Voices: “AIDS Wasn’t The First Big Lie But It Was The First Of Its Kind”


“AIDS wasn’t the first ‘big lie’, but it was the first of it’s kind. It became a template which they, the PR people, the drug companies, the propagandists, etc. have used over and over again.

AIDS, as far as I’ve known in my lifetime, was the first subject that came along where the mere act of stopping for a moment to think was somehow considered dangerous. It was the moment that it became ok to be expected to not think and to be called crazy for having done so.

We, the human population in general, were so willing to hear about it. We were so poised to suddenly accept that the end was nigh. Sometimes to me that was the worst part of the whole thing: that at this very innocent age ( I was just graduating high school in 87) I was forced to accept that the most simple and natural expressions of being human was somehow akin to committing suicide. Worse, we had to be ok with it.

And then they gave everybody Prozac.”


–Stephen Ericson,

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4 thoughts on “Voices: “AIDS Wasn’t The First Big Lie But It Was The First Of Its Kind””

  1. Well said Stephen and with Prozac for Moms, Viagra for Dads and Ritalin for all the boys and girls; we became manageable again.

  2. The great polio scare of the 50’s similarly was a lie. They changed the diagnostic criteria and the name after the vaccine was licensed. They now call it acute flaccid paralysis, or transverse myelitis, or several other names for what is actually manmade poisoning by a combination of environmental chemicals and vaccines. The polio virus actually exists, but it is ubiquitous in the human gut, and is not associated with paralysis, or indeed any disease at all absent this manmade poisoning. India now has 10.4 million cases of children with AFP, but that wonderful agency which is looking out for the drug cartel’s bottom line, the WHO, has declared India “polio free,” thanks in large measure to those marvelous humanitarians and Presidential Medal of Freedom winners, the Gates. Few better examples of diabolical evil exist in this world than those two.

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