Guest Column: Taking Down The Pedophiles

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By R.A. Davis


The very fact that we’re learning about Pizzagate indicates they’re being exposed. Given the nature and extent of this curse, it will be a slow process. Central is the fact that taking these people down is synonymous with destroying the entire corrupt Western political, corporate and financial power structure. But it will succeed.

It began to unravel for these sick networks, starting in Norway, where it’s hinted that the network is global and involves people in high places.

Understatement of the decade. Another major ring was busted in Canada around the same time.

Years ago when I first got online I started reading about it. I mentioned my findings to a friend–a local cop. He told me that in police academy a guest came to speak about pedophilia. The man told the trainees to be very careful and meticulous when prosecuting these cases, because the presiding judge might be another pedophile himself.

Former PA Attorney General Kathleen Kane just began a 23-month sentence on bizarre charges. Kane had poked her nose into Penn State’s Sandusky pedophile case.

They protect their own, you see.

I know why JonBenet Ramsey was killed. And no, it was nobody in her family.
I know why Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, with a pillow over his head, and no subsequent autopsy was performed.

I merely collect data. The information is out there, for anybody who has the stomach for it. Run a search for “The Franklin Coverup,” a documentary the Discovery Channel chose, at the last minute, not to air. It’s on the WWW, if you know where to look.

More often than not, the FBI, the courts, are useless. Because when you join the Club, and participate, you’re videotaped. They have something on you. And that’s your ticket to the House, the Senate, the Governor’s Mansion, the White House, an Anchor slot on the Nightly News, and, of course, the Federal Bench. You rarely rise to these heights unless they have something on you.

How do we live with all this? That’s a problem. Some pedophilia is hereditary, in the genes, and so, many of us express outrage a tad too stridently.

We as a society are going to have to come to terms with all of this. And that will require a hard honest look at ourselves. Much as we might wish, we dare not turn our backs on it.

The toughest part for me is knowing that 300,000 American children disappear every year and are never found.again. It is one thing to know this in one’s mind; it is a whole other thing to contemplate all that pure innocence taken from those unable to defendthemselves.
Gonna pour me a drink now.


–R.A. Davis








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39 thoughts on “Guest Column: Taking Down The Pedophiles”

  1. Celia Farber you an amazing journalist and I have loved your writings for years now. I think pedophilia is a huge problem. I think that there was an over reaction by one of the readers due to the fact that there is an awful lot of unneeded nor wanted anti semitism out in the world. Now there has been more than a few examples of pedophiles getting asylum in Isreal and that has rubbed people the wrong way. There also seems to be a point in articles to let it be known that the offender is Jewish. This to me seems like it is only done to get people upset and fuel anti Jewish hatred which isn’t warranted. And it works. Zionists can never hear anything wrong with their settlements and apartheid ways, and people who want to see justice for the children are angry that Isreal is offering protection for these alleged criminals. It than becomes not about the children instead it turns into name calling and claims of slander and prejudice. We all end up losing with all the hate and animosity, but the ones who lose the most are the abused and missing children.

  2. The point of the matter is there are the abused and the abusers. The abusers occupy higher office and do no hard work to obtain wealth whilst the abused go to jobs they hate everyday and pay bills believing that is life. Has anyone heard of Stockholm syndrome? Soon each of us will share a 3×3 box and eat tubes of food whilst praising god for our good fortune. It starts with creativity and hope, abuse removes this. Life is our collective manifestation. Today we believe we have no right to abundance. Turn off the power and start a garden.

  3. Better start with Hillsong church, the justice system, hollywood, the media, the entertainment industry, the establishment in general….. as well as all the do gooders and those that appear to be the very fabric of righteousness in our societies…..

  4. Celia, did you read this? Did you follow the links? I followed this link: “Another major ring was busted in Canada”, and I found an anti-Jewish conspiracy (on four ‘news’ sites that I’ve never heard of before). Here’s a sampling:
    – “Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust” Jan 6, 2014
    – pedophile-child porn ring with links to Jewish organized crime mob
    – Key protagonist = 2 Jewish Men — German and a Canadian + Jewish mother
    – LEAD Fellow Jew similarly involved in exploiting children complained to the US Patent and Trademark office that this jewish mob was swindling mobs photos [a sentence I can’t even parse]
    – One Jewish member took vulnerable and poor young boys from villages in Romania
    – engaged them in sexual acts with each other involving a Ukrainian Jew arrested in 2011 with direct links to Ukrainian-Israeli Mafia
    – Non-Jews arrested = All viewers of materials — NOT involved in production
    – A physician and medical director at Philips Academy in Andover MA, prestigious high school attended by both G.W. Bush and his father, was a volunteer at Jewish Big Brothers of Greater Boston
    – The pedophiles and homosexuals who happen to be Jewish will receive little or no punishment
    – Other Jews caught in the sweep – both boys and girls include the pederast Dr. Mark Shaffer. In 2010, B’nai Brith’s regional director Bill Surkis pleaded guilty to one count of possession and accessing of child pornography. In 2012, Ben Levin, former Deputy Min. of Education of Ontario, who designed the Ontario Sex Ed program to cater to pedophiles like himself, was charged with making and distributing child porn.
    Also arrested was David Goldberg, who wrote an article entitled “I Pedophile” on The Atlantic suggesting that pedophiles need help instead of prison.
    – Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia? Is this tendency contaminating society at large?
    – Crypto-Jews (“Catholic Jews”) like Jimmy Savile (who was of Jewish descent)

    What kind of cess pool are you fishing in?

    1. David, are you saying there is NOT a problem with global pedophilia and child trafficking and it’s ALL veiled anti-semitism? What? I will read all this but I am very confused. I am in a cesspool? I think the cesspool is the one you’re in. Anyway, I am not “fishing.” I am reporting. Find error, then.

      1. There was no mention of any other religion, except the mention that Jimmy Saville, a Catholic, was a “crypto-Jew”. The message of these four sites, which don’t link to any hard news sites, and may be largely fake news, was that pedophilia is a Jewish conspiracy, an integral part of Jewish culture. They even said that on one site: ” Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia? Is this tendency contaminating society at large?”

        (that’s the classic hypothetical question when you want to be able to back off a hateful remark when challenged)

        1. Have I made a “hateful” remark? Yes, I hate pedophilia and child abuse and sex trafficking. Is that hateful? I don’t hate Jews. I am confused.

          1. You welcomed a guest column by R.A. Davis that says that pedophilia is a Jewish trait, citing four websites that all have slightly different versions of the same words, none of which link to anything verifiable. So I am confused. Why do you think this guest column is worth the ink?

            1. That is simply a lie. I never mentioned Jews in my post. Sir, if you have any honor at all you will issue a retraction and apology. I have contacted my attorneys on this matter.

            2. David, what are you saying??? Where did R.A. Davis say that “pedophilia is a Jewish trait?”

              I plugged in at least 1-2 of the links to direct readers to the Norway and Canada busts.

              Are you saying R.A. Davis says this, as you say here, our that links to articles embedded link to websites that say this?

            3. If you follow the Canadian link you will find this. And you will find other links, of which at least two appear to be an echo chamber repeating the same anti-Jewish conspiracy. Did R.A. Davis just throw in links without reading them?

              And, perhaps just as importantly, can you independently verify ONE WORD of the articles that R.A. Davis linked to?

            4. David, is the question now: Are the Canadian and Norwegian busts REAL? Is that what you mean?

              I did get several news media stories from friends in Scandinavia with articles and video press conferences with the police in Norway. Does that answer your question?

            5. It is not my job to verify the information, it is yours and Davis’s. I have merely pointed out that the supposed Canadian pedophile bust is an echo chamber of unverifiable sources, all copying each others’ words. And all emphasizing the pedophilia is a Jewish trait. Please be a journalist again.

            6. David:

              Here’s a link to information about the Canadian bust(s) and I am asking you now: Does this all lead to deeper links that are secretly anti-Semitic, or have I lost your point totally?

              Please start over and tell me what you were saying about whether Norway and Canada have been busted by real cops over real pedophilia networks, OR, is the whole thing an anti-semitic ruse?

              (Link disappeared so will be in next comment)

            7. I’m pleased to see more balance in your recent posting, but this CBC article just raises more questions.
              1. It appears to have nothing to do with the case in the Davis posting.
              2. For example, the names appear to be pure-laine French Quebeckers. Not one name sounds Jewish.
              3. It shows that the MSM is perfectly capable of reporting on pedophilia.
              4. The charges do not yet appear to be proven. For example, it’s plausible that the men were just fantasizing online (or, as the police obviously suspect, that they were really talking about abusing real children). I could find stories about arrests, and about the men getting bail, but nothing about court proceedings beyond that, let alone convictions.
              4. And the Canadian media doesn’t mind taking down important people. The father of Quebec film (dead some years) was outed as a pedophile (sex with teenage boys). There were calls to remove Claude Jutra’s name from parks and streets even before the allegations were substantiated.

              So we still have the problem that Davis is using, at least for his Canadian example, sites that are pushing a Jewish conspiracy theory, without verification from any reputable source. I’m not saying that some of what was reported isn’t true, but there is no verification, and it could be entirely fabricated.

    2. David, you’re not being clear. Do you mean some who fight pedophilia are also anti-semites and are trying to make it a Jewish issue? Of course, everything is tinged with reflexive anti-Semitism. especially in Norway and Canada! Does that mean I can’t fight for the truth about pedophilia without being part of some anti-Semitic sub-cult? That’s crazy.

      1. Celia, this is classic Tavistock psyops distraction. Get you off topic by pretending to misconstrue the message. Time-wasters.

        1. No. it’s a direct question. to which you two answer with “i dont understand” or “i’ve contacted my lawyer” . for the record , i would love to talk to your lawyer , could you post their contact information here. thanks.

      2. Genetically, the true Semites are the Palestinians, and the Jews are mostly Ashkenazi from Russia and elsewhere. Notice the deceptive entanglement that all Jews know about.

        Their idea of being the chosen race is racist, elitist and gives them a sense of entitlement, and when others treat them as equals, they feel hard done by.

        The US involvement in the ME is via honey trapping virtually the entire congress, who do Isreals bidding and give them blank cheques.

    3. I think the answer lies in the Talmud, not the Torah, that has a negative attitude to goyim, and it goes on from there.

  5. Dear trolls, donate your government checks to a good cause and get a life. This article addresses a real problem. For those who want to read more on the subject, check out The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State, For those with eyes to see.

  6. holy crap. please tell me why everything is a conspiracy , everything .
    “I know why JonBenet Ramsey was killed. And no, it was nobody in her family.
    I know why Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died, with a pillow over his head, and no subsequent autopsy was performed.”
    no you don’t , more internet blah blah blah . you want to find the real evil of child molesters start at your church , not a conspiracy , real , over 4 billion paid in settlements and still growing. Real court cases , real stories, real lives destroyed…but no , you just want it to be some poor sap that sold hillary clinton pizza.

    1. “you want to find the real evil of child molesters start at your church , not a conspiracy , real , over 4 billion paid in settlements and still growing. Real court cases , real stories, real lives destroyed…but no , you just want it to be some poor sap that sold hillary clinton pizza”

      You’re assuming these delusional crack pots actually care about child welfare.

  7. Anyone with the IQ of an oyster understands pizzagate is an obvious hoax. And yet, there are many people who fall victim to the cesspool of fake news on the internet. It would be funny if it weren’t so tragic. Innocent lives are being destroyed.

    One only hopes Celia could break free from her gaggle of tin foil hat enablers and gets the help she so desperately needs. Celia, if you’re listing, THEY DON”T CARE ABOUT YOU. Decent people are starting to fight back. When the dust settles and what legal consequences emerge from this libel, your so called friends will drop you like a hot potatoe.




    1. Well, Celia, it seems we’ve been exposed as charlatans. It was a great hoax–thanks in large part to the behind-the-scenes efforts of our Russian handlers. I asked Boris Badenov how they planted similar stories in Norway and Canada about busting pedophile rings; he said: “Better you should not be asking.”
      What’s even more astounding is how our Russkie friends went back in time to alter the urban dictionaries to fake a sinister meaning for the terms “cheese pizza” and “in poor health, not expected to survive.”
      And yes, they did all that while stealing the US election for Donald!
      Well, now that the Bear’s outof the bag, so to speak, I’m gonna ask for extraction so I can drink my remaining days away in my Crimean Dachau.
      It was all a great big joke, folks. We faked the Podesta emails. Our children are safe.
      So you can all go back to sleep.

      1. Do you get all your “information” from alex jones? That “in poor health” nonsense is from another alex jones “this unsubstantiated document” .as is all the conjecture from the wikileaks emails. All this is made up nonsense. Pedophile is real and evil. So is accusing people with out evidence.

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