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This is all to say that popular discussions of the pathologies of “Trump supporters” have become trite and boring. “Those people” are always depicted through the same phony anthropological prism, as if pundits are examining some inexplicable phenomenon that just suddenly became evident in the material universe. Trump supporters exist in all walks of life and in every region of the country, but they’ve somehow become these exotic creatures to be analyzed in a pseudo-journalistic lab. On the other hand, supporting Hillary is seen as the height of normalcy, requiring no further interrogation.
It would be equally possible to scrutinize the prototypical Hillary voter as some kind of baffling curiosity—plenty of loopy people support her for a variety of weird and off-putting reasons. I recall attending a Hillary rally during the Democratic primaries several months back where a number of her fans were propagating preposterous conspiracy theories about Bernie Sanders, on topics ranging from his alleged ties to communist radicals to his “illegitimately” begotten son. I could have weaved these anecdotes into a larger narrative about how Hillary voters were motivated to back her out of “anger,” “resentment,” and “anxiety.” But I didn’t, because my sense of fairness militated against the impulse.”

-Michael Tracey


How did I ever miss this article? All I know is I have happily let go of “friends” who have tried to assert their own cleanliness over the alleged dirtiness of hundred of millions of hard working Americans they have never spoken to and whose lives they know nothing about.

It’s not about Trump. That’s the irony. We get so obsessed about the purity or lack there of of One Man, the so called charismatic leader cult phenomenon, that we lose all interest in the reality that is so grotesquely obscured by these puritanical lenses.

It’s a veiled version and manifestation of what all the screaming middle class college kids are calling “racism.”

Racism is really all forms of trying to ugly-ify and “other” groups of people who are forced to be a proxy for the abjected in ourselves.

This is detailed in “Life Unworthy of Life,” by Daniel Glass, the best book on the Holocaust I have ever read, brought to my attention by Charles Ortleb, whose name will return here soon.


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  1. The Macbeths.
    The sumptuous dinner-parties. Such beautiful clothes! Purple at the lapel. Class. The ethnocentric feast of status-quo, to reupholster comfortable and shared convictions held. Sit there together in a fuzz of some kind. Be fed. Have piled the heaped-up table, smorgasbord? Eat. Whatever. Allegiances – to grotesque political facade, to idiomatic masquerade –
    are sworn again by sitting souls, whose listening is not activated.
    It cannot reach beyond the echo-chamber walls, the mutual ‘normalcy’. Not yet!

    Out in the dark, while feasters keep the form, [Macbeth is crazed, and Lady keeps the tactful superficial shell as best she can “Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under’t..”] a wild wild wind bellows under the night sky. Writhing clouds rush, distort, across the glowering pregnant and prophetic sky. This chapter’s Dire, though passing. Hired killers catch Banquo under ancient trees. He’s dispatched. [His loins, however, and his love, brought Fleance. “Fly! F l e a n c e …, Fly!”]
    His young innocent son, aghast, [ bearing -as Person- fresh hope, not ripe yet!, of future ] vanishes into the darkness, hides out, digests the horror he has seen. Within him seeds, or, be they stars, of some prophetic kingdom pulse, where death will not be worshipped, perpetrated and adored.
    The boy, panting, paled, gains safety. For now. He knows not to ‘go back inside the castle’, where other ‘nobles’ eat.
    He listens in the throbbing mantled dark, for hooves, for voices, and he hopes the murderers have passed. O, he r e a l l y listens. His heart beats. Will keep….beating.
    Not with “Vaulting ambition” [Macbeth..]
    But with a quickening. Something quite

    1. OH Berenice.

      My goodness, gracious, heavens, heavenly choice, You have made me so happy with this. Not for the first time. I need to PIN IT UP. Thank you with my whole torn ragged beating heart.

  2. This post kicks my insides in a fine way, to celebrate the reminded act of individual choice, even if un-popular verses podular… to clock in to one’s instinct. You are right! It is not about Trump. It is about the coding of symbols and alignments.. the unfashionable verses the fashionable. Looksism. He does not look the part….ha.. Now let us now ‘look’ at this in the micro and let thsi impact into a work movement where decision makers hire those who ‘do not look the part”/….and we will see the glory the possibility and also the surprise of something so obvious. Defy expectation! Kicking ass in Ohio. Let’s see what comes next. Today is a good day for workers. #faith-in-action!

    1. Caroline you are so right about this not “looking” the part aspect. You have opened my eyes to it more and more. Trump doesn’t look right. Obama has deported more illegal immigrants. Is that the correct phrase? I adopt these phrases without time to make them my own. Obama apparently has held a very draconian deportation policy. Where does inversion end?

      1. Celia: The politically correct phrase is “undocumented immigrants,” quite a mouthful. I suppose the main drawback to “illegal immigrant,” or “illegal alien” is that it also applies to children brought here by their parents, and how can a child be illegal, especially when they are very small? Obama has indeed deported gobs of them, I suspect to appease the Right. He is a decent, honorable man, but too weak to stand up to the jackasses in Congress, and needful of the ready campaign cash to do the right thing to the Wall Street crooks.. Funny thing is, this was the only issue Dubya got right, but he was blocked by these same forces on the Right, entirely for political reasons.

  3. Yes. Astonishing the way the media caricatured Trump (an easy target), yet ignored the damning evidence of Clinton malfeasance, gave them a free pass. Sad to say, we no longer have a press. It is one vast echo chamber, dumber than the average voter. Just as Trump flipped the bird to the Republican party, the DNC shot the Democrat party in the foot in choosing Hillary over Bernie, who may very well have beaten Trump. I wonder how many Bernie voters and Obama voters voted for Trump. I suspect more than a few. My politics is almost the opposite of Pence’s, yet he stopped the HPV vaccine mandate in Indiana, while Kaine promoted it in Virginia. Trump represented the only hope for stopping the madness of mandatory poisoning of every child in the land (and the adults, with Healthy People 2020). Thus my vote. The results of the election sure gob-smacked these smug, pious, lazy spokespeople for reality as it is supposed to happen. I don’t read newspapers, and haven’t watched the boob tube in decades, but am a longtime reader of the New Yorker. I’ve read their continual shilling for Hillary, especially in recent months, with growing disbelief and exasperation. It’s as if they live in a bubble, as if Manhattan is on another planet. I won’t be renewing, as it finally dawned on me that they represent the same distortion of reality, of language itself, as the newspapers and TV. A slow descent into mediocrity.

    1. Gary, I absorb your comments with such appreciation. Thank you for taking the time and care. Also, I learn so much from you. Totally forgot about Pence and HPV vaccine. Can you give details? Not if it’s arduous…

      1. Celia: Here’s the link:
        This press release claims that the HPV vaccine is proven to prevent cervical cancer.! I don’t think even the CDC has gone this far in the wild claims department.
        Just finished the Gunderson video. Knew there was festering rot in the gubmint, but not the extent. Makes J. Edgar Hoover look like a small-time operator. Haven’t yet finished the Clark Baker piece, but, so far, wow. I knew Kaiser was evil, but had no idea how evil. You are performing such a valuable service for all of us, a beacon of light in this dark alley. Thank you.

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