Lewis And The Mouse

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Åke’s note to me this morning, translated:


“Lewis saw a mouse hide in the compost bin. He sat and watched for almost four hours (what patience.) Then I went out and carried him inside.”


fullsizerender-7Oh Lewis, I’m so sorry you waited in the snow four hours and the mouse still eluded you. I know what that feels like.

But I’m happy for the mouse.

The apartment is just an empty box without you and Jack, as I always complain to Papa. I see a bag or a blanket and I think it’s you! Then I remember. I do feed our birds though, but they always look for you.

Have you caught any snakes? I know Papa put bells on your collar so you can’t catch any birds. I bet you wonder whose side Papa is even on.

I am counting the hours until we are all reunited, and we’ll start looking for our Christmas tree. And Jeremy’s coming too!




3 thoughts on “Lewis And The Mouse”

  1. Charmed! I recently had a mouse leap out of the pitchfork full of compost I had just dumped onto the screen. Had no idea they hung out in there. They do! My boys were snoozing’, though, and he escaped, scurrying into the avocado leaves I put on fallow parts of the garden. For days after, Tibie would sit there and listen, but he never caught it. It pains me to see them bring in birds, although they eat them entirely, except the largest feathers. My wife keeps buying them collars with name tags and bells, but they keep losing them, so I say the hell with collars. Nature can be cruel, but She is assuredly in charge.

  2. A Proclamation By Worldwide Cats United (WCU), The Global Negotiations Representative For Securing The Rights And Reasonable Privileges Nature Hath Bequeathed To All Feline Members Of Human Families:

    Hear ye! Hear ye! We hereby demand the immediate removal of all bells and other noise-making accessories which, by attachment to collars or other feline wearables, are intended to prevent feline fair access to activities long-established as sacred and vital for feline recreation, sustenance, and self-esteem.

    Cats’ Lives Matter!
    We Alert You! Mark Our Words!
    Give Cats Their Right To The Bird Catch,
    Or You’ll Get No More Purrs
    And We Shall Dip Our Feet
    Into Our Excretement
    And Commence Daily Rubbing It
    Onto Our Silky Petting Furs
    Until You Give Us Back Our Access
    To Our Hunt Of The Birds
    And Cease Claiming Our Nature
    As Yours.

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