Sections Of Dakota Access Pipeline Denied Permit: Tribal Chairman Thanks All Protesters And Obama


This appears to be straight up fantastic news.

NPR Coverage here.

The American Transcendentalist in me, and Romantic, wants to say this: Henry David Thoreau’s spirit is hovering all over this and smiling, (if he ever smiled.)

The pickled observer in me wants to say: What’s this about re-routing? That worries me. Also, did Obama have the executive power to stop this…the whole time?

I really hope it’s not true that Donald Trump is in favor of this despised pipeline.

But it might be. I don’t have time to know all these things at once.  I am the only staff I have. In my dreams I have a staff of 50 incorruptible and  reporters with no life to go home to, of all ages, races, political persuasions and all in competition to bring ME the truth gold at the end of the day. My office would be a place where they would fear to come knocking if they came home not have overturned every stone. Or failed to call enough sources on all sides to bring me the real story. Which, being the Tribal Chief, I would know as soon as I looked at the text, and if it was true gold, I’d nod almost imperceptibly.

“Run it.”



In a any case: These words have been issued, and are real:


The following statement was released by Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II.


“Today, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will not be granting the easement to cross Lake Oahe for the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline. Instead, the Corps will be undertaking an environmental impact statement to look at possible alternative routes. We wholeheartedly support the decision of the administration and commend with the utmost gratitude the courage it took on the part of President Obama, the Army Corps, the Department of Justice and the Department of the Interior to take steps to correct the course of history and to do the right thing.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and all of Indian Country will be forever grateful to the Obama Administration for this historic decision.

We want to thank everyone who played a role in advocating for this cause. We thank the tribal youth who initiated this movement. We thank the millions of people around the globe who expressed support for our cause. We thank the thousands of people who came to the camps to support us, and the tens of thousands who donated time, talent, and money to our efforts to stand against this pipeline in the name of protecting our water. We especially thank all of the other tribal nations and jurisdictions who stood in solidarity with us, and we stand ready to stand with you if and when your people are in need.

Throughout this effort I have stressed the importance of acting at all times in a peaceful and prayerful manner – and that is how we will respond to this decision. With this decision we look forward to being able to return home and spend the winter with our families and loved ones, many of whom have sacrificed as well. We look forward to celebrating in wopila, in thanks, in the coming days.

We hope that Kelcey Warren, Governor Dalrymple, and the incoming Trump administration respect this decision and understand the complex process that led us to this point. When it comes to infrastructure development in Indian Country and with respect to treaty lands, we must strive to work together to reach decisions that reflect the multifaceted considerations of tribes.

Treaties are paramount law and must be respected, and we welcome dialogue on how to continue to honor that moving forward. We are not opposed to energy independence, economic development, or national security concerns but we must ensure that these decisions are made with the considerations of our Indigenous peoples.

To our local law enforcement, I hope that we can work together to heal our relationship as we all work to protect the lives and safety of our people. I recognize the extreme stress that the situation caused and look forward to a future that reflects more mutual understanding and respect.

Again, we are deeply appreciative that the Obama Administration took the time and effort to genuinely consider the broad spectrum of tribal concerns. In a system that has continuously been stacked against us from every angle, it took tremendous courage to take a new approach to our nation-to-nation relationship, and we will be forever grateful.”

6 thoughts on “Sections Of Dakota Access Pipeline Denied Permit: Tribal Chairman Thanks All Protesters And Obama”

    1. Gary,

      I sent you an email yesterday. I am uncertain if my email system when I receive mail via this site is working. Did you receive it?

  1. ToStanding Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman
    Dave Archambault II.

    As somebody from afar with spiritual and verbal supporter of you I’m expressing my heartfelt respect for your heroic effort and wishing all the best for you.

    The exemplary perseverance as you defended the life-giving motherland and rivers give hope and strenght not only for us in present times, but for future generations to come.

    I appreciate the kindness and gratitude you express toward the democratic governance and President Obama.
    In the same time I’d like to call your attention not to turn your generosity in the wrong direction since during those stressful years behind basically you received no aid from the government and this relief has nothing to do with him or with his administration.
    The construction of the pipeline got approval from the Obama administration and president, who himself with only one executive order and a stroke of his signature would have been capable to stop the plan long time ago, or redirect it away from your land and rivers, preventing and eliminating all the terrible suffering and pain that all of you had to endure.
    I believe that the new development and temporary stop came from the circles of newly elected president Trump who just got the information from hundreds of thousands of people in social media and timely learned about your unselfish sacrifices.

    I am convinced that Mr. Trump, the elected new US president and his government will review the severe grief and heavy burden on the American Indian National, and in the very first time in our history since the Path of Tears, the right to freedom, free speech and happiness will be yours in a same way as is the basic right of all and every citizen of the United States of America with out discrimination.

    Hope the following periods of planned construction will be peaceful and orderly, with joint efforts your Nation’s past and present life won’t be invaded, the motherland and living creatures, rivers and air can live in peace and harmony.
    Also I hope you will find a way how to take an active and helpful participation in the project.

    You deserve a great recognition for your perseverance, knowledge and experience of what you carry from generation though generation as indigenous people.
    Please continue to give and teach your wisdom and spread across America.

    Katalin G.L.

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