Ted Gunderson’s Last Video, and The MacDonald Case In Light Of PizzaGate

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Many years ago, I was invited by a fellow journalist to consider the byzantine and seemingly incomprehensibly unjust case of Jeffrey MacDonald, as a comparison study to the rabbit holes of HIV/AIDS.

I believe if memory serves I may have interviewed Gunderson. That’s not significant one way or the other, and traumatic events in my own life and career caused me to forget things along unusual patterns. I know nothing more than you do, but I’m revisiting deserted trains of thought.  The blur in my mind at the time was that I believed the MacDonald case to be a horrific case of murder, plain and simple, and either he was guilty or he was telling the truth and there were assailants who came and attacked his family that night. I thought it was a murder case, only. Maybe some kind of “hippie” story.( And if you know me, you know my deep dread of hippies.)

Now I realize that the MacDonald case is way more “central” to understanding whom what, where, when, and why all these seemingly new revelations are upon us, about child trafficking, and other things that even I can’t put into words because it sounds so frankly insane and paranoid.

I invite us all to listen to the late, very clear, very intrepid and courageous for mer FBI agent Mr. Gunderson.

“PizzaGate” is not where the story begins.

A fantastic piece of journalism on all this here.


2 thoughts on “Ted Gunderson’s Last Video, and The MacDonald Case In Light Of PizzaGate”

  1. I have a question about Pizza Gate. I notice now there are only sarcastic comments about it being fake.
    What has come out to change public opinion? Were the emails all fake? Did they not come from WikiLeaks?

    I could not watch the video; said I must sign in.

  2. A fascinating pair of very un-politically-correct collections of investigative results, Celia.

    Sad to say, they address only the view of the tip of the iceberg from thirty-thousand feet.

    I won’t even begin the telling of what I know about what goes on inside that iceberg. I will take that knowledge with me to my grave (knowledge gained by being the iceberg’s invited fellow iceman).

    Thusly, I will keep myself out of a premature trip to the grave, and also spare myself much internal suffering from anticipating said premature trip.

    And please, don’t ask.

    And please, be careful. Physically, you’ve nothing to be concerned about, because you are nothing to the icemen. But, the danger is in your becoming nothing to yourself.

    You cannot stop the iceberg. You will become nothing to yourself if you delude yourself into believing that you can and that you must.

    Good luck.

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