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Michael Moore is not a Donald Trump supporter, but he is a story teller  and journalist, with powerful talent for hitting heart strings. I just watched this this morning, here in Sweden, and found it breathtaking.

Whoever you may vote for on November 8th, at least try not to partake in the classist deformation of what why Trump’s supporters love him.  Please don’t do the cheap thing so many are doing, hold your nose and run away screaming, calling Trump voters racist, bigots and rubes. That is a disgrace to your fellow Americans and THEIR story, which may or may not be yours.

I think a Clinton supporter and film maker who made an anti-trump film., explaining WHY those who love Trump love him, is a fascinating media gem.

You must know by now how I detest “consistency.”


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  1. He’s right. Vote for Hillary and you vote for a woman who says beautiful things in public, but will sell America to the highest bidder in the backrooms you, Joe Blow, aren’t invited into. And someone who has no sense of humor or theater. A lot of people who will vote Trump know that he can’t possibly do everything he said, at least partly because some are impossible and some are mutually contradictory. He’s going to send all the illegal/undocumented immigrants and muslims home, and putting aside all the broken families and wonderful people who would be turfed out, he has no idea of the impact on the economy. It’s not the undocumented Mexican who cuts the grass and tiles the roofs of the rich who is ruining the economy, but much more likely the fabulously wealthy person who still doesn’t want to pay minimum wage, and certainly not a $15 or $20 minimum wage. And who doesn’t want to bring the tanks home, because that would tank their shares, even though that might bring better education and health care to Americans. And if you think about it for half a second, the manufacturing jobs weren’t stolen by Guatemalan refugees, they were shipped to Mexico and China years ago, and they won’t come back if Trump Makes America White Again. America will have three choices left. To get addicted to opioids. To chase people who are using opioids. To watch them in their cages while they rot in jail. And no, manufacturing opioids won’t be a fourth choice, because that will have been outsourced long ago.

        1. Indeed Sister Celia, as a member of the Group for Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS theory since it began, i am aware of Mr Crowes service as President of Rethinking AIDS and am eternally grateful for and indebted to his support as well as that of all others at Rethinking who have provided their invaluable work demonstrating failure of the HIV lie to assist me in thirty years of battling false dogma like the current debate i am involved in with the hypocritically self-proclaimed “skeptics” who spout cowardly fatuous ignorance at the falsely named center for inquiry.

  2. The Dream is over. Bow to the flowers (only to the flowers), and let go of hope. Let go of hope. You are free. You are free to let go of the stresses of self-blame, and the anxieties of self-responsibility for global and national situations which ARE NOT your fault, and which you WILL NOT ever affect or change. The Dream is over. Hope is dead. Face it. Bow to the flowers, and let go. Bow ONLY to the flowers, and take possession of that freedom: The only freedom which remains for the human spirit, mind, and body. Hope is dead. Love is the only reality which remains alive, and it lives inside the flower’s scents, and inside the senses of they who bow only to flowers and to letting go of chasing what is dead and gone. The Dream is dead and gone. The Man-Made Nightmares dominate and will continue prevailing in their domain (this domain of human-centric profiteering, plundering, and theologically-justified carnage in competitions for “chosen people” supremacy) until The Nightmares have removed the last flower’s sacred perfumed breeze.

  3. They may still have their right to vote, but sorry, Michael, these are thrown out if they don’t fit the agenda, whatever you want to call it: left-wing, right-wing, or just screw-you, little guy.

  4. This is actually perfectly consistent with the priceless work of Michael Moore.
    He is very talented at overcoming the barriers that prevent Truth from being seen.
    Wish he would make a film detailing failure of the HIV theory.

  5. He’s good! He’s always good! I’ve already filled in my mail ballot with a write-in for prez, but I wouldn’t waste a 47 cent stamp mailing it in. Michael Moore has convinced me to take my ballot to the precinct to surrender on election day, get a new one, and vote for Trump, to say FU to the crooks who have stolen both our liberty and our hard-earned cash.

    1. In this statement Michael Moore is not endorsing or encouraging a vote for trump.
      He is simply acknowledging understanding of why so many are tempted to do so.
      So willing to throw a Molotov cocktail into their own home.
      Your write in vote would be far more effective toward progressive change.
      A Molotov cocktail would only destroy what you hope to change.

      Ever been in a building when it was hit by a Molotov cocktail?
      You might better understand the metaphor.
      It ain’t pretty.
      Not much is left to work with.
      Not many survive.

      1. Brother Strawberry: I am no longer a progressive. The scales fell from my eyes when the progressive California legislature rammed through the guaranteed-income-for pharma forced medical quackery of SB 277 last year. Yes, Trump is pretty awful in many ways, but Hillary is equally awful. Corrupt to the bone. I have no political home any longer. I’m disgusted with nearly all politicians; they are amazingly ignorant. Both free public education and expensive private education have trained them well. Day by day our legislators create laws and restrictions which benefit no-one other than industry and commerce, and unelected bureaucrats make their own rules in the darkness of anonymity (especially true in the EU). While no longer a believer, I continue to be guided by what I learned in Sunday School and at my mother’s knee, and I am appalled at what public life has degenerated into. I understand human nature, and am tolerant of the screw-ups we all do, but it seems the primary prerequisite for rising to the top of the political heap is dishonesty. The media makes me want to vomit. While I don’t endorse the level of obedience in Scandinavian cultures, they sure as hell know more about how to educate children than we do. The health of the soil is absolutely crucial to the health of all living things, but when does knowledge such as this ever enter the pea-brain of a politician? Rather, they enable the destruction of this precious resource with every action they take. Sorry, this is a bit of a ramble. Makes absolutely no difference who we vote for; the GEMS vote-counting software will see to it that the oligarch’s anointed won wins. The media has proclaimed her the winner long in advance. In an only semi-perverse way, voting for Trump is the only moral choice I can see. Hillary needs it shoved in her face how pissed off people are. I am not one of those left behind by the destruction of the middle class, but I know there are frighteningly dirty deeds going on in the DHHS and the Department of Agriculture. This will accelerate under Hillary. The only bit of moral clarity I have is in the need to make a statement; impossible to stop her.

        1. What Gary said.

          If it’s clear no independent candidate will make the cut then Trump is the only thing left.
          Who knows, the elevation to such a station might yet make a better man of him.
          Who would be an American in 2016?

          1. “Who knows, the elevation to such a station might yet make a better man of him.”
            Because the office of president of the United States is a perfect place to grow up.

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