On Mockery



And now I realize, evil’s favorite blocker is mockery. Mockery is the thing people most fear. It is what will afflict you with a thousand wounds when you begin to expose anything significant. If you can endure it, you will be so strong and so free, there’s nothing like it.

Cross over–

The river is treacherous, but on the other side of mockery is a place where we can admit everything we don’t yet know, but are trying to understand. We can be human beings. There’s freedom in that.


“Deep in the forest there is a clearing that can be reached only by someone who has lost his way.”

Tomas Tranströmer






8 thoughts on “On Mockery”

  1. Through this, I have finally connected Mocker..with “Ocker !” and “knocker” [ the Ork-mask of Australia].
    Always mounted as a death-knell for new awareness, here. This is diagnostic, and you often do it.
    Thank you!
    It is one mean spirit, with a number of different tired cliched sneers to its repertoire. It works like carbon monoxide on human candles. Til they -here hear-

    get wise to it

  2. Mockery is a useful tool. It helps distinguish between the real and the fake.

    For when we mock something phony or inessential, like political correctness, it dissolves, loses its power over us.
    But when we mock something sacred, something eternal, it survives intact.

    1. You mean like when we mock “pizzagate” or the dozens of conspiracy theories you all have. Then i agree . It is useful.

  3. Ascension and exploration of the exquisite expanses in the infinite distances.

    Yes, it begins with the “cross over” and the nurturing of affection for BEING the “someone who has lost his way”.

    This little post of yours is much appreciated, and is received with reverent solidarity. Wishing you continued endurance, crossings over, and clearings.

  4. Brilliant! How well you zero in. We’re not supposed to have anything we don’t yet know, nor anything to try to understand. The soothing voice on the tube, or soothing words in print will explain it all to us. Be happy, children! The recount will save us/distract us! Do some Christmas shopping! And pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

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