What They Said: Alex Jones


“The hashtag #SpiritCooking trended for hours on Twitter Friday following the email chain’s discovery. Clinton-supporters in the media attempted to outright deny or downplay Podesta’s extracurricular activities, claiming such behavior is mundane.

The fact that those close to Clinton are engaged in such disturbing rituals should cause concern to any American who doesn’t view carving Pentagram’s into their flesh as “normal.”

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    1. Anonymous, you ought to pursue Truth, no matter where It goes, and no matter how It will affect your bias, your political comfort, and your fears.

      I will not vote for either Trump or Clinton.

      I am an atheist, but am one who does not dismiss the FACT that energy’s mysteries include the REALITY of paranormal phenomena known as magic.

      I have no problem with “the occult”, as long as the practitioner’s intention is to accomplish “White Magic”, i.e., benevolent, harmless magic intended to result in bestowing goodness and improvement to the lives of any who are suffering under the hardships inflicted by some evil human action or some injurious calamity.

      However, the Truth is that there ARE malevolent, “Black Magic” activities being engaged in, and financially supported by, both Hillary and Bill Clinton.

      Here is a door for you, through which you can begin to pursue that uncomfortable Truth.


      Happy trails. Bon voyage.

      I will burn incense, and wish on a star, for your safety and sanity during your journies beyond that door.

      Abracadabra. 🙂

        1. …and let us not dismiss the centuries-long record of abundance of evidences establishing the guilt of the other side of the Diabolical Duopoly, regarding occult and black magic ritualism, such as prominant republican elites engaging in ceremonies of human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, and the following:


          From deeply concealed within the “Dark Side” is where many of the national and international projects of BOTH major parties are conjured, conceived, and born. Neither of them is innocent of the charge of “satanic” sorcery.

          We MUST pursue the Truth, no matter where It goes, no matter how It will affect our bias, our political comfort, and our fears.

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