16 thoughts on “Oh Thank God, Gay Humor Survived The Rainbow Tyranny”

  1. While admittedly i have not hung out in many locker rooms since junior high school, i must insist that if i were in the company of someone who spoke as the newly appointed (i won’t say elected-more people voted Hillary) spoke regarding women or immigrants or Muslims or tax breaks for the wealthy or…
    that would be the last time i would be in their company.
    they most certainly would not get my vote for the most powerful position in our country.

    That is not being politically correct
    That is simply being evolved.

  2. Certainly acceptable to find no humor in the video–after all, “de gustibus non disputandum est.” But this failure to laugh is a symptom of something I personally find quite sad. Life is too grim to pass up an opportunity to laugh.
    More to the point: Mr. Crowe says “Even Dubya, for all his failings, had (decency).” Really? None of us has ever heard tapes of Dubya speaking in private. Praising the “decency” of the US president responsible for more global deaths than anyone since FDR? That suggests we need to redefine what “decency” actually means. And, Mr. Powell”s assertion to the contrary, this is clearly about political correctness.
    Life itself is indecent. Do farts not stink? Must we avert our eyes from two dogs fucking in the street? Do our bowels not release when we die? And do not women engage in locker room talk, when no men are present?

    1. I was talking about personal decency. I think all recent US presidents have been war criminals. My only point is that Milo is covering up Trump’s personal indecency. It would be nice to have a president like Obama who didn’t want to drone people. I love humour. I laugh a lot. But I didn’t find Milo funny. Certainly not John Stewart funny.

    2. R.A. Davis, do you not know that there is NO equivalency in, on the one hand, farts, dogs fucking, post-mortem bowel release, and women’s private gabbing about whatever; and on the other hand, a predator’s physical forcing of a vulnerable human female into becoming the victim of his sexual molestation?

      You say it’s “sad” not to laugh at excuses being made for sexual predators.

      If you, and/or your perversely and malevolently decadent, sociopathic, diabolically amoral buddies, Mr. Trump and Milo, were to physically isolate and press MY daughter, or MY son, or MY granddaughter, up against a wall, and “grab her pussy” or his penis, or any other parts of their bodies (as Mr. Trump HAS DONE to other men’s daughters and granddaughters), I would do everything in my power to secretly arrange for the premature death of the perpetrator(s), without delay.

      Your failure to recognize the clear fact that sexual molestation is not an “opportunity to laugh”, is a symptom of something I personally find to be quite undeserving of the opportunity to breathe the air which we lovers of BOTH the noble craft of comedy and the noble science of morals breathe.

      From Nietzsche’s “The Joyful Science”, we receive the following: “Those who know that they are profound strive for clarity. Those who would like to seem profound to the crowd strive for obscurity.”

      I see that you like to impress and to assign yourself authority, by playing the game of portraying sophistication with an employment of Latin embellishments. Therefore, I trust that you’ll be impressed and will likewise assign due authority to my own sophistication, when I, expanding on Nietzsche’s axiom above, describe your rather vacuous defense of laughing at sexual molestation as “obscurum per obscurius”, or “ignotum per ignotius”.

      Are you impressed? Or, are you only ever so-favorably affected by no other portrayals of sophistication than those which proceed from R.A. Davis’s assignments of classic linguistic and/or classic literary authority, to R.A. Davis himself, exclusively?

      By the way, in order to supply a healthy serving of that pesky Nietzschean nutriment, “clarity”, allow me to inform you that the U.S. president “responsible for more global deaths than anyone since FDR” is Bill Clinton, not GW Bush. Clinton’s homicidal enforcement of economic, agricultural and industrial sanctions and blockades, against Iraq, and his intentional, deliberate, premeditated refusal to acknowledge that the massacres in Rwanda were truly conformed to the U.N. definition of genocide, which conformity would have obligated him and his fellow heads of state to stop the genocide by force of arms, resulted in the depraved and willful causing of more than 2,700,000 killed innocents in Iraq (more than 900,000 of whom were children), and more than 600,000 killed innocents in Rwanda. [See “Presidents’ Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents: Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions”, by Al Carroll, Assistant Professor of American, American Indian, and Latin American History; published March 2014, 516 pages, in English, not in Latin, not in Greek, and not in Dissimulative Humoresque Eroticizing of the Victimizing and Traumatizing of the Vulnerable.]

      No, sir, contrary to all of your clearly vacuous, obscuring and obfuscating pseudo-profundities, and contrary to your unconscionable and amoral false equivalencies, this isn’t about dogs fucking, or post-mortem bowel releases, or intestinal gas, or even about disputes over the excess application of PC standards regarding what is or isn’t “decent”.

      This really is about (NECESSARILY about) honor, virtue, integrity, civilizational morality, and the IMPERATIVE, INDISPENSIBLE, ETERNAL sanctity of preserving the ABSOLUTE inviolability of every woman’s, every man’s (and every girl’s and every boy’s) physical, psychological and emotional autonomy and right to exist in absolute absence of harm.

      Fortunately for my daughter, my son, and my granddaughter (and for every other father’s daughters, sons and grandchildren), we cooperatively constitute and inhabit a civilization in which an overwhelming majority of the common members of the population DO recognize that sexual molestation and proud boastings of same are NOT an “opportunity to laugh”, but are instead a summons for vigilant justice.

      Fortunately for my daughter, my son, and my granddaughter (and for every other father’s daughters, sons and grandchildren), you, sir, and your, and Mr. Trump’s and Milo’s, degenerate, perversely and malevolently decadent, sociopathic and diabolically amoral amusements with all things erotically-predatory, all things erotically-trauma-inflicting, all things erotically-victimizing, still remain only as mere aberrations, kept huddled and exiled in the dark caves you’ve collectively carved out for accommodating a pathological minority, whose threats to the inviolability of our vulnerable kin have been accurately identified as such by the majority which WE are and will ALWAYS be.

      This is dead serious, sir.

      Perhaps you will be one who learns that, someday.

      Watch your step, citizen. That next young “pussy” or penis you grab, against its owner’s will, may be (hopefully SHALL be) your last.

      1. Brother Powell
        A breathtakingly well-written statement!!
        Perhaps the best and most respectable words yet written or heard regarding this humiliating degradation of the american experiment.
        Thank You for putting words to my inexpressible outrage and disgust.

        1. Brother Strawberry, deep in my “heart”/”soul”/”spirit”, I am humbled by, and grateful for your appreciation.

          The sentences and paragraphs for describing the labors which produced that response to R.A. Davis do not exist, because they cannot exist. That response emanated from outside of all language, from the infinite expanse of Everything Everywhere. I was nothing more than It’s scribe, tasked with attempting to assemble a vocabulary for That which reveals All without saying a word.

          Thank you for your approval of my attempt.

      2. Mr. Powell, re your latest and most exhaustive post, I would agree with your condemnation of my post were I guilty of what you accuse me of being: a man who gropes women–or approves of men groping women–against their will. I am neither of these things, sir, and nothing I wrote here would lead any just and reasonable person to conclude otherwise. The comedian’s rant was about a private conversation, not about actual groping. The distinction seems obvious.
        Re my statement about Dubya’s war crimes, you failed to mention Afghanistan. Perhaps I should have specified “responsible for more deaths due to direct military action” but I foolishly assumed any idiot could understand what I meant.
        And I do not insult you, sir, since by your own admission to Mr. Strawberry, your remarks to me were not your own, but rather “emanated from outside of all language, from the infinite expanse of Everything Everywhere….” so your incorrect use of “It’s” may also be attributed to this higher power. I envy you your ability to attack anyone, as you have attacked me, without being in the least responsible for it.
        I bet your shit doesn’t stink, either.

        1. Comrade Davis,

          1.) You wrote, “And do not women engage in locker room talk, when no men are present?” So then, you would urge your young daughter or son to stay quiet, and accept it, when she or he informs you that she or he has been sexually assaulted by a powerful and privileged female celebrity who has been recorded during “locker room talk” boasting about sexually molesting YOUR son or daughter, and boasting that she can do anything to YOUR son or daughter because they fear her power to terminate their employment or to terminate some other benefit necessary to their career or their survival. Such “locker room talk” about sexually molesting your daughter or son would be okay when women do it, right? Listen to yourself, comrade! THAT’S what you’re saying! Saying plainly. Saying mindlessly. Spellbound. Captured. Caught, and cultically oblivious.

          2.) R.A. Davis: “The comedian’s rant was about a private conversation, not about actual groping.”
          Donald Trump: “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful. I just start kissing them, like a magnet. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star…you can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”
          John Powell: The “private conversation” was undeniably about groping (criminal sexual molestation). The “comedian’s” rant was undeniably about concocting maximal flamboyant, theatrical, pseudo-intellectual jargon, to create a transparently disingenuous, dishonest, patently false, deceitfully psychologically manipulative and obviously propagandistic collective illusion, in which the problem presented by the content of his fellow degenerate’s “private conversation” could be seen as merely a matter of controversial language, rather than a matter of a man’s admission to abusing his status by exploiting victims’ fear of him, in order to commit felony criminal sexual molestation. Therefore, the “comedian’s” rant WAS about actual groping; WAS actually about making an excuse for his fellow degenerate’s groping (criminal sexual molestation), and that intent is loudly and plainly displayed in bright primary colors, whether R.A. Davis’s masked self wants to admit it or not. Your masked self, thus far in this dialogue, has been committing betrayal against what your inner moral self (your conscience) knows and feels. Your conscience knows that the “comedian’s” rant WAS about making excuses for what is not excusable; excusing a crime for which NO excuse can deliver acquittal. Your inner moral self knows that thus far in this dialogue your masked self has been committing betrayal against your conscience. You know that. The vast expanse of Everything Everywhere knows that, and you know It does, and I know you know It does. I know you know It does, because It is in both of us, you and I, intrinsically, and we are both in all of It, and we consist of It, as It consists of we. It knows what we know, and we can know what It knows. All It knows is there for the asking, for you, and for me, when we simply decide to pay attention inside, patiently, with uncompromising honesty about everything It has for us to see.

          3.) You wrote, “Re my statement about Dubya’s war crimes, you failed to mention Afghanistan. Perhaps I should have specified ‘responsible for more deaths due to direct military action’ but I foolishly assumed any idiot could understand what I meant.”

          Some onlookers would say R.A. Davis made R.A. Davis appear to be an idiot, by plainly writing a sentence in which it’s plainly stated that a particular individual is responsible for XYZ, and by then calling a man an idiot for responding to that sentence in a way which does not add more content to it than it plainly contains.

          I would only say that R.A. Davis’s above-described folly is misidentified as idiocy, by such onlookers. I would call that folly nothing more than a rather careless temporary lapse of self awareness, self reflection, self discernment, self restraint, and good judgement.

          4.) The inclusion of GW Bush’s military follies in Afghanistan, and the exclusion of Bill Clinton’s record of responsibility for non-military-operation-related deaths DOESN’T alter the fact that GW Bush IS NOT the man “responsible for more global deaths since FDR”.

          I’ve already provided you with referral to one of many resources available for acquiring the data regarding that matter. You alone bear the guilt for continuing to prefer baseless accusations, biased imaginary fantasy, and falsehood, over factuality established by evidence.

          5.) You wrote, “Mr. Powell…I would agree with your condemnation of my post were I guilty of what you accuse me of being: a man who gropes women-or approves of men groping women-against their will. I am neither of these things, sir, and nothing I wrote here would lead any just and reasonable person to conclude otherwise.”

          Well-studied, well-qualified, well-experienced “just and reasonable” persons will agree on the axiom of behavioral and brain science which conclusively declares that one cannot feel humorous toward, and associate humor with, a sexual predator’s boasts of his successes at sexual molestation, unless one esteems oneself to be a kindred persona to, and a conducive conduit for, the ideations and imageries which are uniquely and unavoidably engaged during a vocal rendering of the savage, barbaric, conscienceless felony crime of sexual molestation.

          In other words, to laugh at it, or to condone and excuse laughter at it, is to be in favor of it, or to be a party to it in mind, if not in body.

          6.) You wrote, “I envy your ability to attack anyone, as you have attacked me, without being in the least responsible for it.”

          R.A. Davis did not observe John Powell denying responsibility. John Powell, in fact, did the opposite, and R.A. Davis observed John Powell doing the opposite.

          R.A. Davis observed John Powell EXPLICITLY taking full responsibility for an “attempt” at accomplishing a task.

          John Powell did not allege that anyone other than John Powell was accountable for that attempt at that task. Therefore, the accusation made by R.A. Davis is entirely false. The accusation is a VERY low-quality effort at fabricating a rather carelessly unobservant rationale for an extremely petty critique (a critique designed to bestow an extremely petty self-rewarding of superiority).

          7.) You wrote, “I bet your shit doesn’t stink either.”

          Well, comrade Davis, it brings me no pleasure to see that you maintain such reckless enthusiasm for making losing bets.

          Fortunately for you and I both, during the duration of this dialogue my shit has been my only odoriferous outgoing material. I truly wish I could say the same for yours.


          1. Mr. Powell; Thank you for edifying us all about the odiferous content of your effluvia. It’s consistent with the aroma emanating from your verbal diarrhea–which in fact is its sole memorable characteristic (.”I was nothing more than It’s scribe, tasked with attempting to assemble a vocabulary for That which reveals All without saying a word.”
            Would that you had done precisely that!
            Instead, we get more rambling designed to obscure the fact that you continue to confuse speech with action. That’s because you are addicted to Political Correctness, which pretends to do away with objectionable “things” by simply not discussing them. I do not subscribe to that pathology.
            It might surprise you that my response to the Trump tape was that it’s the kind of talk I recall from my teenage years. The wee-hours scene of him positioning his family for his victory speech, the awkward embraces with spouse and family, tell me all I need to know about his character. The ultimate curse of Privilege is to cut one off from love, replacing it with show. I am grateful that Clinton lost, but not particularly glad that Trump won.

            I am done with you, sir. You will insist on the last word, because you cannot help yourself. You are welcome to it.

          2. Brother Powell
            Do you offer workshops or tutorials for those who dream of being a writer?

            You can sure as hell write,
            whatever that’s worth.

            1. Amen, Brother Strawberry, you can follow no finer master of prose. As Abraham Lincoln said of some nameless orator: “He can compress more words into the smallest idea than any man I know.”
              This is Mr. Powell in a nutshell.

            2. That was a very fine exhibition of pitiable desperation, comrade Davis:

              Compensating for ideas which are degenerate and antithetical to dignity and virtue, by hijacking and claiming the authority of a man whose dignity and virtue would have renounced and reviled such ideas.

              A fine exhibition of pitiable desperation and sloppy sleight of hand, the sum of which is always failed magic, but is also always a reliable cause for self-congradulatory celebration, to those reduced to dependence on cheap tricks.


  3. I can’t warm up to this guy. His biggest lie is that Trump was being honest. No. He got caught. If the tape had not surfaced, and Trump had been asked if he’d even used his power to sexually assault a woman (his ‘privilege’) he would certainly have denied it. He then tried to minimize it, once caught, because he knew that he couldn’t admit to sexual assault, but his description is exactly the same as some women who told their stories privately (with witnesses) before the Billy Bush tape surfaced. Right down to the pussy-grabbing. Now it’s true that the sexual peccadilloes and even crimes of a President are less serious than, say, starting a new war, which either candidate might do. But Trump is not just “being a guy behind closed doors”. I have certainly heard more brutal language from guys than Trump, but I have never experienced the sense of entitlement that came along with that statement. Similarly his statement that he can walk into the locker room of a bunch of beauty pageant contestants, knowing that some will be naked, is something that no decent man would do. Now I know there are many indecent men in the world. Some worse than Trump. But I think basic decency is one of the qualities that I would expect in a President. I think Obama has that. Even Dubya, for all his failings, had that.

    But what is saddest is that the video illustrates the two solitudes. With a friendly audience everyone dutifully laughs, just as a liberal audience would laugh along with John Stewart or Rachel Maddow. The problem is when the two groups mix, and you have nothing but antagonism, yelling, and absolutely no listening.

    There simply aren’t enough Americans saying, “A pox on both their houses”.

    1. A pox on both their houses! Yes indeed, brother Crowe.

      I really do stand by that sentiment, but doing so requires one’s acceptance of being labeled as an alien or a leper, by “friends” and “family”. Fanatical cultish bias has become a badge of normalcy and sociopsychological belonging in whichever peer group one finds oneself.

      The exception to that is found in groups of my fellow veterans of the ’70s and ’80s punk rock genesis.

      [So he wrote, whilst listening to album number 45 on a 200-album playlist which is one of the 37 200-album punk rock playlists stored in his digital collection.] 🙂

      Punks NOT dead!

      1. Afterword:

        For the record, I don’t agree with anything this Milo shock-hocker dude alleges to be the way men commonly talk behind closed doors. His trivializing of sexual assault is downright demented, deranged and perversely decadent. No, the common man does not talk about, trivialize or brag about commiting sexual predations protected by the immunity of power and privilege. No.

        And it isn’t funny to imagine that he (the common man) does, or to accuse him of such.

        The common man is much more virtuous and noble than that, and DESERVES much more reverent, compassionate and evidence-based consideration when assessing the qualities of his character.

        This isn’t about PC or non-PC. It’s about what’s true and what’s a shock-hocker’s self-serving lie.

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