6 thoughts on “Another Stormy, Intemperate Post On Trump, Homophobia, And Racism”

  1. Saying that Trump has helped black people and other minorities all his life is like accepting that Hillary has worked for women all her life. What about his prejudice against black people renting his apartments for which he had to sign a consent decree? What about Mexicans being murderers and rapists? What about banning muslims, mostly dark skinned? What about his support for intensifying the police state that many black people live in? Funny how Jesse Jackson, who the right normally hates, becomes the gospel of truth when he’s polite to Donald Trump at a dinner.

    1. “What about Mexicans being murderers and rapists? ”

      How slowly does it have to be explained to people that he said what he said and it clearly wasn’t ever about ALL of them? How many times does it need to be explained that people have to be able to communicate without some Jan Brady wanna be screaming about exact words? The Southern Poverty Law Center has talked extensively about Mexican gangs ‘ethnically cleansing’ central L.A. Do you know what that means? That means that black people are being killed by Mexican gangs. You know, like those same black people that people will don hoodies and other meaningless gestures to stand in pseudo solidarity with? Do you get that? Do you care?

      There have also been numerous reports from Obama’s own ICE about deporting Mexican sex offenders in very large numbers. We all know what he meant; Mexico isn’t sending us their best and brightest. Who on Earth would argue that they were? It’s the poor that they’re shedding, of fucking course it’s the poor. Whenever anyone talks about crime, the notion that it’s ’caused’ by poverty is never far behind, and why wouldn’t it be? Of course poverty and crime are like PB&J. So, the people coming from Mexico and other central American countries are poor, and with that comes some degree of crime. Stop acting like it’s not ok to say that.

      ” What about banning muslims, mostly dark skinned? ”
      What did Trump say about their skin color? Question, did you hear about the British woman who was gang raped in Dubai? She was taking a vacation and they arrested HER. Who are you defending here? There are plenty of Muslims in the United States. Let them assimilate for a while. Period. No apology needed or asked for by any rational person.


      “Funny how Jesse Jackson, who the right normally hates, becomes the gospel of truth when he’s polite to Donald Trump at a dinner.”

      Funny how Jesse Jackson, who the left normally loves, becomes a bit of an embarrassment when he’s rightfully thanking Donald Trump at said dinner.

  2. I believe the Hamilton cast member was addressing Mike Pence who is an extreme right “Christian” of the school that believes gay folks can be cured and have their sexual preference changed. Pence is the one who concerns me as well as some of Trump’s appointees.

    1. I would agree with that, Sharon. I really hope Mitt Romney isnt selected for Secy of State, We might as well have Hillary Rodham back in that position. Mitt represents everything I detest about the Republican establishment.

  3. Extraordinarily impressive, this young chap is. I’m most admiring of his dogged, rugged and stubborn passion for excavating what are the crown jewels of personal and public integrity: Solid, comprehensively-evidenced, non-prejudicial, non-exclusionary (hard-headedly anti-cherry-picking) FACTS.

    I’m not a student of the “Info Wars” campus. I’ve visited that site no more than half a dozen times during its existence. So, I’m very grateful, Celia, for your inclusion of the rather professorial presentations by this young commentator/documentarian, here in the classrooms of your own post-graduate cultural studies program.

    Muchas gracias, Celia, sister member of the expedition to experiencing the burrowing, diving, submerging and rising toward the gathering of glimpses which make the pieces fit, in this particular puzzle of the infinite time and space through which we are fated to momentarily pass.

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