6 thoughts on “What They Said: Hillary Clinton”

  1. A recount is perfectly all right, but electronic voting cannot be audited; there are no paper ballots to be recounted. I wonder how many of those counties in the three states use electronic voting exclusively. Those machines and their proprietary software are the real threat to honest elections (along with all the Reconstruction-style voting restrictions the Republicans have come up with). I voted for Trump, but he seems to have turned everything over to Pence, whom I don’t trust at all; Trump may turn out to be only slightly less dangerous than Hillary. Something of a parallel here with Dubya and Cheney, although Pence isn’t outright evil, as Cheney is. Two clueless Republican presidents in succession. I don’t regret my vote, but I’m fastening my seatbelt.

    1. Very true. Trump is basically pretty clueless about the presidency so he must rely on Pence, and others who are more experienced. He has a few decent ideas and is not a hawkish warmonger but I am afraid that he will be overwhelmed by hawks, warmongers and neocons who control the government. Pence is not nearly as evil as Cheney but he is an old school Republican hack and a Christian Zionist of sorts, which does not inspire my confidence. The good thing here is that since both: Republicans and Democrats hate him, he will have a difficult time to accomplish anything, which is good IMO because most things these dispshits try to accomplish are not in our best interest.

      1. I’ve just learned that Pence actually stopped the HPV mandate in its tracks in Indiana, and the Dems howled in protest. So he may be on our side. Off with the seatbelt for the nonce.

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