How We Did It [Colluded With Russia To Create Pedophilia Network Delusion]


“Well, Celia, it seems we’ve been exposed as charlatans. It was a great hoax–thanks in large part to the behind-the-scenes efforts of our Russian handlers. I asked Boris Badenov how they planted similar stories in Norway and Canada about busting pedophile rings; he said: “Better you should not be asking.”
What’s even more astounding is how our Russkie friends went back in time to alter the urban dictionaries to fake a sinister meaning for the terms “cheese pizza” and “in poor health, not expected to survive.”
And yes, they did all that while stealing the US election for Donald!

Well, now that the Bear’s outof the bag, so to speak, I’m gonna ask for extraction so I can drink my remaining days away in my Crimean Dachau.

It was all a great big joke, folks. We faked the Podesta emails. Our children are safe.

So you can all go back to sleep.”


Comment submitted Dec 3, 2016 by Truth Barrier friend R.A. Davis, who wrote this piece.




[By the way, this is sarcasm, not mockery. I stand by what I wrote about mockery. But I like sarcasm, when it’s sharp like this, and you need to cut the onion.  CF]

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