Dave Weldon is NOT the New CDC Director


I told you late last night that a source close to the vaccine battle posted on FB that Dave Weldon was appointed the new director of the CDC.

It’s not accurate.

The source who told my source said something that the source misinterpreted and it took off from there.

I apologize for jumping the gun, but I clarified in the post what I had heard, from whom, that it was on FB, and that I was not 100% sure.


I wrote: “I hope this is still true tomorrow.”


Well, it isn’t.


Not as bad as Newsweek or Time (forget which) printing millions of copies of Hillary on the cover with the headline: “Madam President,” before the election, and certainly not as costly. But still, I owe you an apology for not waiting for more confirmation.

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      1. Celia, do you know, with certitude, the identity of that “Anonymous” who made the comment above about “enjoying Celia’s complete utter meltdown”?

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