11 thoughts on “This is War: Psychotic Fascist Pods vs. Americans Who Respect Democracy”

  1. Celia,
    A great comment on the election and it’s aftermath. So many so called well educated people here in the UK haven’t become aware of are the radical Islamic links which Hillary has surrounded herself with and taken cash from. It’s a multicultural and politically correct mindset here fanned by the likes of the BBC that’s put out the negatives on Trump whilst all the time concealing the truth about Hillary. But it seems the US voters have seen through the smokescreen only to see the cesspool occupied by the Clintons and the further damage they wreak on the economy and have voted accordingly.

  2. Hillary is a dangerous, out of control ideologue. Her silence in regard to the violence is deafening.

    I love this guy. Great video.

  3. Brilliantly done, and of course, so very true, but, it begs the question (as do all rants of partisan outrage), why none of the same outrage when the majority of the ranter’s fellow Trump crusaders insisted that the election was going to be rigged and that they would not accept the results if Clinton won?

    Bored Yawning Bystander
    Who Voted For Neither

    1. Well with all due respect John, Hillary and the DNC were caught red handed rigging their own primaries. The democrats have also openly backed the idea that illegal aliens should vote, and lest we forget have been registering dead people to vote since…at least Kennedy Vs. Nixon way back when. Before that really.

      Republican’s on the other hand don’t really rig elections. That’s why Democrats throw temper tantrums when they lose, because they cheated and they lost. The Republican’s have to win an election three times to claim victory once. So, he had a right to say that.

      1. Comrade Ericson, rest assured that you aren’t presenting ANY hint of ANY offense of disrespect to me, by citing the fact that “Hillary and the DNC were caught red handed rigging their own primaries”, and that they’ve “openly backed the idea that illegal aliens should vote”, etc., etc.

        I have transcended party loyalty. I’m not on either side. I established that discipline during my early twenties, nearly fifty years ago.

        No need to preface any of your political party observations with courteous clarification of respect toward me, but I appreciate your kind sentiment.

        Of course “he had a right to say that”, but it was nevertheless a demonstration of intent to eventually blame an electoral loss on something other than his unsuccessful effectiveness in competing, if he had in fact lost.

        Surely you’ll agree that he’s capable of exercising the rather common human flaw of denying responsibility and contriving convenient scapegoats to shift that burden onto something or someone else, yes?

        Aren’t we all?

        1. No, not in this case. He was saying that given her obvious cheating, why should we not believe that she’d rig the election. I believe she did rig the election frankly, and he still won. That’s how much he won.

          1. Stephen, aside from the Clintons’ collusion with the “liberal media”, to achieve a win by, in part, media bias; and aside from the Democratic party hanky-panky aimed at knocking Sanders out of the primary, precisely what proven actions can be presented as evidence that, in your words, “she did rig the election”?

  4. This is why I voted the way I did; between awful and worse, awful was the better choice. Plus Trump may very well clean up the cesspool which is the CDC; this is the real and present danger to our nation, the greatest we’ve ever faced. Presidents don’t usually keep promises, but we can hope. Apparently, CDC employees are wetting their pants, or their tissues, in any case. Celia, have you seen Levi Quackenboss’ letter to the president-elect? It’s quite good.

    1. I have Gary. I just lose so much Chi when writers don’t use their real names. But I know this writer and she is very good.

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