Origins of Left Wing Political Correctness Explained By ex KGB Agent


Please watch this and tell us what you see. It’s not necessary to discuss what you think of InfoWars, but rather, this footage, of American “normal,” today.

I am literally hoarse from typing forth my horror on Facebook, and my brain hurts from all the “friends” who think it is I who have gone off the deep end.

I, in turn, welcome their repudiation of me, because I no longer want any communist apologia touching me or breathing on me.

America has been hijacked by armies, armies, upon armies, of brainwashed, militant PC youth, looking for heads to bash, like skinheads used to do in my youth, when punk was the language and violence bristled at the edges.

PC was never benign, never “understandable.” It was always part of a decades old plot from the former KGB to sow the seeds of communist destruction in the US, where it would flower and bloom, long after the Soviet Union fell.

Do I really believe that?


More or less, I do.




18 thoughts on “Origins of Left Wing Political Correctness Explained By ex KGB Agent”

  1. Hi Celia,

    That was an interesting piece. It reminded me of this interview with Norman Dodd (father of former US Senator from CT, Christopher Dodd). It is worth listening to the full hour:

    Here is a wikipedia entry (from the history) about Norman Dodd and his work:

    I discovered your site when you covered Vaxxed. Thank you for helping to bring that important documentary to the public’s attention.

  2. So this is what your life amounts to. You endorsed HIV denialism and even defended Christine Maggiore when she murdered her child and then died of AIDS herself and now you are fighting that hoary enemy of every frat boy who has ever been criticized for saying faggot. And now to make it all better you have a KGB guy making a video claiming that Americans trying to make safe spaces for each other is a plot.

    Shame on you lady. Shame on you. No wonder you screwed Guccione – you certainly couldn’t have made a name for yourself as a journalist from talent.

    1. Hey Tim-star, you can agree or disagree with the motivations and direction of a resolute independent journalist, but trolling her website with false and obscene personal attacks requires no courage and will not advance debate.

  3. I’ve been watching Yuri’s video’s for years now, and the striking thing about them is simply how much he was right. He’s right when you go back and research what happened in places like Angola, and he’s again right in how these patterns are playing out here in the United States.

    If there’s zero truth to it and it’s all just paranoid conspiracy drivel, it’s odd that he’s so frequently correct.

  4. Celia’s devout embrace of the alt right is fascinating. One of the only journalists of the past three decades possessed of the courage to bear the freight of career retribution to transmit truths, she now resolutely looks the other way and cleaves to incongruous Cold War dogmas cranked to 11 by internet narcissists. Coincidentally this is playing out just as the spectral heirs of Father Coughlin and George Lincoln Rockwell have taken power. Truly a perfect storm of pitiable decline, sound and blog fury. And what a drag when we need her most.

    1. What Anthony Wing said.
      i have struggled to find way to express exactly such sentiment.
      What a loss that no measure can define.
      “And what a drag when we need her most.”

      i hope that You know how much You and Your Work mean to me.
      And that You understand my dismay.

      1. Dismay? At what exactly? Her failure to embrace PC culture, or her success at posting the above video?

        Please Brother Strawberry, tell us what exactly Yuri is wrong about.

    2. Brother Strawberry: Celia Farber has the uncommon gift of seeing with great clarity. Like most Americans I was appalled by the last year and a half or so of electioneering. We truly had no choice, once they destroyed Bernie, the only honorable person in the race besides Jill Stein. We have lost every single newspaper, with the exception of the Onion; they are all now nothing more than propaganda organs, as are broadcast and on line media. I miss reading the newspaper with my morning coffee, and especially the comics and puzzles, the only place, besides the sports page, where anything resembling truth can be found today. Celia has called it correctly. College campuses appear to have become like day care centers, complete with play-doh. Yes, Trump is pretty alarming, but the public can’t be fooled for long. I think we’ll be going through a rough patch, but please don’t shoot the messenger. She calls ’em as she sees ’em.

      1. Being that everyone and their sister is weighing in on the election, I suppose I will too.

        Trump won because he in the words of Ann Coulter “picked up the $1000 bill on the side walk”. It’s just the truth. I’ve been concerned about illegal immigration since 1983. Year after year I grew more and more cynical toward the political process because I knew it was ‘just one of those things’ that you have to accept while clearly it’s destroying the country. People are no longer able to make a living in the worlds greatest economy. People with engineering degrees are being told to be quiet when they think they can improve a process at their job stocking shelves at WalMart. If your job hasn’t gone to an illegal immigrant, it’s been automated out from under you, failing those two prospects, it’s been sent to another country. It seems that the United States can’t do ANYTHING anymore. We import FOOD from China for the love of god. When Hillary and the 99 year old upset college kid Sanders were debating they didn’t really seem to care about any of this. They seemed to bend over backwards promising more free whatever to their audience of upset children who for the most part can’t find Korea on a globe.

        When I listened to them talk, Trump was the only one who was even interested in the job at all. Imagine that you were looking for a manager for your career as … an actor. Three potential candidates came into the room and began to debate about who was going to be the best for you. Two of them could only talk about how it wasn’t fair that you got so many gigs while other actors had a hard time landing work and the other said “I’m going to fight for YOU to get more work!”

        Question: who gets the job?

        Please people…and now there’s widespread RIOTING? How is Yuri wrong? This is what he predicted. He had seen it, and been a part of it while in the KGB. In that way he’s like Trump because he uniquely qualified as an insider to talk about what they do.

        I’m SOOO glad Trump won.

  5. By the way, Celia, this is one of your best! The KGB did their job well, and they have succeeded. Also, by the way, I don’t trust any damn politician, and I think Trump may have already sold us out, naming Pence to handle the transition. A thoroughly establishment character, and a vaccine promoter in Indiana (HPV).

    These street protesters are triggered automatons.

    Beware of the triggered assassins that could be coming next.
    All supported by the mainstream media that has lost its credibility.

  7. David Crowe: The ex KGB agent explains very well how such a piece could be penned. She likely has never spoken to a Trump voter (and this is an entirely meaningless term), nor ever been to a rust-belt city. She probably knows little about the deep corruption of the Clintons or their long-standing ties to the CIA. She no doubt gets her information from the mainstream media, and like-minded web sites. She clearly has never learned logic and reasoning, and is too young to realize how deeply compromised our government has become, joined at the hip with industry; President Eisenhower warned us of this in his farewell address in 1960. So, who are Trump voters? Some have been left behind by the offshoring of jobs (accelerated by Bill Clinton’s NAFTA), watching their communities slowly rot. Some want the filth at the CDC and DHHS cleaned up (my reason). Some realize that very few opportunities exist now for jobs paying enough to raise a family and buy a house. Some are mad as hell at the banksters who got away with all their crimes. Some are likely veterans who realize the sacrifices they made have done nothing for the nation. Some are certainly offended by the silliness occurring on college campus. Some no doubt are still seething that we have a black president. Some who simply don’t like change see immigrants moving into their communities and are frightened or upset. Just a partial list. I spoke with two neighbors, a Republican and a Democrat (I’m unaffiliated, but a former Democrat), just before the election, and we all agreed we were going to hold our noses and vote for Trump. Part of the reason for both Trump’s victory and the Globe and Mail piece is the power of propaganda, which is about all the media gives us any more. It is possible that the oligarchs turned on Hillary in the closing weeks, realizing that she might become a liability. She sure pissed the FBI off. They don’t take too kindly to that. But the idea that Trump will be waging war on women or blacks or latinos is absurd; political correctness run amok.

    1. Hah hah hah hah hah hah! Trump supporters don’t need “trigger warnings.”It’s just called speaking your mind. You know, what normal people do in the free world. But in all seriousness, I do use trigger warnings myself. Only its at the range when it’s announced that the range is hot and everyone is ready to fire. That one makes sense.

    2. “I suspect we will not see a glut of similarly themed think pieces about Hillary Clinton voters this week, stories about how we really need to listen to pro-Hillary folks, feel their pain, make sure their needs are met before the next election.”

      It’s difficult to that that after having controlled the White House and the media for the last 8 years that their voices were somehow marginalized in the first place, hence the shock of the election results, right?

      “A journalist’s pitch of “I Spent a Weekend With a Bunch of Hillary Supporters and It Turns Out They Love Their Children and Make a Good Blueberry Pie” was never going to be met with “Great! Give me 1,500 words.””

      That’s because ‘journalists’ are Hillary supporters and fish don’t notice the water now do they?

      “A man shouting “Jew-S-A!” was to be taken as some kind of white working-class sphinx, asking us to solve the riddle of his true feelings.”

      Really, Trump supporters are the anti semites of note? Lol. Been to Berkley Ca. lately bud? Just a heads up, Lady GaGa was at a Hillary rally wearing what looked to be a Nazi inspired uniform and Sieg Heil’d the audience. I guess it was supposed to be ‘ironic’ and yet, there really is some palpable antisemitism on the left, is there not?

      ” I can report that we in Canada are feeling a little Austria, 1933, right now.”

      No, you can’t actually. Because you see, it’s far, far from the truth.

      “It was taken as given, but I kept reading it, that Trump supporters were a demographic compelled, by forces entirely beyond their control, to hate and fear Hispanics and Muslims.”

      It was also taken as a given that the author of this article probably didn’t have her home value destroyed by a sudden and steady influx of illegal aliens. Hate is such an abused word anymore. You have to LOVE without loving, and you have to be tolerant of the intolerable. It’s way easier to think that their ‘hate’ is simple small mindedness and not a genuine feeling of disgust at the fact that the rich get to abuse our labor laws while the rest of us toil to make ends meet while the IRS and the Banks collude to diminish our savings while the left purposefully strains our nations generous social safety net, Cloward-Piven as it were. Google it if your as of yet still ignorant.

      “To report that story convincingly you have to ignore the fact that Mr. Trump’s voters are relatively affluent. They have a median household income of $72,000 (U.S.), a full $10,000 above the average.”

      Wow. See! That right there.The elitism we’ve been talking about. $72G’s a year aint what it used to be sister. And it also depends on where you live. Median means that half of them make LESS than that. And that amount…doesn’t always keep gas in the tank and food on the table. See, that’s the thing…it’s the currency stupid. It’s broken. Soooo out of touch.

      “You also have to sweep a lot of lower-income, lower-skilled minorities (it’s striking how people of colour seldom get the romanticized label “working class” bestowed upon them) under the rug. The plights of these people are much less likely to be poignantly illuminated in the press than those of my fellow white folks.”

      Really? We DON’T hear a lot about the plight of minorities? Why…you just mentioned the news dominating BLM in this very article. Obama was elected 2x was he not? Why was the CRA implemented? How many times has BLM been to the White House? What the fuck is she talking about?

      If blacks don’t get called ‘working class’ it could be because the media has trained us to think of them as the chronically unemployed victims of racism for …all of my life at least. Or it could be that they’re treated as a monolithic voting bloc by the democrats distinctly separate from working class whites. That could have something to do with it. You know, the Democrats were the party of the Jim Crow south, so they kind of invented this whole thing.

      This article is drivel.

      “You may have noticed that, the story goes, white people are on drugs because they have no jobs, but black people have no jobs because they are on drugs.”

      You may have noticed that blacks revert to being in gangs because they ‘have NO OTHER OPTIONS’…except for the many millions who don’t and who get good paying jobs. The many I’ve known…you know, in real life. I love when the left toils to create these useful politically motivated stereotypes, and then goes on to scold you for believing that they’re somehow accurate. It’s just one of those ‘dammed if you do’ situations I guess. It’s probably because I’m white.

      “The closing of a tire plant doesn’t automatically make you vote for a volatile, vindictive dollar-store demagogue who has had his eye on his own bottom line from the instant he launched his campaign and whose only truly consistent position throughout that campaign has been that he will in any number of shifting ways make minorities suffer.”

      Yeah no. Illegal aliens need to go home. That won’t hurt black employment, it will obviously help. On the other hand, how is voting for a Neocon with a vagina and a ‘D’ next to her name who’s quest for the White House was so taken for granted that she seemingly forgot to come up with ANY platform what so ever save for assembling a few dozen celebrity endorsements supposed to help race relations? If Obama’s 8 years only served to make things much worse, and they did, hence the burning cities, how is 4 more years of pseudo socialist bank rich clap trap supposed to help? Lol.

      Look, at least Trump said what SOMEBODY wanted to hear. They call it ‘populism’ and then they act like it’s bad. Who’s vote do you want if not that of the populace? Jesus Christ, it’s like talking to Kindergartners.

      “No matter how tempting it might be to normalize these people and their “controversial racial attitudes” in the years ahead and, in doing so, go some way toward making the world we’re now all forced to live in feel just that tiny bit more normal, more sane, let’s not do that.”

      Fair enough, but let’s also stop inviting paid race agitators to the white house too, ok?

      “First of all, stop calling the crap we’re seeing “economic anxiety.”

      Next thing you know, we’ll be reading about “white rumbly tummies” and “The White Stomach Butterflies That Brought Hitler to Power.”

      Listen asshole, when you spend a million dollars for a loaf of bread you can talk about Germany in the 30’s ok? I’ve got 10 bucks that says the author of this article didn’t read ‘It takes a Village’ so she has no idea of what Hillary is really about anyhow. Let alone the starving people of Weimar Germany. Get a clue idiot.

      “You may not be able to change the minds of these “anxious” people with facts. Truths like “Your plastic orange president-elect reflexively spits out lies like some kind of remarkably duplicitous Pez dispenser” will get you nowhere. ”

      Do you even have a clue what was found in wiki leaks?

      “Pleas to their sense of compassion, and duty to the larger community, will likely be met with an overcompressed JPEG plastered with a conspiracy theory and some invented statistics; you will make no headway with logic or science with Trump supporters.”

      She took millions from the people who fund ISIS, she kept a server that was illegal and if you or anybody you know had a security clearance like I do you’d then know that she knew it was illegal and decided to that that very risky move FOR SOME REASON. Perhaps it was because of all of the ILLEGAL dealings she’s been caught up in which at this point have been proven. In the best possible light she’s a neocon who stole an election out from under Bernie Sanders. That’s the best you can say about her.

      “These people are political anti-vaxxers, sure, but I’d like some sizable portion of the world to keep asking: “How did a country that acknowledged racism as a problem, one that they would strive to overcome, decide that this tax-evading, lady-grabbing hate monger was the answer?””

      Vaccines, sometimes harm people. If your kid has an allergy to peanuts nobody calls you crazy, but if your kid has an adverse reaction to an MMR vaccine and you have the unmitigated temerity to happen to notice, you’re completely insane. Whatever. Hope it happens to your kid, what else can I say?

      We did acknowledge racism is a problem. And then we did a lot to remedy that problem. I know at least 10 black people who didn’t come from privilege who own multiple homes. I also know hundreds of whites who are struggling. So much has been done, and we’ve come so far, but the left is loathe to admit any of it’s own policies even work for black people at all, policies that have been in place since at least the Johnson administration, work at all because they have no other political tool in their box. If the blacks aren’t their victims that they can pay to keep quiet, they’ll have to find another demographic to exploit. Which is exactly what they’re doing with illegal immigrants. The old slaves were free, get us new slaves, but this time we’re not housing them and feeding them, that’s the tax payers problem…suckers!

      “Please don’t tell me that lots of Trump supporters voted on issues other than race. Studies show that – while the belief that women are nasty was a strong indicator of support – attitudes toward race, the belief that black people are more violent than whites, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim born in Kenya etc. were the key predictors of whether someone planned to vote for Donald Trump.”

      I could easily call any such study ‘bullshit’ but I can do better by saying that the only reason anyone would consider voting for Hillary was because she’s a girl and Sanders was giving out free stuff. Work shy, paranoid women who need a welfare check or a job they can do half as well as a man make up the democratic party, save for the closeted communists and otherwise all around weirdo’s.

      There, how does it feel to be stereotyped?

      “What you have done, America, is elect a man to the highest office in the land who has failed to demonstrate even a Schoolhouse Rock! level of understanding of how government works. ”

      No, please…educate us on ‘how govt. works’? Democrats are the ones rioting in the streets because of big bad America and there’s been a Democrat in the White House for 8 years. We’ve been suffering with Johnson’s ‘GREAT society’ for 50 years now. Please, tell us how govt. really works.

      Well first you set up a ‘foundation’ which you’ll use as a money laundering front…and then you go to these speaking engagements because who on Earth doesn’t just love the sound of Hillary Clintons voice??

      “– all other exhaustive attempts at prosecuting her having failed.”

      See, about that though… they DIDN’T fail…the FBI just decided to not prosecute her. Comey said as much and it left the ENTIRE RATIONAL WORLD asking why not? Again, ask around to see if anybody you know knows someone with a security clearance. Go…now. When you get back we’ll talk about the Iranian nuclear eng. who died because of Hillary’s leaky server.

      “You know what? If I had to pick a “snowflake” generation here, it might be the older white folks who seem to have had a screaming meltdown about the loss of their cultural right to say the N-word in public and have everyone chortle along with them.

      What we just witnessed was a tantrum, one that will cost everyone dearly. And if you are black or Hispanic or Muslim or trans or gay or a woman, the answer is: Yes, they do hate you that much. America just bit off its nose to spite your face.”

      The snowflakes who own homes and deal with real life every day you mean? Lol. I’ve got a news flash for you, not all Blacks are violent and or need your help that you’re not giving them anyhow, not all ‘Hispanic’ people are illegal immigrants, not all women are pro abortion, and a good deal of the Muslims that I know are business owners and are therefore Republicans…

      and I couldn’t think of a country I’d rather be ‘Trans’ in…even prior to the ‘first gay’ president, than the United States of America.

      1. Stephen: Couldn’t agree more with much of what you’ve written. Drivel indeed; astonishing drivel. A big heaping pile of elephant dung. Just read an article about a San Francisco polling firm which found (in September) a significant percentage of Obama voters who were planning to vote for Trump. They didn’t publish it because they thought the data were faulty, but it turned out to be accurate. The media so wanted Hillary to win, it’s hard not to believe they actually made up their polling data, or, like Hillary, are simply incompetent.

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