it appears to be. I think Trump still has to make a public announcement, but hopefully he won’t back down because he must be under a lot of pressure. No issue is more toxic than this except maybe HIV/AIDS. Fingers crossed…

    1. Agreed vaccines are a major problem. Glyphosate (Monsanto’s Roundup) is also a big part it, along with EMFs and unhealthy food. They all work together to make us chronically ill, and to steal healthy lives from our kids.

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