Anonymous: Documents Emerging In Coming Days Demonstrating “…The Largest Coverup In American History.”

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I can’t verify or properly weigh the content of this message–but I also don’t consider myself like a parent that has to pre-chew her child’s food.

We’re all in this crazy stew together, and nobody should take on airs of being too proud about what they just can’t bring themselves to “believe.”  Many things “on the internet” are crap, but many are real. Even “crap,” is in some kind of symbiotic relationship to the always emerging vortex of all that has ever been.



It’s safe to say things have never been more flat-out psychedelic in the days leading up to a US election. If I don’t miss the boat to the mainland which leaves punishingly early tomorrow, I will be back in the States in time to cover the coming days that may just be wild enough that MSM will cover something other than their own feelings about “conspiracy theories on the internet.” But that remains to be seen.

All help is needed by all good people, to stay awake, read, decipher, try to  exercise judgement, try to lift out new clues, weed out disinformation, and continue this most urgent battle against apocalyptic darkness in the United States.

The governing cliche has always been “follow the money.” Now, sadly, it’s “follow the pedophilia clues.”

At least we have clarity: Evil is in a free-fall. Light will kill it, and as luck would have it, it’s almost dawn.


–Celia Farber,

Nov. 4, 2016




5 thoughts on “Anonymous: Documents Emerging In Coming Days Demonstrating “…The Largest Coverup In American History.””

  1. I wonder where this story went? It’s not a small one, and it needs follow through.
    The news today is that Trump isn’t going after Clinton for breaking the law.

    Ok, I guess it’s up to the DOJ then, but…this isn’t small enough to let slide. It’s not like I really ‘believed’ in Trump. I took it for granted that he’d end up disappointing me on some level I voted for him to send a message that I take the things he made his platform upon seriously, even if he doesn’t. I registered my complaint as it were.

    But…this came after I had even decided to vote for him. If Bill and Hill are involved in human trafficking, or knowingly took money from people who are, and at the very least it looks like they did, then this requires follow through.

  2. This video has a Nov 05m 2016 date on it but I saw this same video a few days ago also using the Anonymous moniker.
    “Anonymous – Hillary Clinton UNDENIABLE ties to TERRORISTS 2016 ”

    Cecelia, have you seen the videos that have been released by
    Dr. Steve Pieczenik announcing the Hillary Clinton Counter Coup?

    I have the Collection if you want it for yourself or others.

    Modern Nursery Rhymes:

    Jack And Jill Went Up The Hillary
    She Had Them Killed, Then Denied Any Knowledge
    Of Or Involvement In Their Demise

    Hickory Dickory Dock The Hillary Ran Up The Clock
    She Ran Out Of Time, Was Finally Indicted
    And was Sent Away Forever. 🙂


  3. Dear Celia:
    I have enormous respect and admiration for your work over the years.
    What I fail to understand is why at this time are you putting your name on what may well be a well conceived well financed attempt on the part of those who fear Clintonspossible actions as president especially with the possibility of Sanders at the head of the senate continuing to mobilize his followers at the local and state level to make the revised democratic pkatform and more a reality. Remember “the Best Democracy Money Can Buy.”?
    The Koch Brothers and their cronies have more power and money than every conspiracy about the Clinton’s can muster and they will do anything to keep their hegemony assisted by ALEC in charge. Trump presents the perfect opportunity for them to solidify everything going forward into the next census where they may be able to secure the congress for the foreseeable future which they very nearly have now.
    I suspect we will never know all the dirty stuff that inhabits top level politics, and should any of the outrageous claims of that story prove true, Clinton could be easily impeached quickly, then the VP, a decent man, would be in POYUS land. The only thing these rumors can accomplish now with your support in airing them giving the tacit endorsement of their validity, is to help Trump achieve success and solidify the senate and congress for the Krichardson brothers and their mob. So, why join the chaos extending it.

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