Dear PizzaGate Denialists: What is a Pizza in “Poor Health,” and “Not Expected To Survive?”

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“We’ve already found a secret memo coming out of the justice department, and they’re now going to go after 12 new perversions. Things like bestiality, polygamy, having sex with little boys, and making that legal…”

Tom De Lay


Update here.

Call me crazy, call PizzaGate “a fake,”  but then you have to prove that none of these pieces of evidence from Come Ping Pong and other strange occult pizza joints is all part of a very big not funny joke played on us rubes.


21 thoughts on “Dear PizzaGate Denialists: What is a Pizza in “Poor Health,” and “Not Expected To Survive?””

  1. @ David Crowe. You write: “I have no words for the stupidity of an entire conspiracy theory based on nothing but innuendo and conjecture.” You may not realise this. all this is the result of the Podesta emails and questionable use of known paedo lingo that appear in the emails. There are also significant gaps in the Podesta emails at the time of the disappearance of Madelaine McCann in 2007. Why are the corporate media not addressing the dramatic resemblance of the McCann police identikits to the Podesta brothers? If those identikits belonged to a mundane member of the public the corporate media would be on a massive witch hunt. The exact opposite is happening. The corporate media, along with other “fake” media sources are misdirecting the public’s attention to the pizza shop. This in itself is strategic. PizzaGate is not about Comet Ping Pong. Think about why the corporate media are white washing this. What’s going on the behind the scenes is more relevant here. You’re been diverted and intentionally so. Go watch some fake “reality” TV like the Kardashians or Game of Thrones as that’s more real than the fact that children being abused and trafficked around the world and in the US.

    1. I shouldn’t feed the trolls. But reality is not whatever you imagine it to be. Now that pizzagaters have received a cold reality shower in the shape of a man with a gun, you can say it was a psyop and claim that the disappearance of McCann is the new fakenews story we should all follow. Yes the MSM is corrupt. But not as corrupt as you.

      1. Your attempt at gas lighting is ridiculous. Get a grip. You are clutching at straws – you respond to other commenters with convoluted and deflective statements. Are you a shill or just plain ignorant?

  2. “Sorry, but I’d conjecture that “in poor health, not expectedto survive” might mean “available for ritual sacrifice.”

      1. It might mean that or it might mean a million other fucking things. You people are such gullible idiots. I have no words for the stupidity of an entire conspiracy theory based on nothing but innuendo and conjecture. It is the opposite of talking in tongues but just as ridiculous.

        1. Well, Mr. Crowe, I must confess to have been unable to find any semblance of a logical argument lurking anywhere within your invective.
          If this is an error, would you kindly re-post with whatever “logical argument” you may have to offer?
          Thanks very much.

          1. No, I won’t provide a logical argument. It’s YOUR job to prove that pizzagate is real. And so far you haven’t. Just paranoid whisperings. An increasingly shrinking echo chamber of innuendo and phantasmagorically deluded decoding of ordinary words. It reminds me of the fear of subliminal messages in rock’n’roll records, or the guy who said he was decoding secret islamist messages in radio broadcasts who turned out to be a total and utter fraud.

            1. al·leg·ed·ly
              used to convey that something is claimed to be the case or have taken place, although there is no proof.

              You guys are ridiculous , you watch this crap as proof . get a life.

            2. David,

              There’s no point trying to rationalize with the irrational. Let’s call a spade a spade—this is Celia Farber’s blog and she fully endorses these nutters. We’ve lost someone to mental illness.

    1. Anyone who says “what’s a pizza in poor health, not expected to survive” is so dumb, I’m amazed they use the Internet.

      1. Anybody who fails to grasp sarcasm that obvious, is so dumb I’m amazed they bother to troll websites.

  3. Question: Does pizzagate have anything to to with what’s on Weiner’s laptop? And why he labeled those files “life insurance?”

    1. it was mooted somewhere that it was his life insurance, because if Hilary, earlier, would axe him for his crimes, he, and Huma, had proof of her, Hilary’s, links to crimes. That this file amounted -on his lap top- to the ‘pin’ on the ‘hand-granade’ of the defence he potentially held..

  4. i want to kill them with my bare hands

    i want to kill their spirit

    their culture

    and their control systems

    from computer chips to money clips

    and pour their blood into a soil somewhere in deepest africa that needs the moisture

  5. This is fake. it is not real. you are wasting your time.
    if you want real go to your local church. 4 billion paid in lawsuits.
    Mr Trump paid an undisclosed amount in a case involving an under age girl.

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