Human Rights Report: Castro Regime Sold Victims’ Blood To Vietcong Prior To Executions


img_2309“On May 27, [1966,] 166 Cubans — civilians and members of the military — were executed and submitted to medical procedures of blood extraction of an average of seven pints per person. This blood is sold to Communist Vietnam at a rate of $50 per pint with the dual purpose of obtaining hard currency and contributing to the Vietcong Communist aggression.

“A pint of blood is equivalent to half a liter. Extracting this amount of blood from a person sentenced to death produces cerebral anemia and a state of unconsciousness and paralysis. Once the blood is extracted, the person is taken by two militiamen on a stretcher to the location where the execution takes place.”

— InterAmerican Human Rights Commission, April 7, 1967


Article in WSJ, 2005, by Mary Anastasia O’Grady

[Ed: I guess they were better capitalists than we ever gave them credit for.]

23 thoughts on “Human Rights Report: Castro Regime Sold Victims’ Blood To Vietcong Prior To Executions”

  1. Que nivel de ingenuidad tienen los que escriben aca. No tienen idea de los crimenes cometidos por los Castro durante estos casi 60 años. Eso de la sangre es nada comparado con los fusilamientos masivos. No saben nada de las UMAP, CJC, EJT, las guerras africanas, los asesinatos y terrorismo en toda Africa y Latinoamerica, los asesinatos en la Cabaña, los electroshocks a presos en ell psiquiatrico de la Habana. Etc Etc
    Muerte, terror durante decadas.

  2. And, in addition, why would the Vietcong have had US dollars lying around when they were a communist regime at war with the US? If the Cubans really wanted hard currency from blood surely they could have found a market in the Caribbean or even smuggled it into the USA. I’m sure the Vietcong needed all the foreign currency they had to buy weapons etc. Furthermore, the Cubans have a well documented history of sending doctors and nurses to countries that need them, which surely would be more valuable in a war situation than a tiny quantity of blood.

    1. Vietnam received weapons from China and URSS via Cuba.
      The stories of terror and blood of the Casto dictatorship is well documented. Read: Las guerras secretas de Fidel Castro.
      More than 15000 cubans were kill only in the first years.
      Did you think cuban medical brigades were send free ????
      Do you realy think they want to help those poor countries ????
      With the mission and all the political propaganda of Castro de god one they send the military advisors and troops. It happens in al African and Latinoamerican countries.

  3. Thank you Celia,

    I don’t feel so alone in this world when brave souls like you speak so clearly. You are morally cognizant in drawing this to our attention in a time of such horrifying cognitive dissonance blaring from the liberal left.

    Oh and by the way Celia thank you for not patronising or mollycuddling me by telling me right wing dictators are bad too. I would have been pissed at you for being that facetious. Unfortunately the weak minded desire such comforts.

    What kind of mindset values free education and healthcare over ‘free speech/free expression’ what kind of life is that? Im shocked to what level stealth Marxism, shadow Marxism has infected the liberal left.
    How ready they are to beg for state tyranny as long as we live under a toxic big pharma rainbow for all fucking eternity.

    Their humanity is in crisis.

    What has happened to the will to be free, to will ‘power’ ‘greatness’
    How has culture/arts become so average, mediocre or depraved/muddled.
    Have these fools not understood George Orwells 1984, how an infinite
    prison/cloud of grey mediocrity/tyranny will fall upon the human race
    if we beg blindly for pseudo comforts within the heartless machinations of a
    monolith state.

    If any fool supports a state that destroys freedom of expression than they
    support the stealing of souls and ultimately the POSSESSION of souls.

    And in all mythologies around this globe there is a name for entities
    who wish to steal and possess your soul.


    So worship demons if you desire so, but it will wreck havoc with your
    soul, invite chaos, destruction and horror till there is nothingness.


    1. Dear dear Fred Slater–Thank you for articulating this. I am so pleased to see your name again, and your spirit burning so bright. I am so thankful to be thanked so elegantly, for not patronizing, throwing fish to seals, as it were, “Oh let me say something about Pinochet right now in case somebody gets uncomfortable…” Thank you for not patronizing ME by making me do that. Thank you for not making me stand on ceremony, a seal with a red ball on my nose, performing for a crowd, seeking approval. Sick of it. Sick of the years and decades wasted having to balance that red ball which represents reassuring men who stand above me, white, (sorry, but they are) (white, I mean) that I am not savage, bad, dangerous, unwashed, not right in the head, not able to assess information and testimony. Thank you for letting me hear you telling me I got you right, and vice versa.

      1. Jeez. My own website calls me “Anonymous?” It’s me, Celia.

        I need a webmaster. But first I need to raise funds. Anyway, Fred, it’s me, not “anonymous…”

        1. Thank you Celia, ‘anonymous’ oh god that is something you have never been and i love you dearly for that and your words which have an open magic, which have no desire to twist or bully even when there is anger. And although we have never met i mean ‘i love you dearly’ without a hint of mawkish cyber sentimentality. I hope that is clear ,

          I love how you have transcended the ‘professional journalism’ you were excommunicated from with such vitriol and what you have done with the ‘truth barrier’, how you traverse and gently weed the psyche of hypocrisy or blockages while wandering on this journey of the soul, this path.

          Always grateful of your friendship and kindness.

    2. It would be wonderful if we could all agree on opting to stick to discussion of known facts, without bringing in divisive, demonizing religious myth imagery which only serves to stifle civil, sober, serious and mature assessment, management and application of the relevant data and its appropriate consequential modification of societal perception, awareness, policy, and action.

      David Crowe was only wisely suggesting that we bring some rational calm, and some consideration of crucially-consequential, wider-ranging, relevant and probative data, into the case at hand.

      He was NOT suggesting that anyone ought to worship “demons” and “state tyranny”, or ought to engage in any of the other “weak-minded” behaviors which Mr. Slater’s comments stealthily and falsely accused him of promoting.

      1. Agreed. I don’t believe in devils any more than I believe in Gods. And I very much understand state tyranny. I’m not fan of Stalin or Mao or Castro, although the latter two did bring important and positive changes to their countries. I believe that China and Cuba, without those two men, would still be feudal backwaters. The problem is that western countries crush middle-of-the road socialists and it’s only the hard core dogmatic communists who can survive. Witness Chile, Iran, Ghana.

        1. Oh well boys

          Ya got me! exposed me for the religious right wing internet idiot i must be.

          It really does take such highly educated men to elucidate to me how inappropiate it is to use the term ‘Demon’ to describe Marxism as an evil psyche energy that has infected human consciousness which is ‘ACTing UP’ yet again like it did under Mao’s cultural revolution where children sent their parents to be EXECUTED, when the righteous indignation of gay men(ACT UP) invited with open arms the DEMONS of big pharma to slaughter a generation of gay men and the infection is still rancid among the leaders of the rainbow brigade.

          The rainbow brigade(Trotskyite mob) are screaming again with arms open to be RULED by an entity who appears to be female but cares for nothing but power and bloodlust, a woman who is goading Russia into a nuclear war, a woman who decimated Libya and almost wet her knickers when learning of his gruesome death. A woman who takes the money of Saudian Arabian demons who fund chaos and destruction, that murder FREE THINKING WOMEN and ‘caught in the act’ GAYS.

          But then again i’m just a rabid conspiracy theorist, a neo nazi apologist, a self loathing misogynistic faggot. Ive heard it a million times and its so fucking boring now, of course highly educated academics as yourselves are far more covert, masters of the passive aggressive.

          Oh silly me, i’m veering off course, Let;s celebrate a human butcher(Castro) along with all our glorious world leaders and see the deeper truth which evades me because of lack of reason?

          Let;s oust democracy and beg for a Marxist ‘God’ to save us all!

          Never has it been clearer to me albeit with my limited education and blue collar job that
          Marxism is a demon which has infected human consciousness and at this moment in time
          is ACTing UP with a vengeance because there are thousand upon thousands of human souls waking up and breaking free of its wretched clutches.

          And this is a dangerous time for this DEMON is clamouring for control with its hosts and inviting darkness and chaos with a vengeance.

          I know what im talking about, i was possessed by the demon of Marxism from a very young age and it has been a very painful lonely process to be free of it.

          Does that mean i hate the left? God no, im a pragmatic voter, i vote for where i sense humanity, be that left or right and im always nervous of anyone who is given power through democracy.

          But fuck me if im gonna stand idle and allow those in power appraise a butcher a murderer, a denier of FREE EXPRESSION.

          If i was given a choice of free speech/expression or free healthcare/education tomorrow in a referendum, it would be a no brainer every time and i would genuinely feel sorry for those who would choose to cling to the safety net of the state because the purpose of LIFE is to go on a journey of the soul and freedom of speech and expression are paramount for that journey.

          There is static without it, limbo, and the mainstream media has become a fascist tyrant trying
          with all its might to quash freedom of expression by patholigically lying about almost everything of VALUE, and im ashamed to say i gave up hope in the last few years, except for occasional moments of clarity. But with Brexit and Trump, it is undeniable that the mainstream medias clutches are crumbling, and screaming in its sinking ‘HITLER’ ‘NEO NAZI’ ‘HOMOPHOBIA’ ‘RASCISM’ ‘ANTISEMITE’ ‘MISOGYNY’ in a desperate attempt to trigger the marxist demon virus to ACT UP and close down the hatches, beg for tyranny, the end of democracy.

          The mainstream media have declared WAR on FREE SPEECH
          And fools are celebrating the death of a fascist who despised FREE SPEECH.

          If that is not AN OPEN INVITE to the darkest energies of the psyche to come possess us, own us, control us than what the fuck is it.

          But what do i know?

          I think Carl Jung understands what i feel.

          “Unfortunately, it is my fate that other people, especially those who are themselves possessed by demons, think me mad because I believe in these powers. But that is their affair; I know they exist. There are demons all right, as sure as there is a Buchenwald (WWII German concentration camp).” – Carl Jung

          Carl Jung on ‘demons’ and how easily invited in,

          1. Mr. Slater, your input is certainly worthy of being valued and given well-reasoned response, but your method of delivery is glaringly hysteric, insulting, inhospitable, defamatory, combative, grandiose, and is therefore very unpleasantly marred by the repellant blemish of being undignified, due to its abundance of militantly-delivered false accusation against those (including myself) who have not said or implied any of the monstrously absurd things which your charges accuse them of saying.

            You cannot yell “Fire!” in a crowded theatre, Mr. Slater, when there is no combustion occurring in the theatre, or when there are no conditions threatening its occurrence.

            That social restriction or, in some states and counties, that statutory legal prohibition, is part of the contract we all consent to honor, to abide by, and to be bound by, in this constitutional civilization’s social and legislative structures of sanctifying free expression.

            Your lack of civility, hospitality, humility, restraint, and due regard for the dignity of interlocutors, is clearly something you nurture and deploy as a method of making yourself appear to be the victim here.

            You are NOT the victim here, Mr. Slater.

            You have been the aggressor.

            Again, I assure you that your input is valued, but, your tactical arsenal of aggressive, combative, grandiose, defamatory and falsely-accusatorial hysterics is burying your input under a self-detonated, self-inflicted demolition of your credibility.

            At your service, I respectfully offer you this benevolent constructive criticism.

            My pleasure.

            You’re welcome.

          2. In haste, I find no fault with Fred’s arguments. I reject all guilt trips associated with despising the communist/Leninist/Marxist octopus.

            I ask John Powell that you cease scolding Fred. His language is not “glaringly hysteric,” any more than any of us at any given time. It’s just that he opposes communism in toto and you therefore feel the need to scold him. If it were Nazi-ism you’d feel no similar urge. But they are identical.


  4. My first thought was how gruesome; but knowing they become unconscious before execution, perhaps this is more humane than executions done where men sit on death row for years. Then to be injected with something that may not work right away having seizures before dying.

  5. It was estimated that the war in Iraq cost a million lives in the first few years. Yet American presidents are routinely feted. And where is the criticism of the right wing dictatorships in Latin America. It seems hypocritical to single out Fidel for criticism when he was by no means the most brutal dictator in the hemisphere.

    Plus, does this story even make sense? In 1966 how would you even get the blood from Cuba to Vietnam? Given that the US has tried many times to execute Fidel and restore Cuba to its status as a right wing dictatorship without public health care and other benefits that Fidel brought, could this be akin to the story told at the start of the Gulf War about Saddam Hussein taking babies out of incubators and killing them?

    Ironically, this story is from the MSM.

    1. I obtained some very strange (very suspect) results, after spending more than four hours on locating that source “document” cited in the above quote from the “Inter-American Human Rights Commission, April 7, 1967”.

      [note: It’s the IACHR, not the IAHRC. The WSJ article author didn’t even notice that she hadn’t even confirmed the correct name of the organization whose words she claimed to be reproducing. That was the least of her misdeeds, as we shall see henceforth.]

      IACHR (the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, est. 1959) is a branch division of the OAS (Organization of American States, est. 1948), an outfit set up by the U.S. government, for the purpose of standardizing its control over the governments of Latin American and Caribbean nations.

      I certainly don’t condone any human rights abuses committed by the Castro government. I simply stick to my long-ago resolve to remain absolutely skeptical about ANY propaganda disseminated by ANY government entities.

      The OAS is a notorious propaganda tool, used by the U.S. to excuse its worst military interventions, economic manipulations, and political black ops against weak, vulnerable and, shall we say, uncooperative governments of Latin America and the Caribbean.

      I still have a lot of digging to do, but thus far I’ve found numerous source “documents” (read that as OAS/IACHR publication of absolutely non-evidenced stories which are, at best, nothing but repeated hearsay, and are quite likely absolute fabrications).

      One such “document” is that which is cited in your excerpt quoted above, Celia.

      I read that entire OAS/IACHR “report”, using the Spanish-language original, and using the assistance of a friend of mine who was born and raised in Cuba (she’s now 63, and she left Cuba when she was 14). She did the translating for me. NOWHERE in that “report” is there any mention of the blood being drained from prisoners before execution. NO mention of blood being sold to “Communist Vietnam”. NO mention of Vietnam or the Vietcong, at all.

      No mention of ANYTHING occurring involving “166 Cubans” on May 27, 1967.

      It seems bizarre to even say the following, but I don’t have any other option:

      The “journalist” who wrote that WSJ article in 2005 (which is, apparently, where you got the quote from, Celia), appears to have fraudulently made up a narrative about the whole blood-from-the-executed scenario, and falsely attributed that fraudulent narrative to that April 7, 1967 IACHR “report”.

      The FACT is, the information she says is in that “report’ IS NOT in that report.

      I’m sure there’s some revealing insight to be gained by looking into just WHO IS Mary Anastasia O’Grady, the author of that WSJ article: What are her ties to any propaganda mills/U.S. domestic psych-ops outfits (State Department, DIA, Pentagon, CIA, think tanks with vested interests and deep-cover connections to aforesaid U.S. policy enforcement/policy rationalization institutions , etc., etc., etc.).

      There’s lots of stinking fish laying around on the floors and in the drawers of the story-writing rooms to which the origin of that so-called “Human Rights Report” can be tracked.

      That “report” itself appears to be an assortment of fish stories whose repugnance its creators anticipated would be so offensive that it would cause most readers to turn away from any thought of checking out whether the accounts it contains are even real.

      “Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

      One of the things I hate most in this world, is false accusation.

      I’ve been falsely accused, in ways which had VERY serious effects on my financial and material well-being. I DESPISE the common PC habit of casually/carelessly jumping on the groupthink thrill-a-minute bandwagon of accusing some opponent (whomever it is) of something which has not been proven by the weight of thoroughly-investigated, thoroughly-authenticated, and thoroughly-verified EVIDENCE.

      Even Fidel Castro ought to be afforded due process, and even Fidel Castro ought NOT be subjected to false accusations, no matter how much fun those accusations are to publish.

      People of good conscience CANNOT hang someone for something they heard someone else say was heard by someone else who says he forgot where he heard it.

      True justice is a necessarily harsh taskmaster, and I am very glad that is so.

      1. John, thank you for your amazing fact checking! That story sounded too good to be true. As I said, I’m skeptical that in the 1960s you could get blood from Cuba to Vietnam and still have it be usable. And even despite all the destruction the US was unleashing on Vietnam at that time, there still must have been lots of locals to give blood. I mean, 166 people? How long would that blood last in a full on war like Vietnam? Maybe one day?

        1. Yes indeed, David, there’s a very vast network of dark and deep mobilization of deception, behind the propaganda which has been drawn to our attention by this particular Truth Barrier headline and allegation.

          Thank you for the kind acknowledgement.

          I’m absolutely sure Celia’s heart was in the right place, but…

          as many a wise matriarch sage has warned we who humbly sat before her noble presence:

          Patiently restrain the eager heart, that thou be not harmed by its mistakes of trust in the beckoner’s betraying art.

    2. Better learn more about Cuba in the 40 and 50. There was free education and public health associated with private ones. Better health care than we have in America now, taken in consideration the 6o years of cientific developments.
      Most of cuban hospitals were built befone the so call ” revolution”.
      Tell me about the achievements of the revolution…..
      There were only 9 years “good for the cubans” between 1980-89, at least we could buy some food and clothes with our salary. Not taken in consideration the repression and violation of human rigth.
      Go to Cuba and live 6 month there as a cuban, without dollars, working and living with cuban salary , cuban houses , transportation, health care, etc and later we talk.

      1. Thank you Mr. Lopez. None of these American or Canadian Castro apologists have been to Cuba. It’s just a fantasy they use to club people with to conform to their unsatisfied blood thirst, because as Westerners they can’t actually kill people weaker than them and get away with it. Well, unless they are really powerful. If you lined up 20 real Cubans at a table and started 4 tape recorders recording they would not ask a single question. Hideously anti-fact. Why they come here I do not know.

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